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Super Bowl Sunday A spiritual way to look at the annual football extravaganza.
Contemplative Prayer Brian C. Taylor's outline of his overall approach to contemplative prayer.
Praying With A Picture Suggestions for praying for another person.
Ah, Lord God A prayer of praise from Julian of Norwich.
Prayers for Pandemic Times A collection of prayers and mantras for praying about COVID-19.
The God We Never Knew Marcus J. Borg's affirmations about God's will for the creation.
Meister Eckhart in Meditations with Meister Eckhart A person works in a stable
Robert Farrar Capon in The Romance of the Word Our alienation, our boredom, our estrangement
Lauren Artress in Walking a Sacred Path To walk a sacred path is to discover our inner sacred
Sue Monk Kidd in The Dance of the Dissident Daughter I heard a story about a man who went about the countryside