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Christ is a Native American Based on this Catholic professor of theology's research on native communities across Canada since 1982.
Dwellings Linda Hogan on finding hope in an unlikely place.
Smudging to Purify A traditional step at the beginning of a Native American ceremony.
The Desert Is Theirs An exquisite children's book about the desert community and the connections that sustain life there.
Before Writing and Sending a Letter A practice for compassionate communication.
The Rider A deeply spiritual film about a Native American's experiences of loss, caregiving, and starting over.
Blessing for Water A way to honor this essential cleansing element.
All Our Relatives A beautifully illustrated book that accentuates the close ties Native Americans have with nature and especially animals.
The Sacred Berry Eating a strawberry with its symbolism in mind.
Red Alert! Daniel R. Wildcat on how the planet is undergoing severe trauma and how we must act by becoming more attentive to what is happening.