Delaware January 18, 2023

I stumbled upon this site while perusing material in The Fetzer Institute site. Not great navigating the internet but happy I found you and surely will return.Thankyou.

Deborah Burke
Virginia January 3, 2023

Glad to find you. I meditate twice daily and read both spiritual and books on the state of the world and of our democracy. I want to join with other spiritual seekers to help our suffering world

Gabrielle Ariella Kaplan-Mayer
Philadelphia January 27, 2022

So delighted to find your resources tonight~thank you!

Jay McDaniel January 2, 2022

I have been turning to Spirituality and Practice for many years now. It started about ten years ago when I discovered the Alphabet for Spiritual Literacy and realized how helpful it could be for me as a college teacher. I taught the world's religions to college undergraduates for 39 years, and had been looking for a way to help them understand that the religions of the world are not belief and rituals alone, or even about identity and community, but about experiences; and that these experiences were not all the same. The alphabet came at just the right time, and it helped me (and my students) name the experiences that were important to people of different faiths and paths. Additionally, many of my students were spiritual independents: that is, not associated with any particular religion. And yet they, too, could understand and appreciate the experiences. With that I began to wonder if the same might apply to the general public, so I led workshops in my local community using the alphabet in libraries and in interfaith settings. And I also realized how helpful the alphabet could be for me as a person. I, too, needed to be enlivened by attention and compassion, imagination and playfulness, forgiveness and wonder. The alphabet helped me (and still helps me) better become the person I'd like to become. As this was happening, I simultaneously realized what a complete treasure the entire Spirituality and Practice website is: its film reviews, book reviews, music reviews, daily meditations, quotes, etc. It kept me (and keeps me) abreast of the presence of spirit in the world. The Brussats write beautifully and think beautifully. Their work over these years is, truly, a godsend. I am forever thankful. "G" is for gratitude.

Susan Kenney
Carmichael CA December 29, 2021

I recently completed the Contemplative Writing Course. I want to acknowledge the great and deep gift that Judith Favor has been to me. I know that I will go back and read many of her insights into each topic and listen to her monthly sharing. In my survey, I neglected to add one suggested topic for future consideration. “Margins”: what are they, who is there, what are their lessons, what does it mean to be marginalized, who chooses to be marginalized???

Claudine Savage
Dryden Ontario September 29, 2021

I am looking forward to exploring your site and gathering information for my personal journey as well as professional growth.

Canada, Bonaventure July 23, 2021

Hello there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!

New Zealand June 20, 2021

I'm very grateful. I just signed up to the daily spiritual practices last week, and immediately had a very difficult situation arise with a colleague, over some miscommunication. These daily practices were spot on in helping me press in to work this through, both in myself and then with my colleague. The day after our difficult conversation where we shared our misunderstandings, and hugged with tears, was the practice to reflect on a difficult conversation,, and see how we were closer as a result! I shared that with my colleague, we were both touched and she commented that its time she got in touch with her spiritual side again! Thanks so much.

Michael McArdle
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada March 7, 2021

Stumbled onto this when researching book, How Can I Forgive You, by Janis Abrahms Spring. Delighted to find myself here as have been a spiritual seeker most of my life. Blessings...

PA February 17, 2021

I’m a parish nurse and health minister and find your resources very helpful.

Sharie Aldren
United States February 16, 2021

Thanks for this Wisdom Tradition. Finally a tradition with guidance and lots of it. New To this so it will be really interesting to explore .

Sharie Aldren
United States February 3, 2021

Just came across this site and am signing up for the Lent class really am so happy to have found this site. The Wisdom Teaching of the Beloved Yeshua.

Vicki Schwab
Newport Vermont January 26, 2021

I was looking for info on David Steindl Rast and came upon your site and was so happy to see the resources available there. To me the east west connection beginning with my own experience with Thomas Merton in my 20’s has led to a life long passion for studying and mediating with those who bridge the gap among spiritual disciplines. Thank you for your work.

Jimmy Mack
Rhode Island December 29, 2020

Stumbled upon your site, great compilation of good things and thoughts with direction/suggestions!

Timothy Swallow
Cincinnati December 26, 2020

Thank you for your many years of gentle direction into leading a meaningful life. Your insights bring understanding and allow us to ask questions of ourselves about how we are living and how we can better live to serve mankind.

Ram Sodhani
United States December 18, 2020

Truly enjoying your site.

Barrett Newsom
La Mesa, California November 27, 2020

Nice to find a new site (new to me) with depth of insight. I appreciated your review of the film “Mary Magdalene”. We gleaned the same messages from the film, but I also saw the common theme of compassion with Kuan Yin.

Natalie McKinney
Farmington NM October 16, 2020

Been searching and searching for a kind of spirituality I've been chasing on spirituality and finally I found it

Roxanne - Annukai a nu kind
Coral Springs FL July 21, 2020

It never ceases to amaze me how the universe will provide you what you need when you need it. I had been feeling as though much of my efforts to create unity, empathy, tolerance, and growth were in vain. Then I came across a collective of beings that have been and are doing just what I seek to accomplish. Thank you for showing me that everything will go according to plan and I am not alone in an effort to make a change.

