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Opening Prayer and Thanksgiving A prayer of gratitude and love.
Heart to Heart A Druid vow of solidarity.
Hearth Sounds A melodically rich medley of medieval chants, traditional Irish songs, and English language hymns.
A New Harmony John Philip Newell on living together in love as a pearl of great price.
A New Harmony A wake-up call for the Christian community to heed the unfurling of a new Pentecost.
Celtic Origins An extraordinary collection of devotional songs, folk ballads, and popular songs rendered with elegance and emotion by the Irish group Anuna.
Lord of Creation A collection of prayers, worship services, and spiritual practices from Celtic Christianity.
The Mist-Filled Path A lyrical meditation on earth-cherishing practices and the peace of place.
The Celtic Way of Prayer Esther de Waal on Celtic Christian devotion.