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Wisdom from West Africa Covers marriage, community and meaning in a small West African village.
Gathering Sparks Sobonfu Some on listening to the divine messages (in a book edited by Joseph Kulin and David Appelbaum).
The Healing Wisdom of Africa An edifying volume on how the indigenous world speaks to the anonymity and ritual starvation of Westerners.
Way of the Bushman A spiritually stimulating overview of the key insights and practices of one of the oldest cultures on earth.
Welcoming Spirit Home A soul-stirring book filled with indigenous wisdom.
Ritual A watershed work laced with insights about spirit and soul.
Of Water and the Spirit A powerful spiritual autobiography of a walker between indigenous and modern worlds.
Sangoma Recounts his adventure of becoming a traditional healer and diviner.
Endangered Peoples Probes the plight of indigenous peoples who are struggling to survive.