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Spiritual Reading of the Day: Robert Wuthnow on responding appropriately
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Current E-Courses
The Way of Silence: A Year-long Program with Contemplative Outreach
Poetry to Transform Your Life with Roger Housden
Holy Silence: The Quaker Way with J. Brent Bill

Naming the Days: Mozart's Birthday
Now on DVD: The Judge, My Old Lady

Spiritual Literacy Blog: MicroLearning and Mass Attention Deficit

Naming the Days: Birthday of Henri J. M. Nouwen

Now in Theaters: Black Sea, Life Inside Out, Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter, Red Army, Song One

Now on DVD: Life's a Breeze, Lucy, My Winnipeg
New in Books: peace, Earth community, envy, elders, emotions, resilience, the Beguines, awe-filled wonder, poetry, freedom, humility

Praying the News: For New Audiences for Visual and Performing Arts
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day: Six quotes to ponder

Praying the News: For the Victims at Charlie Hebdo
Now Showing: Still Alice, Valley of Saints, Northern Borders

Spiritual Literacy Blog: The Universal Reach of Character Development
Now in Theaters: Human Capital
Naming the Days: Albert Schweitzer's Birthday

Now on DVD: Finding Fela!; Gone Girl; Jimi: All Is by My Side; Love Is Strange; Men Women & Children; The Strange Little Cat
Spiritual Literacy Blog: Death of Novelist Robert Stone
Naming the Days: George Fox Day

Naming the Days: Feast Day of Brother Lawrence

Now in Theaters: Beloved Sisters, Inherent Vice, Selma

Civility & Spirituality Blog:Treating Inanimate Things with Courtesy and Caring

Now on DVD: Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case, Boyhood, Two Night Stand, A Will for the Woods
Naming the Days: Epiphany

Naming the Days:George Washington Carver Day

Premieres tonight - Season 5 of Downton Abbey: 10 Spiritual Takes on Downton Abbey
Naming the Days:Feast Day of Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton

Naming the Days:St. Seraphim of Sarov Day

Happy New Year: Spiritually Literate New Year's Resolutions
Naming the Days: Birthday of E. M. Forster

Opening today: A Most Violent Year

New in Books: Buddhist traditions, loneliness, work, prayers, Jesus, grace, gratitude, hope, kindness, Sacred Feminine, Zen master, spiritual formation, dreaming, seeds, dying, body
Civility & Spirituality Blog: Behaviors that Irritate New York City Subway Passengers
John Main Day

Birthday of Pablo Casals

Now in Theaters: Two Days, One Night; Selma

Body Spirituality Blog: Sitting Too Much Is the New Smoking
Civility & Spirituality Blog: Patience Tested on Airlines
Now on DVD: The Good Lie, The Trip to Italy

Spiritual Literacy Blog: A Secular Version of the Ten Commandments

Winter Solstice: Reflections, poems, prayers, and practices

New Children's Books: heaven, happiness, sharing, mitzvah, friendship, lullaby, community life, aggressive behavior, silliness, memory
Now in Theaters: Mr. Turner, Songs of the Sea, Winter Sleep

Praying the News: For Peace and Justice
Birthday of Paul Klee

Praying the News: For the 145 School Children Murdered in Pakistan
Birthday of Bede Griffiths

Premiering on PBS: Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler
Now on DVD/Blu-Ray: Magic in the Moonlight, The Skeleton Twins, This Is Where I Leave You
Birthday of Jane Austen

New in Books: grace, the Qur'an, speed, Rumi, freedom, second wind, light and wisdom, narcissism

Naming the Days: Feast Day of John of the Cross

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Do Animals Go to Heaven?
Now in Theaters: Inherent Vice
Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Civility & Spirituality Blog: Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing

Naming the Days: Human Rights Day

The Ritual Space: Fertility Ritual for Creativity
Spiritual Literacy Blog: Why Elders Smile
Now on DVD: Calvary, Dolphin Tale 2, I Origins

Now in Theaters: Still Alice

Praying the News: Gratitude for Faith Sharing on the Internet

Opening Today: Wild

Now on DVD: The Congress, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Fifi Howls With Happiness, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Kids For Cash, To Kill a Man

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Midlife Crisis and Then Wisdom
Naming the Days: World AIDS Day

Advent: Practices for the waiting season

Naming the Days: Birthday of Louisa May Alcott

Praying the News: A Prayer to End Global Economic Inequality

Naming the Days: Thanksgiving

Civility & Spirituality Blog: Patience & Courtesy & Airplane Travel

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Loving God by Knowing Many Things

Now in Theaters: Big Hero 6, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The Imitation Game, Monk WIth a Camera

RIP Mike Nichols: Reviews of his films
Remembering a Spiritual Master: Beatrice Bruteau

Now on DVD: The Wind Rises

New Book Reviews: mindfulness, prayer, shamanic tools, poems, memoir, Judaism, Supreme Court, food, labor, indigenous people, Joan Chittister, Gaza, enemies, heart, soul fury, censored stories, teaching stories, automation, vocation, city, seasons, conscious aging

