Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Andrew Harvey, Anne Baring in The Mystic Vision Encouragement to see humanity's divine destiny.
Hector Garcia, Francese Miralles in The Book of Ichigo Ichie The ten rules of Ichigo Ichie to help you be present in every moment.
Daniel L. Prechtel in Where Two or Three Are Gathered Daniel L. Prechtel on thinking of different names of God for different stages of your life.
Marcus Braybrooke in 1000 World Prayers Roger Lesser's prayer on why questions no longer taunt him.
M. J. Ryan in Radical Generosity Examples of how parents can pass generosity on to their children.
Robin R. Meyers in Morning Sun on a White Piano Dr. Robin R. Meyers on the sacramental value of hope as a key to civilization's survival.
Hugh Prather in Love and Courage A description of the ease shared by two lovers.
Edward Feinstein in Tough Questions Jews Ask, 2nd Edition Edward Feinstein on cherishing I-Thou moments.
Howard Zinn, Anthony Arnove (editor) in Howard Zinn Speaks A call to action by Howard Zinn about the death penalty.
Karen Casey in Peace a Day at a Time Karen Casey with a meditation on seeking peace, not specific answers.
Rampuri in Autobiography of a Sadhu Rampuri's overview of ascetics in India called sadhus and their role in Hinduism.
Harold S. Kushner in To Life! Explores Jewish traditions and practices such as zeal, to live life to its fullest.
Marianne Williamson in Enchanted Love Marianne Williamson on the nurturing relationship of partnership.
Sophy Burnham in The Path of Prayer Sophy Burnham on prayer as an act of devotion.
Christine Valters Paintner in The Wisdom of the Body Christine Valters Paintner on the experience of ecstasy in mysticism and embodied spirituality.
Jim Wallis in God's Politics Jim Wallis on cynicism versus the spiritual practice of hope.
Stephen K. Spyker in Technology & Spirituality Stephen K. Spyker on the impact the information revolution has on our lives and spiritual communities.
Sam Keen in Faces of the Enemy A process of self-examination to help us be conscious of our warrior psyche and remove the beam from our own eye.
Paula Gooder in The Meaning Is in the Waiting Paula Gooder on pregnancy as a model of active and nurturing waiting, which is also characteristic of the season of Advent and hope.
Annemarie Schimmel in Rumi's World A Sufi tale explaining why it makes sense to pray for those who treat us badly.
Christine B. Whelan in Generation WTF Christine B. Whelan on how it's helpful to have bright lines delineating what we can and can't do whenever we try to change.
Tamar Chansky in Freeing Yourself from Anxiety Tamar Chansky on savoring the goodness of the moment.
Carolyn Rose Gimian, Chogyam Trungpa in The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume Five Chogyam Trungpa's crazy wisdom in terms of the benefit of giving up hope.
Christian Wiman in My Bright Abyss Christian Wiman on there being no way to return to the faith of your childhood.
Diane Musho Hamilton in The Zen of You & Me A Zen teacher on the value of practicing little by little.
Rivvy Neshama in Recipes for a Sacred Life A reflection on moving past procrastination and moving forward step by step.
Dzogchen Ponlop in Rebel Buddha Dzogchen Ponlop on how everything seems to be about good and evil, right and wrong.
Sharon Salzberg in Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation Sharon Salzberg on recollecting those who have helped or inspired us.