Madeleine F. Ross
Minneapolis, MN July 8, 2020

As a 22 year old recent grad, I have relied on 'Spirituality and Practice' for insight that puts my faith, identity, and my generation's patterns into a community platform/perspective. Grateful to have been told about this site!

Innes Hope
New Zealand June 1, 2020

Great to find your comprehensive site, with it's inclusive values and helpful services. Thank you for the many hours of work your team must be putting in to keep it so up to date and useful.

Richard P Fohrenbach
Chantilly, VA USA March 31, 2020

Found you by your film reviews, but you are SO MUCH MORE. Bravo, gracias

Marie E. Gibson
Rochester, NY March 16, 2020

Thank you for offering the spiritual resources during this time of world health crisis. I have shared it with my woman's group and others that I believe will be comforted by it.

Linda Daley
Oregon March 13, 2020

I just came upon your website & am really intrigued! I love what I have been reading & look forward to exploring more!

Laurie Cracraft
Eugene OR March 9, 2020

Hi, I enjoyed looking at your site: I did see, however, that a passage attributed to David Adam..."I weave a silence" is actually from the Ortha Nan Gaidheal or Carmina Gadelica, Alexander Charmichaels 19th century collection of Scottish Oral Literature. I saw it first in "God Makes the Rivers to Flow", Sacred Literature of the World, selected by Eknath Easwaran.---a collection that carefully references the source of each passage in the collection.

Joan Voll
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 3 B9 January 28, 2020

One of my daughters gave me a course for Christmas from your web page. What a blessing! Housebound now as a senior with multiple physical challenges, I have found a wonderful place that has provided food for my soul that has been so thirsty and hungry for awhile. Bless you for your various “entries” to choose from. You are in my daily prayers of thanksgiving for the ministry you are providing for countless seniors like myself who are devoted to life long learning. especially in the area of Spirituality. May God continue to surprise you with His Love.

Jenny Kittleson
USA December 31, 2019

I'm so glad to add this to my map of spiritual oases for the journey!

Yvette "evey" Lopez
california October 31, 2019

So glad to have all this wonderful support to enlighten our lives Namaste

Helen Rockingham
Chicago, IL September 20, 2019

Very Happy to read the many avenues of assistance you offer with S&P!!!!! I was given information by a precious Soul I’ve meet this year!!! When our path crosses we Always enjoy a Sharing Conversation about The Wholeness of Life, Our Oneness In Our Creator & any other Beautiful Energy The Universe gives @ the time!!!! Recently, he made sure Information of your site was shared with me!!! Thankful for his foresight, & eager to ingest More of what This Tool you’ve made available, provides!!!! Moving forth with enthusiasm!!!!! Thanks for your glorious efforts.........

Beth Bradford
Philadelphia, PA September 19, 2019

What a wonderful website! I came across this on a Google search, and it really echoes much of my own spiritual journey.

peter rawlings
Warrnambool Victoria Au August 27, 2019

Wow, Hi, I would just like to say my dear sister sent me a book a couple of decades ago. 'Lame Dear', a Sioux Indian Spiritual man. About his life and journeys. Incredible resource for learning all about all and why they do what they do. Even where all the materials are derived from, right down to following ants retrieving small beads they use in the rattle, shakers. I practise morning ritual of facing East, sunrise, West, sunset, South where the ghosts in the white cloud circle the South Pole, North, where the ice and snow Gods live and dwell, to the sky above where the Eagle rains supreme. I add to the ground below that holds and feeds me. My 2 beautiful Aboriginal ones are native to the Kimberly region here of Nt. West Australia. Having spent time there and having close access to their incredible connection to land, ocean, sky and stars I realised just how universal collective consciousness connects us all if we are open and receptive to wonderful good things coming into our worlds. So similar in many ways both cultures. Is ok I add my extra bit to morning ritual. I also add to South where whales and Dolphins travel from to visit our shores. God bless.

Elizabeth Moro
Philadelphia, PA August 19, 2019

Thank you very much for your inspiration which is essential to this time! Please check out my writings at and let me know what you think. Elizabeth

Anne P. Burns
Middletown, RI 02842 July 23, 2019

I would be particularly interested in the photography program!

Ruth Nodel
Mattawan,Michigan July 20, 2019

I so appreciate reading the section on dealing with the hot weather . Just grateful for the beauty of mother nature and all the wisdom of the sages. Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti! Blessings everyone!

Michael Leach
Stamford CT July 11, 2019

Thank you, Fred and Mary Ann, for your kindness to me and your support of my work over the years. Decades! Love to you.

Corona, ca June 9, 2019

Blessed to hAve found guidance for my journey!

George R Martzen
Alhambra May 9, 2019

Hi Mary Ann and Frederic, I was so glad to make your acquaintance today at our OSL meeting in Claremont, and to learn about your amazing 50 year old project. What I heard from you then and what I see on your site resonates with my sacramental understanding of the world. Thank you.