Now in Theaters: The Circle, Foxcatcher, Rosewater

Spiritual Literacy Blog: This Changes Everything

Now on DVD: Happy Christmas, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Jersey Boys, A Most Wanted Man, Planes: Fire & Rescue

Naming the Days: Dylan Thomas Day

Now in Theaters: Pelican Dreams, The Theory of Everything
Naming the Days: Birthday of Albert Camus

Opening Today: National Gallery

Now on DVD: Land Ho!, The One I Love, Second Opinion

All Saints Day: Teaching Story, Quotes, and a Litany to honor saints

New Book Reviews: language of homes, unretirement, gardens, change, sleep, Zen, learning, adversity, Mussar, art, travel, solitude

Naming the Days: Halloween

Opening Today: The Great Invisible, Goodbye to Language
Now on PBS: Death Comes to Pemberley

National Cat Day: quotes, books, children's books, excerpts, and movies about cats

Now on DVD: Begin Again, Child of God, Life of Crime, Running From Crazy

Body Spirituality: Running as a Spiritual Practice

New in Books: Christian Meditation, attention on the streets, information overload, digital world of connections, creativity, Jewish prayer, journal wisdom, Christian courage, mysticism, wonder, instant gratification
Now in Theaters: Life of Riley, The Heart Machine, 1000 Times good Night, Watchers of the Sky

Diwali — A Celebration of Our Inner Light

Spiritual Literacy Blog: Radical Amazement

Now on DVD: For A Woman, Snowpiercer, The Last Sentence

Now in Theaters: Birdman

World Food Day

Praying the News: A Prayer for the Victims of Ebola (updated)
Civility & Spirituality Blog: Why You Should Care About Other People's Kids as Much as Your Own
Feast Day of St. Teresa of Avila

To Be a Man

"There is a deeper life for men, a life in which responsibility and freedom go hand in hand and level upon level, a life in which happiness is rooted not in what we have but in what we fundamentally are." That is one way that Robert Augustus Masers reframes conventional views of manliness in this new book. A pioneer of the evolving men's movement, he opens new possibilities for the besieged gender.
Read our review.
Read an excerpt on nurturing.

The Best Spiritual Books of 2014

Every year from the more than 300 books we review on this website, we choose the Best Spiritual Books. In addition to 50 adult books, we also include 10 Best Spiritual Children's Books. We have organized the list by a major theme or spiritual practice covered in the book to make it easier for you to find what you might be most interested in.
See our list of the best spiritual book winners
See our list of children's book award winners
Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2014

Each year we see hundreds of movies and review those we can recommend to you as good companions for your spiritual journey. To explain our choices, we note which of the 37 spiritual practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy each film's story and characters illustrate. Then at the end of the year we choose the 45 "Most Spiritually Literate Films," dividing our choices into five categories.
See our list of award winners.
Read how we've been inspired by movies in 2014.

January 1 - 31, 2015 Poetry to Transform Your Life
Poetry to Transform Your Life with Roger Housden will bring you a poem a day especially chosen by Roger Housden for their ability to awaken you to fresh ways of seeing both yourself and the world. Each email also includes a commentary on the poem by Roger Housden, a process for consciously reflecting on the poem, a simple practice to bring the poem's meaning into your life, and an audio recording of the poem by Housden. Participants will also discuss the poems meaning in their lives a worldwide community in the online Practice Circle.

January 12 - February 6 Holy Silence: The Quaker Way
Holy Silence: The Quaker Way with J. Brent Bill is a one-month online retreat on embracing silence as the Quakers do, encountering God in a living and vital holy hush. This e-course is being led by J. Brent Bill, a lifelong Quaker. Through 12 emails he shares how to practice a silence deeper than words and offer tools for entering into it, including Quaker Queries, a unique form of asking non-directive questions for spiritual growth. Participants will also discuss their journey into spiritual silence in the online Practice Circle and during a one-hour teleconference with J. Brent Bill.
Remembering Spiritual Masters

It is with great sadness that we announce that Marcus J. Borg has gone to his eternal rest. For many people, including us, this progressive Christian theologian enabled us to "meet Jesus again for the first time" and embrace the "God we never knew" of panentheism. After reading his books, we could affirm both our Christian roots and our interreligious visions. For many who now consider themselves Spiritually Independent, Borg provided a bridge to a vibrant, accessible, and hospitable Christianity. He wrote about the heart of Christianity, and our hearts are grateful for his every word.
- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

See our profile of Marcus Borg. It includes a biography, quotation sampler, links to our reviews of his books and excerpts from those books, articles, interviews, and more.
See Borg's definition of spirituality.
Vital Signs

"Passion is what disturbs and confounds the safe and settled in your life. . . . (it) is the impulse toward growth, which, by its nature, protests boredom and ennui," wrotes Gregg Levoy in this new book on what we call the spiritual practice of zeal. The goal here is "maximum aliveness" and to fuel the journey, passion enlists the assistance of a group of other lively spiritual practices such as wonder, reverence, enthusiasm, and gratitude.
Read our review of Vital Signs
Read an excerpt on passion as a survival mechanism
Practicing Compassion

