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Jonathan Ellerby Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice
Philip Goldberg A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Philip Goldberg, a spiritual counselor, meditation teacher, Interfaith Minister, and podcast co-host.
Invoking the Divine A call to make invoking the Divine a part of your daily life.
Holy Trinity Huston Smith on the spiritual practice of listening to the Holy Trinity in your heart.
The Gift of Peace and Love A devotional prayer practice on forgiveness and love from Anthony de Mello.
The Meaning of Life in the World Religions Joseph Runzo on the value and wisdom of the world's religions.
Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times A practical resource to help you build your own spiritual routine.
The Best Spiritual Books of 2020 Our roundup of the best books of the year.
The Way of Suffering A multidimensional collection of essays, stories, and poems about the manifold meanings and challenges accompanying suffering.
Eye of the Heart A masterful presentation of a map of the cosmos with a focus on the energy exchanges between the visible and invisible worlds.
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