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Returning A guided meditation for returning us to an embodied sense of our interconnectedness.
The Candle and the Crossroads An account of a conjurer's experiences and understandings of magic and the Spirit world.
Supernatural Presentation of a new heart-based style of therapy using creativity, improvisation and play.
The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God Examines this sect founded by Ann Lee, an illiterate English factory worker.
A Year of Pagan Prayer Poems, prayers, hymns, and blessings for marking holidays, milestones, and seasons of the year.
Toltec Wisdom Discusses the basic elements of ancient Toltec wisdom and its applications to us.
God Among the Shakers Recounts her stay among the last eight Shakers who live at the Shaker Village in Sabbathday Lake, Maine.
God, Dr. Buzzard and the Bolito Man A snappy memoir filled with colorful characters, dreams, signs, magic, and ritual.
Gods of the City Covers distinctive religious practices in cities.
Cuban Santeria An insightful overview of this religion.