Timothy Conway
Peoria, AZ April 15, 2019

Dear Frederic and Mary Ann, my wife Laura and I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated your film reviews over the years-- only just now getting around to expressing our THANK YOU! Keep up the great work in your cinema reviews and all your fine educational-healing work to open hearts & minds. Timothy & Laura Conway,

Tasmania March 16, 2019

Thank you for the material I am receiving. It is exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey.

Jack Packshaw
Byron Bay, Australia March 9, 2019

Thanks S&P, great load of content. Very interested in networking potentially.

Alice Rodriguez
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My 1st day in, really liking it so far!

California January 25, 2019

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Thank-you for the insightful read. We are living our dream.

USA April 14, 2018

Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a marvelous job!

Diane Young
Oregon March 16, 2018

Something for everyone...I like it!

Linda Weaver
Clackamas, OR March 6, 2018

Take a look in the mirror, for only you can see what is in front of you... This is just a reminder that sometimes we need to look at ourselfs to turly know what is seen in us...

Tara Laidlaw
Hamilton ontario December 29, 2017

Hello & happy holidays! I was horoured to hear you story quite a few years ago working i a hospice. I wrote a poem dedicated to Phil because i was touched. Know that he affected me & how i live my life. He has made me proud of my myself & i hope that what i wrote at that time made a difference. God bless you & your family.

Elaine Northcutt
San Diego, California December 7, 2017

. . One of the most useful, information rich websites on spiritual development. I've learned so much and I frequent it often. Thank you!

USA October 7, 2017

Really enjoyed reading ur blog.

Monica Walsh
Melbourne, Australia September 25, 2017

On my recent retreat I was recalling the ecourse I undertook regarding Wise Elders (I believe the author has since died). Then I realised I had not received any Newsletters for some time. Hard to believe, I know, but I do receive a lot of mail. However, I have re-signed to receive your Newsletter and look forward to continued spiritual nourishment. Blessings & appreciation for all you do, Monica

Los Angeles, CA September 11, 2017

I was looking for Pilgrim's Almanac by Edward Hays and ended up in this website. Sad to learn he already died last year. Since I was already in this website, I decided to browse. I am so glad I was led to this place.

John Mulvihill
Oakland, CA August 9, 2017

I found your site on a list of reviews on for the film "Jesus' Son." Unlike many of American media's full-time movie reviewers, you actually get this movie. Your article provided me with some insights into this quirky film, and validated my take on its theme. Spirituality and musings about it takes up very little of my time. But then a movie like this comes along and ambushes me, and I have no choice but to surrender to its ethereal optimism.

John Price
Houston TX August 6, 2017

What a wonderful set of resources. I'm enjoying the photos from the previous assignments.

Kay Delaney
Easthampton New York and Sarasota, Florida July 7, 2017

Joan Chittister is someone that "speaks to me"---I I came upon your website through her and am delighted to learn of your existence! Do you sell,rent or lease any of the films about Wendell Berry?? Thank you for creating such a meaningful web site for Spiritually and Practice.

Angie Giallourakis
Ohio June 21, 2017

I learned about your site upon reading Ron Pevny's book "conscious Living Conscious Aging ". Looking forward to explore. How can I receive your blogs? Thank you ❤️

USA June 14, 2017

I think this is a real great blog post.Much thanks again.

Vanessa Atances
Phoenix, AZ May 17, 2017

Thank you so much for this incredible website! I found it on accident when looking up which commandments corresponded to which films on The Decalogue. I was astounded to find that other people also used film as a way to commune with the divine. I am grateful for your all encompassing love for spirituality, expression, and art. You make me feel not alone in this world, and improve my life every day. Love, Vanessa

Rabbi/cantor Judy Greenfeld
17045 Ventura Blvd. encino, Ca 91316 May 10, 2017

I am very excited about using the resources that you have suggested to further my spiritual search. Thankyou, yashar koach.

bruce miller
98584 March 31, 2017

I have to suggest you consider reviewing the movie "made in heaven" [1989 I think], it is about a man who reincarnates.

USA March 26, 2017

Very informative post.Really thank you! Awesome. keaedcedaeke

Indiana February 23, 2017

This is a beautiful site. You might want to check out the children's book The Invisible String.

Clara Gagnon
Muskegon,Mi. February 21, 2017

I feel like God has been guiding me and my husband to this! Thanks,for all the info,I brought the first book,can't wait to read and start centering prayer!

Quincy February 8, 2017

A wonderful and rich resource of spiritualality

Mary Queen
Cagayan de Oro City January 8, 2017

i love this site

Michael Moon ~ Dreamtime Poet
Western Australia December 19, 2016

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat ~ Through "Spirituality and Practice" Have Aligned ~ This World ~ Our Universe ~ With We Gods !

Houghs Neck, MA November 22, 2016

Blessings for Advent season. What a great idea to have affordable access to your wisdom and be making a small donation to your work. Thank you for the Advent course.

