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His Wife (Son epouse) A complex spiritual and psychological drama set in France and India where two married couples struggle with mysteries they cannot comprehend or control.
Mother of George A glimpse of a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn who are trying to get pregnant.
Elsewhere A cross-cultural gem that opens our eyes, minds, and hearts to people in remote regions of the world.
Whale Rider An enchanting and ultimately enthralling New Zealand movie about the struggle of one ardent and determined young Maori girl to fulfill her destiny.
The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story An up-close and personal look at a hunter and two friends who track animals in the Kalahari desert as their ancestors did thousands of years ago.
Yakoana: The Voice of Indigenous Peoples An illuminating documentary filmed at the First World Conference of Indigenous Peoples.
Chac: The Rain God An unusual and beguiling documentary about the leap of faith taken by a Mexican community to ward off starvation during a drought.
The Edge of Dreaming A bold, creative, engrossing, and spiritual documentary about a rational woman's close encounter with death that changes her life and perspective.
Birdwatchers A convincing portrayal of the plight of the Guarani Indians of Brazil as they struggle to survive amidst poverty and displacement from their forest home.
The Emerald Forest A drama about the clash between an Amazonian rainforest tribe with an ecological ethic and modern corporate interests who measure everything by progress.