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Find Your Mantra A handy spur to your devotional life.
The Way of Rest Over 200 essays brimming over with humor, humanity, and humility.
The Soul of Christmas A guide to pondering and incarnating the soulful meanings of Christmas.
The One Life We're Given A luminous gift of wisdom by a sensitive spiritual teacher who is aroused by life and a master of the practice of zeal.
Accidental Grace A poem about the meaning of life.
How to Pray without Being Religious Prayers for seekers looking for an everyday spirituality and a fresh devotional life.
Return to the Sacred Explanations of the rewards of spiritual practice from 12 Master Paths common in all the world's religions.
Your Soul's Compass Maps an interspiritual path of wisdom and compassion with insights from 27 spiritual teachers.
Roadsigns A wise and practical set of "travel tips" to guide spiritual seekers.
Spiritual Maturity An ambitious work charting the inner rewards and the sharp challenges of a deepened spiritual life.