Johanna Maaghoul
San Francisco November 5, 2016

The Medicine Cards have become a part of my everyday spiritual practice. I still refer to them when an animal comes onto my path and as a way to start my day. I am grateful for Jamie's work and what she has brought into the world. Johanna

mary agnes leonard
pueblo, colorado November 1, 2016

Today is the first day of the Celtic New Year (Samhain)--what a wonderful way to re-member my ancient/ancestors roots and horizons, visions and values. I'm so glad and grateful to find you, and to be back (as in convent days) studying Teilhard and his Christcosmos undestanding of Time....

Richard P. Sheridan
Dallas September 20, 2016

I have been a homeless advocate in Dallas for 13 years. I find your summaries of movies about the plight of the homeless great. I am now pushing for a DALLAS HOMELESS FILM FESTIVAL to educate, and open the hearts of the people of Dallas. As you know, it is our moral responsibility to care for our poor and homeless... Matthew 25: 31-45 Thank you, and Gid bless you for your great work and website

Rev Dr Edward Knight
Gloucester MA August 28, 2016

As a Unitarian Christian minister I find the truth of my faith exhibited throughout the web site. Spong, Crossan, Fox, Borg et al would be supportive of this information. There is gnosis in the diaspora that Christianity has yet discovered. Let us hear the true word as this website unveils.

Linda Brunner
Stockton, MO. August 20, 2016

Looking for a more expansive internet connection. Thank you.

Edward Bruce Bynum
Amherst, Massachusetts June 28, 2016

Thank you so much for your kind review of my book DARK LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS. I just happen to come across the review tonight. Hope it reaches others as well.

Dr. Charles Satterwhite
Alabama June 4, 2016

I want to develop a path of intimacy with my Lord.

Wesley Trotman
Adelaide, South Australia May 5, 2016

I have just found this resource of loving kindness in a world that seems to have lost the will to use promote this peaceful spiritual practice. I intend to return often this site. Thank you.

Lawrenceburg May 5, 2016

So happy to find a site which feeds me! Thank-you

Patty Kogutek
Phoenix, AZ May 3, 2016

Greeting, I'm so happy to have found this site. I immediately felt "at home" with my spirituality. Being raised Catholic and serving as a Catholic nun for 7 years, I wrestle with guilt trying to find God in my everyday life. Your "Spiritual Literacy" blog serves a wonderful companion to my book, "G-vites ~ Everyday Invitations From God". Can't wait to read more. Thanks.

Marla Loehr
Ohio April 21, 2016

I will be completing Sister Joan's reflections on Mercy later this month and found the material so very helpful to my life at this time. I completed registration for a Richarh Rohr course for the next month and now I see you will be offering the course on Rumi and Sufi stories. Will you be offering this course again? It is impossible for me to take another course until next year. I love the offerings you make available but only have a certain window of time to relax into and deeply reflect on the courses for which I sign up. You are a blessing to the spiritual journeys of so many. I am a Spiritual companion/Retreat Director and your material helps not only for myself but enriches the lives of those with whom I journey.

Sky Ann
Redwood City, CA April 6, 2016

New York to California! What a great move! And what a great new website you are offering! How grateful I am to have found you and your work five years ago! It has really been life changing and inspirational for me. I have discovered so much from you and the courses you offer. And I have found that not only do I love poetry, I love to write the poems of my heart and share them with so many of the practice circles from the S & P courses that have been a blessing to me. Welcome to California! And welcome to Claremont, California! I am so grateful to have such close neighbors! You, your staff, your beautiful website, and all of your visitors, are indeed, very good neighbors. Godspeed always!

Sharon Kay Casey
Ceres, CA April 5, 2016

I am so pleased I found this site. The information you share covers everything. I have submitted the book Clouds of Heaven Beings of Light for review I trust the reader will find that which they need, healing, insight, joy most of all I would hope remembrance. As I remembered who I am, and found myself in the golden light of home, I trust the reader will do the same.

Steve Weigand
Valparaiso, Indiana April 1, 2016

I am grateful for the wealth of topics, authors, and spiritual wisdom that S & P promotes and draws upon. I recently led a six week 12-Step Spirituality series in my parish for Lent and visited the site often to locate resources, suggest spiritual practices and gain insight into the spiritual principles.

Marshall E Gass
Auckland New Zealand March 28, 2016

I visited your site often to find viewpoints on different aspects of contemplation while researching for my book: Keys to Contemplation: A Layman's Look at Spiritual Journeys. The website and material on offer was most impressive and helpful. It was good to see so much accessibility on the one website. The courses on offer are also rewarding for different participants. Thank you for the wonderful work and I do hope many visitors will feel the same gratitude I felt these last few visits. Thank you.

Alden Sproull
Beaumont, CA March 22, 2016

Thank you for coming to California. Your presence here will be uplifting to all who will stop and connect. May we have many years of your continued contributions to the vast growing space called spirituality. Al

Toronto March 19, 2016

I would absolutely love to attend your open house tomorrow! But I am too far away. Congratulations to Spirituality and Practice for being a wonderful, life enriching website. Thank you especially to Mary Ann and Fred, and your hardworking staff. I was there when you started...and I'm still here! Many blessings! Lori

Debbie D
New Hampshire USA February 19, 2016

I am thoroughly enjoying my e-courses. I wish I found your organization sooner. It is helping me in so many different ways. I am very grateful for these opportunities and all the information.

