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Be Still And Know A reflection on divinization or becoming God as the destiny of the human being.
Prayer of the Heart George Maloney on how silence and solitude can open our hearts to attentive listening to God's word.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer A documentary that presents a long-needed overview of Eastern spirituality in our time with its emphasis on prayer, silence, and living icons.
Prayer of the Heart An introduction to the profundities of Orthodox spirituality.
Finding Christ Within Brief but poignant essays on God within, faith, and the practice of love.
Philokalia A central text on prayer, watchfulness, and stillness in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.
Mother Maria Skobtsova Orthodox nun Mother Maria Skobtsova reflecting on the meaning of wartime as a call to a greater devotion.
Standing in God's Holy Fire John Anthony McGuckin on the importance of beauty in Byzantine Christianity.
The Mountain of Silence Kyriacos C. Markides on God's justice meaning that we are one with God.
Centuries of Holiness An ambitious and soul-stretching collection of 100 essays relating the early wisdom of the Eastern Church to the complexities of the postmodern world.