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Carmen A jubilant movie about a middle-aged woman who has spent her life serving the church and finds a new more fulfilling way forward.
By the Grace of God (Grace a Dieu) An intimate chronicle of abuse, justice, and communal healing.
Catholicism and Child's Play by Megan Kelleher My first memory of my Catholic faith was not an out-of-body experience, an ethereal dream of God, or a sacred conversation with the Lord. My first memory of faith was Easter Su…
Through the Eyes of Hope By Steffany Melgarejo for KidSpirit's Society and the Individual Issue Everyone has different experiences and stories, and therefore a very different perspective on life. Observing the daily …
Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People A reflection on spirituality as an experience of Mystery and Love moving within us.
A Book of Courtesy Sister M. Mercedes on how simple acts of kindness can contribute to a better world.
Sacred Dwelling Wendy M. Wright on porches as a sacred space to be present, listen, and be silent.
Heart Speaks to Heart Wendy M. Wright's description of Francis de Sales' understanding of Christian love and its formidable powers.
What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church Michael Keane's comments on "the oils of gladness" used to celebrate devotional sacraments in the Catholic Church.
Once Upon a Time in Africa Joseph G. Healey on an African teaching story about the grace of God