Laurie Hammeke
Allen, TX February 8, 2016

Dear Mr. Moore, When I saw you on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, and listened to what you had to say, I was so thankful for you and your approach to religion and spirituality! I immediately bought your book Creating a Religion of One's Own and am so excited about exploring your ideas. I'm a young senior citizen, who has traveled several religious paths, with little promise of answers to my questions and fulfilling my spiritual needs. Thanks to you, I am now excited about my very own spiritual path being set by me. Thank you Mr. Moore and peace be with you.

Sr. Arlid ,ssj
Wisconsin January 6, 2016

May all goodness, Peace and love be for all! I Thank You much for giving so wonderful inside and taking us so deep. Blessings

Patrick Bulow
New Port Richey, FL. January 3, 2016

Good Morning and Happy New Year Family & Friends

USA November 27, 2015

We absolutely enjoy your blog and find most of your post's to be what precisely I'm looking for. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I'm hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own site now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings fast. Your write up is excellent example of it. When I am not searching the internet for this I am usually checking out best bets

Mary E. Martin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada November 25, 2015

I've just discovered your site while looking for material about photography and spirituality. I'm sure I'll be back because it looks very interesting here and I think some of our thinking intersects. I've written a trilogy of novels which touch on matters of art and spirituality.

India November 19, 2015

Nice articles and blog. My spiritual master is a great person. I am so blessed to have met him. May i mention his blog here. He is a Zen master and blogs about meditation and zen buddhism. Here is his website: Hope someone finds him!

Geelong, Australia October 5, 2015

I might have a time difference issue. Will keep trying to work out how to maximise my access to the site. I volunteer in Palliative Care in a local hospital & record and create the life stories of patients. Looking forward to meeting others and learning ...

Atlantic City, NJ October 3, 2015

I thrive on SPIRITUALITY in my daily RECOVERY 15 Years

Cerritos, CA September 23, 2015

Interested unknowing more about this website and how it works

connie nash
Brevard NC September 9, 2015

Hello! This is my first actual course here.

Rev. Helen McFadyen
Halifax, NS and Kamloops, BC September 8, 2015

Grateful for the resources provided.

Donald Koepke
Southern California September 4, 2015

Welcome to Claremont, CA. I hope your affiliation with Claremont School of Theology is a fruitful one. I know that I will enjoy having the office merely 25 miles away. Perhaps you could use some volunteers. Based on my time I am game.

Yvette Loaiza
Arizona August 23, 2015

Look forward to exploring

Lloyd Casson
Wilmington, DE USA August 20, 2015

What a magnificent spiritual treasure. I have just now stumbled upon it. There are no accidents. I was led to this website; or perhaps it was "sent" to me. Gloria Dei!

Barbara Pettibone
Denver, CO August 19, 2015

I am so blessed to have found this website. Thank you!

Paula George, RScP
Colorado July 29, 2015

Wonderful re-do of the website! I, like so many others here, find myself having to tear myself away and get with my regularly scheduled program (keeping the chocolate in the other room seems to help....). This is a lovely, inspiring space that has been of great benefit to me for some time. Thanks!!

new zealand July 27, 2015

nice to see someone else from New Zealand. I have just begun this online journey--and belong to a group of Pray--ers every week over a period of 18 years.

Mary Rose Betten
Camarillo, California July 26, 2015

I'm an Oblate @ St. ANdrews Abbey, Valyermo, Calif. Give a workshop there: "Finding My Story," and now I found Sr. Joan as a teacher, who could ask for more? Thank you, Mary Rose betten

Toronto July 22, 2015

Spirituality and Practice has been my spiritual home since it's inception. I am delighted with your new website, and I'm particularly enjoying the Spiritual Teacher of the Day rotation with it's many resources. There are so many interesting parts to this site. Thank you for your many, many efforts! Blessings!

Pamela Hale
Tucson, AZ July 20, 2015

I'm so happy to find this lovely and helpful site! Thank you for the years of work you've done and for the fresh work you're offering now. This supports me in my work as a spiritual director, shamanic practitioner and author. I hope there will be a way I can contribute.

Bitrus Andy
Nigeria July 14, 2015

I 'm really excited to have found something like this that can build someone confidence to achievement in life. Thanks,beautiful site.

Lucy Wilson
Plaa Vista, CA July 13, 2015

Your website gives me hope that empathy, compassion, and concern for the environment will prevail.

Judith Simon
South Bend, Indiana June 10, 2015

What a treasure here! I will be back to continue reading. John Dear was just where some friends of mine were for the Beatification of Oscar Romero. My husband and I were privileged to be with Dan Berrigan in the early 80's for the Merton/Maritain Conference in Louisville, Ky. I love what you continue to offer here....

Austin TX June 10, 2015

Love your film/DVD reviews. The new site is very accessible. Thanks

Andrew Ocaya
East Africa uganda June 9, 2015

thank you for the work which you are doing for lord may the almighty bless you.

