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Phillip Lund Biographical profile of the creator of the small group program plans based on the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
Love & Death A courageous and wise work about death and dying.
A Little Book on Forgiveness Marilyn Sewell on humility as a seedbed for forgiveness.
Raw Faith A vibrant and timely documentary about a progressive Unitarian Universalist minister and the challenges she faces in her public and private lives.
Forrest Church in Life Lines Spiritually, it is probably a good thing to be falsely accused
A Little Book on Prayer A Unitarian minister probes her prayer life.
Forrest Church in Life Lines To nurture and sustain a loving relationship
Great Occasions Carl Seaburg's words of kindness to a grieving person.
Robert Fulghum in Maybe (Maybe Not) There's quite a crowd in here with us.
A Prayer for Those Challenging the Tools of War This is the Age of Weaponized Drones. They are widely used in the war against terrorists and other enemies of the state. Hard facts on the frequency and targets of drone attacks are difficult to com…