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The Power of Ritual The hows and whys of keeping a sabbath away from technology.
The Power of Ritual A handbook of traditional and new ways to turn everyday activities into rituals.
Strange Rites An overview of the trend toward Remixed religion, a.k.a. intuitional religions.
Strange Rites An incredible, adventuresome and encyclopedic overview of seven types of post-religions in America
Time Out of Ordinary Time Practices to comfort, nourish, and prepare us to re-dream the world in a time of pandemic.
Find Your Mantra A handy spur to your devotional life.
Cultivating Wonder Wisdom about care, fragility, strength, and cultivating the seeds of wonder.
A Universal Christmas Embracing the wonder and magic of the Christmas spirit.
Unbelievable Ways of reshaping and renewing twenty-first century Christianity
World Wisdom Passages to reflect upon from the mystic heart of the world's religions.