Polly Chartier
Eastern Oregon June 8, 2015

Thank you for making some truly wonderful experiences possible, by providing personal exposure to some of the great spiritual leaders and thinking in the world today.

Jean Schweickart
Cincinnati, Ohio June 2, 2015

Your new website is so well-organized and easy to use. I cannot believe the wealth of material. Thank you so much.

canton , GA May 27, 2015

I discovered your site quite by accident and I really enjoy it. I like to surf for new concepts to improve my spirituality. Thanks for all you do!

france May 24, 2015

i like this

New Zealand May 24, 2015

Great website and resources, really useful for my spiritual direction training and my own faith journey. Blessings and thank you.

Queensland, Australia. May 23, 2015

Hello Frederic and Mary Ann. I can't thank you enough for this deeply inspiring and rich site, thank you for all your work and dedication and especially in renovating the site. Its a daily must for me and wouldn't like to be without it. Thank you also for the beautiful links to other wonderful sites, book and Movies as well as the Spiritual framework and prayer support for world events. May you be deeply blessed and supported in your amazing contribution to our daily lives. Love and Blessings. Mary.

John A Wilde
Whitesboro NY USA May 23, 2015

I have been a fan of S&P ever since it began and now it is better than ever, still the best website in the universe ... and I don't regret that I will need to spend a little time fixing some broken links on my website and blogs and documents just as I did when S&P began and moved hundreds of pages from S&H, dozens of which I had links to. There is so much here for daily inspiration, illumination and prophetic guidance.

USA May 22, 2015

Real nice design and great articles, nothing else we want bbdbegdgceakgddf

Sharon Sterling
Green Valley, AZ May 21, 2015

The web site is wonderful, so complete and replete with information that inspires one. I first became familiar with the authors through the book "Spiritual Literacy - Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life." I am facilitating a group at the retirement community where I work based on the book, and using the companion DVD set. When I previewed the first topic on the DVD I was disappointed, but since watching almost all of them with the group, I've come to appreciate the depth and breadth of the wisdom they embody.

Florida May 21, 2015

Thank you so very much.

Lilias Darcy-Fox
West Sussex UK May 21, 2015

I came across your sight after discovering John Phillip Newell on you tube, I thought by coincidence!!! It is all saying to me Welcome, this is where you need to be. So what a day it has been, a new journey and although I have felt alone I dont anymore. Thank you for a great connection.

Jeff H
Milwaukee Wi. May 20, 2015

I started my journey,18 months ago and I know its my heart,when I needed some real direction in my life.

Oklahoma City, OK May 20, 2015

Well done and easy to navigate site. Thank you so much for all of your work and dedication.

San Diego, CA May 19, 2015

Beautiful Website, Congratulations!

Dru Ferguson
United States May 19, 2015

Everything looks great!

Northern New York May 19, 2015

Grateful for this beautiful work.

Rabbi Rami
Murfreesboro, TN May 19, 2015

The two of you are among the few trusted gate keepers to the world of spiritual insight, and the new site and new stage of your work is, I hope, exciting for you, as it is without doubt a blessing for us. Love to you both, Rami

Marie-Francine Joron
Eastman, QC, Canada May 19, 2015

Splendid make-over! I delight reading the practices daily. Congratulations.

Bradford Keeney & Hillary Keeney
United States May 18, 2015

Dear Frederic and Mary Ann, Congratulations! Your new site is beautiful and a wonderful showcase for your work. Much love, Brad & Hillary Keeney

Elaine Wiedemann
Canada May 18, 2015

I look fwd to reading the Spirituality and Practice e newsletter1829

NYC May 17, 2015

This is incredible. You have taken a rich spiritual resource and made it even better! Easy to navigate, beautiful to look at and filled with wisdom. Bravo! I'm looking forward to spending lots of time here. Congratulations!

Philip F Crouch
Tasmania, Australia May 17, 2015

Dear Friends, Love the new layout of your website. Congratulations, your resources are very productive and easy to find. THANK YOU. Philip :)

Cape Town May 17, 2015

The new site is fantastic - informative, easy to navigate, a really wonderful site to recommend to others on the journey. Thank you for all the work. It's a great offering.

Joanne Swierz
Vermont May 17, 2015

Love it it's awesome great job

Madison, WI May 17, 2015

What a wonderful renovation! Thank you!

NY May 17, 2015

As a spiritual seeker, I am pleased to say that your site is the one I turn to every time I have an opportunity. The courses I've taken have exceeded my expectations and my copy of your Spiritual Rx book is never far from my side. Through you, I first accessed, another treasure. In taking this tour, I 'discovered' your partners info and anticipate linking to many of them as well. I am inspired, educated and energized by you daily -- and have recommended your site to others countless times over the years. Boundless thanks for sharing this vast survey of resources, your energy, and your vision of hope with us all, as we share this journey -- each of us on our own path. Many blessings to you both and your dedicated co-creators.

North East Scotland May 17, 2015

Loving the new site, especially the page with all the spiritual practices, some I have never heard of, fancy trying Milagros to start. Well done : )

Greensboro NC May 17, 2015

What a beautiful, informative and friendly website you've created! It is a true reflection of the Spirit which guides your work in the world. I send you many Blessings for continued deep service.

