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James G. Cowan A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of James G. Cowan, novelist and poet, world traveler and advocate of Aboriginal traditions.
Charlie's Country A touching portrait of an Aboriginal elder who is determined to live in the old ways.
Dream Gates A twelve session audio workshop on dreams as sources of healing, awakening, insight and mystical meaning.
The Elements of the Aboriginal Tradition A brief but illuminating overview of the spirituality of Australian Aborigine culture in relationship to nature and rituals.
Ten Canoes A primal adventure story about forbidden love, sorcery, fear of strangers, and justice that proves that a tale well told is good medicine for all.
(title not found) Anna Voigt and Nevill Drury on how Aboriginals reverence the Earth as the Mother of us all.
Rabbit-Proof Fence An Australian spiritual adventure story about three courageous Aboriginal girls and their yearning to return home.
The Fringe Dwellers A sensitive cross-cultural study about an aboriginal family in Australia.
The Last Wave A startling and mesmerizing Australian film about aborigines, nature, and dreamtime.
Voices of the First Day Robert Lawlor on how the Australian aboriginals see the natural world drenched in Spirit.