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A Year of Pagan Prayer Poems, prayers, hymns, and blessings for marking holidays, milestones, and seasons of the year.
Cuban Santeria An insightful overview of this religion.
8: The Mormon Proposition An expose of the Mormon Church's involvement in an anti-gay crusade fueled by hatred and a rigid defense of family values.
The universe is truly the body of God The universe is truly the body of God
God Among the Shakers Recounts her stay among the last eight Shakers who live at the Shaker Village in Sabbathday Lake, Maine.
Working the Spirit Examines the rituals of five different groups.
The Candle and the Crossroads An account of a conjurer's experiences and understandings of magic and the Spirit world.
The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God Examines this sect founded by Ann Lee, an illiterate English factory worker.
God is concealed in every heart God is concealed in every heart
A Prayer for Safety as We Gather Together On Sunday, August 5, as Sikh Americans gathered for communal prayers in their temple south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a gunman entered the building, opened fire, and killed six people and wounded thre…