"Compassion is the means to becoming most deeply human." That's one of the engaging definitions of this core spiritual practice offered by Frank Rogers, co-director of the Center for Engaged Compassion at the Claremont School of Theology. His new book provides concrete ways to practice compassion for self, others, and our battered and tattered world.
Read our review of Practicing Compassion
Read an excerpt on compassion expressed in tangible ways
The Radical King

Arriving just in time for MLK Day (January 19) and Black History Month (February), The Radical King is a stirring and substantive collection of 23 sermons, orations, lectures and prayers from the great civil rights leader. This hard-hitting volume is edited and introduced by Cornel West who sees Martin Luther King Jr. as a revolutionary Christian.
Read our review of The Radical King
Read an excerpt on radical love
The Ritual Space — Threshold Ritual

As more and more people enter the third phase of life, it's important to acknowledge and recognize this time of transition. In the latest post on The Ritual Space, Darren shares about a service he led for a close friend who was entering the "Crone" phase of her life and a ritual he created to recognize her passage into it.
Read about the Threshold Ritual
Read about other rituals on The Ritual Space

Lullaby This is the first children's book based on the music of Debbie Friedman, the late singer/songwriter. She described her music as "a space in which hands and arms and souls touch in gentle song." That is a perfect description of what she does with her song "Lullaby," which is included on the CD accompanying this beautifully illustrated book of the lyrics.
Read our review of Lullaby.
Read a review of Debbie Friedman's album One Song.
12 Quotes on Creativity

Creativity isn't just about the "arts." It can turn up in some unlikely places. Best of all, creative expression is a way to practice our spirituality.
See the gallery
See all the 12s galleries
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo, in this bestselling book, has taken the subject of decluttering and made it totally fresh with her practical suggestions for establishing a spiritual relationship with your possessions.
Read our review of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
an excerpt on saying goodbye to an old cell phone and treating clothes with respect.
Books That Speak to Your Condition

Books can inform, illuminate, and inspire. They can also directly address what we are feeling in our hearts and needing for our spiritual growth. Quakers call this "speaking to your condition." We're starting a new series in which we will "prescribe" books or films to address what might be happening in your life. We hope you find these suggestions helpful.
— Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
See the feature
Finishing Things

Starting something new delivers a rush to our brains and we feel energized by our latest project for social or personal transformation. But, truth be told, many of us never finish what we start. We all know people whose work is characterized by perseverance, endurance, and stick-to-it-iveness. How do they do it? We've found five spiritual practices to help you finish things.
Read our article on Finishing Things
Climate Change

Climate Change We have seen a shift toward greater climate change awareness as more and more spiritual people have taken on this environmental, economic, and social problem as a central element in our spiritual activism. So we have searched through our resources and come up with a large cross-cut of our best content on this subject: quotes, e-courses, spiritual practices, films, books, organizations, teachers, and memes.
See our topic section on Climate Change
100 Best Transformational Movies

100 Best Transformational Movies Transformational movies reveal the astonishing ways in which human beings can be changed and set on a new path. We've curated a list of our favorite films in this spiritual genre. We hope you will use it when making your own movie viewing selections and share it with your friends and family.
See our list of the 100 Best Transformational Movies (pdf file). Clicking on the movie titles will take you to our full reviews.
Elder Spirituality Project

Elder Spirituality Elder Spirituality is a focus whose time has come. Traditionally in the world's religions, the last stage of life is seen as a time for intensified spiritual work as well as for passing on wisdom to other generations. In 2013 Spirituality & Practice offered four e-courses for elders, and another one starts in September. Now we are launching a whole new section of the website to provide a wide-ranging selection of curated content on elder spirituality. Read what the time of spiritual elderhood means to us and what spiritual eldering practices do for us. Then explore quotes, practices, books, book excerpts, films, art, teachers, and articles on the spiritual adventure of the last stage of life.
Visit S&P's new section on
Elder Spirituality
Spirituality & Practice Awards

Every December we announce our choices of the Most Spiritually Literate Films and the Best Spiritual Books of the Year. But some films and books are so good, we already know they will make our lists. So here are mid-year previews.
See our list of the most spiritually literate films so far.
See our list of the best spiritual books so far.
Praying the News

Praying the News The daily news summons us to prayer. The people, situations, events, facts, and trends of our times call out for our compassion and God's healing presence. In this blog we will pray in a variety of forms as we lift up the needs of the world.
Pray about the news.
Circles of Support

Please remember S&P when you are feeling generous! Be part of our global circle of people vitally engaged with the wisdom and practices of the spiritual traditions, living deeper and fuller lives, and serving our communities and the wider world.
Make a gift today.
Spiritual Literacy DVDs

This six-volume DVD series, consisting of 26 meditative and soul-stirring half-hour films, is based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat's bestselling book Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life. Award-winning filmmaker David Cherniack has married aha! passages from all spiritual traditions to sense-luscious visuals and emotionally vibrant music.
Read more and get group resources
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