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Thank you, John Prine Appreciation for the American country folk singer-songwriter and for boundless love.
Our Musical Biography Types of music that have been resources on our spiritual journey.
"I See the Beauty in You" - Lyrics A song about the spiritual practice of beauty.
"I May Never Understand" - Lyrics A song about the spiritual practice of mystery.
"All Shall Be Well " - Lyrics This song based on the famous statement by Julian of Norwich reveals the healing power of compassion.
Seeking Joy in the Jungle Dancing and declaring our way into love, despite the demons.
"One People" - Lyrics A song that affirms the yearning for peace and unity.
"It's About Joy" - Lyrics A song on the joys of the moment.
"A Woman's Place" - Lyrics A song that salutes the unity of women.
"New Song" - Lyrics A song about change, which we include in the spiritual practice of transformation.