Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Bonnie Thurston in Hidden in God A monk's advice to desert dwellers.
Pope Francis in The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations Pope Francis on some meanings of desertification for today's Christians.
Gregory Mobley, Jennifer Howe Peace, Or N. Rose in My Neighbor's Faith Or N. Rose on learning lessons from William Sloane Coffin.
Marc Bekoff in The Animal Manifesto Marc Bekoff's plea to make kindness and compassion the basis for our interactions with animals.
John Neafsey in Crucified People The invisible wounds of emotional and spiritual pain experienced by torture victims.
Jean Shinoda Bolen in Close to the Bone Jean Shinoda Bolen on the importance of the imagination in the healing process.
Toni Bernhard in How to Be Sick Toni Bernhard on letting go as part of transformation.
Michael Birkel in Qur'an in Conversation An introduction to how Islam is believed, understood, and lived out in North America.
Cass Adams in The Soul Unearthed Cass Adams on teaching in the rain and the lessons learned.
John Gattuso, editor in Talking to God Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the spiritual practice of silence in prayer and meditation.
Tina Seelig in inGenius Tina Seelig on the need to make creative thinking a core part of education.
Kent Ira Groff in What Would I Believe If I Didn't Believe Anything? On finding mystery in the broken stuff of your life and in the world.
Joan Borysenko in A Woman's Journey to God Joan Borysenko on how grace let's us know God.
Lynne M. Baab in Joy Together Lynn M. Baab on why the Sabbath is a time to rejoice in God.
Karen Casey in All We Have Is All We Need Karen Casey on shifting our perspective to create peace-filled lives.
Irma Zaleski in Who Is God? Irma Zaleski on why we should never attempt to solve our doubts.
Jim Forest in Confession Jim Forest on how confession involves a profession of faith.
Maggie Ross in The Fire of Your Life Maggie Ross on having respect for one another by having self-respect.
Dennis Merritt Jones in The Art of Uncertainty Dennis Merritt Jones on learning the skill of letting go as a lifetime practice.
Brian D. McLaren in A New Kind of Christianity Brian McLaren on the violent and judgment God worshiped by Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
Henri J. M. Nouwen, Michael Ford in The Dance of Life Henri J. M. Nouwen on trusting in God as the basis of life.
Evan T. Pritchard in No Word for Time Evan T. Pritchard on grace, how the Great Spirit handles the unfolding of our lives.
Carolyn Rose Gimian, Chogyam Trungpa in The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume One A Tibetan story from Chogyam Trungpa on being generous rather than being possessive and wanting to hold on to things.
David Whyte in The Three Marriages David Whyte on vulnerability as a door through which we walk into self-understanding.
Jaron Lanier in Who Owns the Future? Jaron Lanier on how tracking services sell private data about you.
Donna Schaper in Alone But Not Lonely Donna A. Schaper on how faith can lighten worries and loneliness.
John Elder in The Frog Run John Elder on his multifaith and multileveled spiritual quest.
Lucy A. Forster-Smith in College and University Chaplaincy in the 21st Century Linda J. Morgan-Clement on how nurturing the interstices makes us human.
David Steindl-Rast in 99 Blessings David-Steindl-Rast on blessings as carriers of our gratitude to God.
Jerry M. Ruhl, Robert A. Johnson in Living Your Unlived Life On raising the consciousness of the desires of one's unlived life.