Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Karen Armstrong in The Spiral Staircase Karen Armstrong on silence as a strange and beautiful presence.
Avram Davis, Sara Shendelman in Traditions How to give blessings that heal and transform.
Michael J. Caduto in Everyday Herbs in Spiritual Life Michael Caduto on plants as spiritual teachers.
Catherine Shainberg in Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming Catherine Shainberg's exercises to tap in the power of imagination.
Marianne Williamson in The Age of Miracles Marianne Williamson on being the person we're capable of being in any given moment.
Joan Chittister, Mary Hembrow Snyder, Mary Lou Kownacki in Joan Chittister Joan Chittister on dailiness as being where real spiritual practice comes into play.
Brian Christian in The Most Human Human Brian Christian on the highest ethical calling being curiosity.
Andrew Linzey in Creatures of the Same God Andrew Linzey on people with companion animals believing that God loves animals too.
Joan Duncan Oliver in The Meaning of Nice Joan Duncan Oliver on manners being a kind of diplomacy.
Roger Housden in Retreat Reflections on the fault line that severs us from authentic living.
Rachel Pollack in The Power of Ritual Rachel Pollack on a ritual for a new home.
Matthew Edlund in The Power of Rest Matthew Edlund on how a new generation savors the pleasures of sensory overload and multitasking.
Deng Ming-Dao in The Living I Ching Deng Ming-Dao on the meaning of water.
Reynolds Price in Letter to a Godchild Reynolds Price on his vision of God's expectations of him.
Adyashanti in True Meditation Adyashanti on letting go of meditation technique to discover being present.
Rami Shapiro in Minyan Rami Shapiro's teaching story on the difficulty of rectifying thoughtless speech.
Arundhati Roy in Power Politics A call for a politics of resistance led by writers and artists who can help create understanding of what is happening to people in the world.
Chris Farrell in Unretirement Chris Farrell on how the elderly are changing our views of work for the future.
Patricia D. Brown in Paths to Prayer Patricia D. Brown on the spirit of adoration prayer for an enriched devotional life.
Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg in Love Your Enemies Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman on feeling more alive by regularly practicing empathy.
Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, Katherine Ketcham in The Power of Empathy Arthur P. Ciaramicoli and Katherine Ketcham on how empathy leads to tolerance.
Alan Jacobs in The Element Book of Mystical Verse A poem by A E I Falconer about silence.
Marilyn Sewell in A Little Book on Forgiveness Marilyn Sewell on humility as a seedbed for forgiveness.
Roger Walsh in The World of Shamanism Roger Walsh with a call to wake up to our self and our neighbor.
Thomas A. Forsthoefel in Soulsong Thomas A. Forstheofel on the spiritual practice of smiling.
Craig L. Nessan in Give Us This Day Craig L. Nessan calling the Christian community to deal with the problem of world hunger.
Cyndi Dale in The Subtle Body Practice Manual Cyndi Dale on how subtle body healing energizes us.
Walter J. Burghardt in Justice Walter J. Burghardt on the deprivations suffered by children growing up poor in America.
Roger Housden in For Lovers of God Everywhere A poem by John O'Donohue about gratitude.