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Let go of what you are not Let go of what you are not
Thank You for Smoking A snappy satire about smoking, corporate shenanigans, and the spin that keeps everything rolling along in these amoral realms.
Still Lauren F. Winner on how her faith seemed to be dying.
The Book of Forgiving Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho offer wise counsel on why forgiveness is not easy but leads to a path of healing for ourselves and the world
The Fourth Gospel John Shelby Spong on how the Fourth Gospel cries out to be lived.
Why Can't We Talk? John Backman on dialogue as a countercultural activity.
The Passionate Jesus Peter Wallace on how Jesus demonstrates different kinds of anger.
Cave Refectory Road Ian Adams on remaining in one holy place and making the most of it.
Marvelously Made Mary C. Earle on giving your body the loving look of the contemplative life.
1000 World Prayers Roger Lesser's prayer on why questions no longer taunt him.