California May 17, 2015

Am anxious to start one of the ecourses.

Boston, MA May 17, 2015

What a beautiful place to be and experience.

Spain May 17, 2015

A source of inspiration, comfort and encouragement. Many blessings and great gratitude to you all

Jean Harrison
Santa Cruz, California May 16, 2015

Wow! Wow! Wow! This looks absolutely wonderful. There is so much that I am overwhelmed just reading the basic announcement and have not yet gone to any of the links. But I know I will. What a great resource. Thank you.

Jacksonville, Fl May 16, 2015

Thank you. It seems to be easier to navigate

Maha Anand
United States May 16, 2015

Thank u for your effort to keep the availability of spirituality in the forefront of our busy lives

Kim L.
Berkeley, CA May 16, 2015

Good medicine for the soul!! Gratefully, Kim

rev kathy bozzuti-jones
Nyc May 16, 2015

Blessings on you and your partners for your uniquely brilliant, faithful, and practical spiritual offering to the world!!

Carla M
Salem Or May 16, 2015

I like the new website. Easy to find what I'm looking for.

Hawaii May 16, 2015

I believe spirituality is one leg of a "tri-pod of life"; i.e., physical, emotional and spirituality.

United Kingdom May 16, 2015

You have achieved a marvellous resource with your new website. Much love and light to you xx

April Grace Lowe
Los Angeles May 16, 2015

I love the new website! Such an incredible resource for everyone. Just what the world needs in these interesting times. Much love, April

reni fulton
United States May 16, 2015

I tell everyone about this beautiful website. And now you have done a masterful job making it even more user friendly, filled with meaningful guidance in all things spiritual.

Green Bay, WI May 16, 2015

My soul is happy knowing that it is nurture by the Holy Spirit that are present in all of your hearts.

Ervin Mason
Gallatin, TN May 16, 2015

Looking forward to increased interaction with new site.

Patricia Dungy
Dayton, Ohio May 16, 2015

When will the Viewer's Guides be posted with the Spiritual Literacy DVD's so that I can continue to use them with our Women's Spirituality Circle? Otherwise the new site is more accessible and user-friendly which is a good thing.

Ellen Serfaty
Israel May 16, 2015

I am enjoying the new website, and even though I have been a fan and surfed it for years, this is a great experience. I would recommend that for the books and music that you refer to, it would be great if you could add some links for bookstores like Amazon, and for sites like You Tube.

Bob Maurice
Covington, Louisiana May 16, 2015

Looking forward to all that you have to offer.

Janet Sue Gagliardi
Niceville, FL May 16, 2015

Such a beautiful web site; you've outdone yourselves. May you enjoy many blessings during your service as you have blessed so many of us. Thank you!

Barbara P. McCool
Kansas City, MO May 16, 2015

Wonderful, creative changes on your new web site. I could have spent the whole day exploring all the surprises. Many thanks .

Brandy Pearson
United Kingdom May 16, 2015

I look forward to spending time exploring all your nooks and crannies!

Susan Mongillo
United States May 16, 2015


Atlanta May 16, 2015

Truly a resource that allows one to create a sacred space anytime and anyplace. I love this website.

Sr. Maureen
Philippines May 16, 2015

A communal space to learn and connect our experiences with the DIVINE and with one another!

Jim Calderone
Dallas, PA May 16, 2015

Wonderful resource! thank you so much.

Mavis Urwin
Melbourne, Australia May 16, 2015

The new website is so fresh, modern and easy to navigate. Thankyou for all your good work.

switzerland May 16, 2015


Angelica Jayne Taggart
Eureka, California May 16, 2015

The new website is easy to use, and looks great! Congratulations!!

arlene butler
United States May 15, 2015

I send you the love and peace of 1000 origami cranes to celebrate this epic accomplishment! I love it! May the blessing you have been to me be returned to you times 1000! Congratulations!

Linda Kerby
Leawood KS May 15, 2015

Great new site! I am currently studying from the S&H 2015 Soul and Body connection issue. Very enlightening. Thank you.

Jan Lynch
Chicago May 15, 2015

Resource rich!

Leticia C. de St. Aubin
Chile May 15, 2015

Thank you for the great work you do.

Joel Rogers-Boton
Northwest Indiana May 15, 2015

For those of us who are still searching for our "immortal diamond" (Richard Rohr), your new website is MAGNIFICENT. Thank you so much for your all of your efforts to help us travel on the WAY.

Don Wheeler
Ridgewood, NJ May 15, 2015

So proud of this beautiful representation of your work, your love and your gifts to us far beyond any of our provincial borders. Thank you!

Hope Johnson
New York May 15, 2015

Spirit-FULL and Beauty-FULL. Thank you for your ministry to the world.

Dee Kysor
Richmond VA May 15, 2015

Wow! The new site is gorgeous. It is the first website I go to in the morning and I was overwhelmed by its beauty this morning. Congratulations.

