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Imagination & Spirit Why faith is a great frontier to be explored.
Silence and Witness Lifts up the many worthwhile spiritual practices of those on this path.
Some Fruits of Solitude Filled with sagacious Quaker insights and wise sayings about justice, force, patience, contentment, friendship, balance, respect, generosity, and more.
Rufus Jones Rufus Jones on being asked to see essential realities vividly and with new eyes.
A Stone Bridge North A pensive spiritual memoir that pays tribute to Quaker faith, silence, and resiliency.
Porch Talk A story about being content with your life.
Rufus Jones A top-drawer collection of selections from the works of a visionary Quaker mystic, social activist, and promoter of peace.
Holy Silence An overview of the importance of holy silence in different traditions.
A Quaker Book of Wisdom This warm, wise, and eminently readable work explores the essence of Quaker thought and practice.
A Stone Bridge North Kate Maloy on trees as spiritual teachers.