The twenty-first century has been dubbed the "age of interspirituality" by Brother Wayne Teasdale and others who are impressed by the increased sharing of wisdom and practices among people coming from different spiritual traditions. It acknowledges that beneath the diversity of our faith and life experiences lies a deeper unity of spirituality.

Certainly publishers have taken note of this trend - making available an unprecedented array of resources from all the world's religions and spiritual traditions. Retreat centers are now offering a wide variety of multifaith programs.

Still, many of us only pay attention to teachers in our own tradition. The result is a missed opportunity to expand and deepen our spirituality by learning from the sacred texts and practices of others.

The "Living Spiritual Teachers Project" is an ongoing project of this website. We hope these brief profiles will make it easier for you to identify living teachers whose wisdom might augment your spiritual journey. We've included a brief biography, a list of the teacher's distinctive contributions to spiritual wisdom, a quotation sampler, plus links to our reviews of his/her books, articles, interviews, audio and video clips, the teacher's website, and more.

This Project is very much a work in progress, so please check back often to read profiles of other spiritual teachers. (See also the Remembering Spiritual Masters Project.)

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