Bob Schoenecker
Whidbey Island WA May 15, 2015

You new site is fantastic. Your navigation is the best I've ever seen... so easy to quickly locate and move to your treasure of information which is clearly presented when you get there. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

Camarillo, CA May 15, 2015

Beautiful layout with infinite treasures. Thank you both for your efforts, caring and love.

Linda Linton
Columbia, MD May 15, 2015

The layout and the organization seem very intuitive and user-friendly. Thanks for making so much information so easily accessible!

Rev. Lisa Fair
Chapala Mexico May 15, 2015

Thank you for the invitation to enjoy your new website. Very fresh and inviting. Love the movies and all the great new material pertaining to Truth. The overall feel is very inviting! Would love to see any new material about A Course in Miracles too!

Cecelia Upton
Toronto, Canada May 15, 2015

I absolutely love your new website. Thank you especially for the new 'Quotes' section with the inclusion of the animal memes. They are so inspirational and encouraging. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work that you do for us. I know that I have grown significantly through following some of the e-courses you have offered over the years. My heartfelt thanks to you.

Mary Kirsch
Green Bay WI May 15, 2015

Your new website design and contents are superb! Can't imagine the time and amount of technical work this must have taken to put together. It is a goldmine of spiritual treasures! Looking forward to digging deeply into it. Also the photo of the two of you is charming! Thank you so much for all!!!

San Francisco May 15, 2015

I've been enjoying your newsletters and courses for many years. This new site is great. Wishing you continued success in the important work that you do. Marie

Ted Johnstone
Tacoma, WA May 15, 2015

This is very impressive. You have created a huge resource library that connects us to the Now & to our heritages of the past & integrated it in very clear usable ways. !!!!

Nancy Schwartznburg
Sugar Land, TX May 15, 2015

Wonderful. Thank you for all you do.

Oswego, NY May 15, 2015

I am a spiritual person who is a Helping Professional who believes that the power of spirituality is all we need as humans to heal from our wounds.

Sheila Pritchard
New Zealand May 15, 2015

Thank you! The new website is wonderful. Hard to drag myself away from exploring all the options!

Melbourne, Australia May 15, 2015

S & P has always been my favourite site. Now you have made it even better and more exciting to explore. Thank you Mary Ann & Fredric for all you good work. Abundant blessings to you both.

Arizona May 15, 2015

Terrific. It just feels much more spacious!

Marilyn McNeil
Toronto, Ontario Canada May 15, 2015

I'm really excited to do more exploring and making S&P one of my first go-to sites each day. Thanks for all your hard work. It was worth the wait!!

carol hassell
charlotte, nc May 15, 2015

Thank you for many years of resources for my spiritual journey. I have shared your site with many others. Well done and keep developing your ideas. I highly recommend your e courses. Love the galleries too.

Andrew Vann
Canada May 15, 2015

The site is exactly what I was hoping to find. I am ready for this now. Thank you for providing such content in a clear and open manner. I suspect it will be helpful.

Debb Honore
Wisconsin May 15, 2015

Wow! Thank you for this beautiful, updated website! What a large project this was! Very much appreciated everyday! Blessings!

New Zealand May 15, 2015

The new site is wonderful. Look forward to spending many more times here with courses and other learning

Eileen howard
Southport uk May 15, 2015

Look forward to spending time on your terrific site.

Khadim Chishti
Lake Oswego, Oregon May 15, 2015

Mary Ann and Fred, The new website is beautiful is so many ways. A huge accomplishment and what a journey it has been.Thank you and bless you. I hope you are both thriving. Huuuuuuu Much love, Khadim

Hastings, NY May 14, 2015

Kudos Mary Ann and Fred! Your dream of an even MORE comprehensive web site has been realized... It looks fantastic and is very easy to navigate. I love all the interconnected content. Cheers on an amazing S & P 2.0! Persephone

Tom McDonough
Pleasanton, CA May 14, 2015

Congratulations on the launch of your new website! I enjoy the flow and it is so very welcoming. Thank you for all that you do to keep spiritual practices so available to all of us around the world.

Elizabeth Thoman, CHM
Davenport, IA May 14, 2015

Hello Mary Ann and Fred -- what a great site! I'm in awe that you have yet found one more way to organize so many resources for easy reference! You've done a masterful job. As membership coordinator for my community now, I'm sure to be back often. Congratulations and blessings.

Elaine Leggett
United States May 14, 2015

This site has enriched my life beyond words by offering affordable access to spiritual teachings in my home. I am grateful and constantly amazed at the love represented by the dedicated work of the Brussats. Can't wait to fully peruse the new site! Elaine, Austin, TX

Bob Walk
Philadelphia, Pa. May 14, 2015

The new site is very inviting and your resources have been a staple of my spiritual life and my role as a chaplain for sometime now. Thank you.

Karl-Erik Liljeros
Sweden May 14, 2015

The new site looks fine. Keep swinging!

Maria Yon
Charlotte, nc May 14, 2015

So happy to have found this site. Great work. Many Blessings.

Santa Barbara, CA May 14, 2015

My favorite site for all things spiritual. The deep love and devotion that Mary Ann & Fredric share so generously shines through in their work.

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