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Invoking the Divine A call to make invoking the Divine a part of your daily life.
Affirmations for Health, Well-being and Self-esteem Affirmations for a holy relationship with ourselves, God, and everyone we meet.
Healing Affirmations Affirmations for strengthening our faith in ourselves and God.
Trusting God Affirmations for trusting in God and surrendering to God's will.
Affirming Hope, Serenity and Courage A prayer for living with faith, joy, and purpose.
The Illuminated Hafiz A poem by Hafiz translated by Robert Bly.
The Illuminated Hafiz A mesmerizing collection of Persian Sufi poetry.
How Can I Help? Ram Dass and Paul Gorman on the experience of helping and caring for each other.
The Spirituality of Cats (January 18 - February 12, 2021) Lessons from two cats tied to the wisdom and practices of the world's spiritual tradition.
Recipes for a Sacred Life: A wonderful collection of personal stories revealing the path of everyday spirituality.