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Regina Sara Ryan in The Woman Awake A woman awake -- a woman with
The Wisdom of Wilderness An account by the late psychiatrist and spiritual counselor on his experiences with the Divine Feminine in the wilderness.
The Passion of Mary Magdalen A raucous, inspired treatment of Mary Magdalen as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine.
Strange Heaven A fascinating overview of the many ways in which our views are changing about Mary the mother of Jesus.
Rebirth of the Goddess Interweaves the personal and the scholarly into an exquisite tapestry of feminist spirituality.
The Forgotten Desert Mothers A treasure trove of material on the lives, sayings and wisdom of the desert mothers.
A Woman's Journey to God Traces some of the universal dimensions of the feminine path of spirituality today.
Enduring Grace Energetic and inspiring portraits of medieval women mystics.
Finding Your Inner Goddess Probes the many meanings of feminist spirituality.
She Who Is A bold and adventuresome theological work.