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The Four Seasons of The Good Place An analysis of the questions raised by the situation comedy with a philosophical understory unprecedented in the history of TV.
Phil Dramedy about a depressed middle-ager who tries to unravel the mysteries of life.
Okja A rollicking tale about animal rights, interspecies love, and corporate greed.
Standing Tall A disturbing French film about those who try to help an anti-social, violent, and angry teenage delinquent.
Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt A revealing documentary about this famous and controversial philosopher/writer.
The Wall A heart-affecting tale of survival with a fierce and tender performance by Martina Gedeck.
Night Train to Lisbon A midde-aged professor's life is transformed by a philosophical book that falls into his hands and propels him on a quest from Switzerland to Portugal.
Hannah Arendt An engrossing drama about the controversial comments by the philosopher Hannah Arendt on the Adolf Eichmann trial in 1962 in Israel.
The Girl from Nowhere A lonely old man is revitalized by a homeless young woman who becomes his muse, his editor, and his angel.
Examined Life An unusual and compelling documentary featuring eight thinkers musing on philosophical matters as they walk in various creative places.