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I am because we are I am because we are
Legacy An exploration of the effects of colonization on Indigenous people and of paths to recovery and healing.
Embers What it means to recover.
The Shaman's Toolkit Sandra Ingerman on bringing in your light to help change the world.
Shamanic Voices Joan Halifax on how shamans are responsible for restoring balance and harmony in communities.
Rainforest Home Remedies The six principles of Mayan medicine.
The Spirit of Healing Presents wilderness experiences as a gateway to harmony, healing, ad transcendence.
Long Life, Honey in the Heart A fascinating spiritual memoir of a shaman in a Guatemalan village.
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar An engaging testament to the stout-heartedness of the Mayan sacred tradition.
Inner Passages, Outer Journeys Discusses the process of wilderness rapture that occurs when individuals connect with their higher selves while in nature.