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A Scanner Darkly A well-realized dystopian sci-fi drama about addiction and paranoia.
Leap An exploration of Hieronymus Bosch's painting Garden of Delights as a catalyst to faith as a Mormon.
God's Army An engaging film about a group of young Mormon missionaries tying to bring in a harvest for the Lord.
I Am Another You Documentary about a young man whose quest for freedom masks major mental problems.
Leap A reminder that God's declarations are always filtered through our own creative interpretations.
An Unspoken Hunger A collectoin of 18 essays on family, place, and mentors.
The Transformative Power of Art Discusses the meaning of life, imagination, art and peace.
The Other Side of Heaven Lifts up enthusiasm as an energizing and radiant way of life through the story of a Mormon missionary.
Desert Quartet An enchanting embrace of place.
An Unspoken Hunger A story of how a hobby can link generations.