Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Robert Corin Morris in Wrestling with Grace Robert Corin Morris on spiritual practices Christians can adopt to deepen their experience of God.
Naomi Shihab Nye in Voices in the Air A poem by Naomi Shibah Nye on the political and social values.
John Kirvan in There Is A God, There Is No God A poetic passage on the spiritual practice of yearning.
Danielle LaPorte in The Fire Starter Sessions Danielle LaPorte on why bright faith is primal to creativity.
Kay Lindahl in The Sacred Art of Listening Kay Lindahl on the qualities that make listening sacred.
Hafiz, Daniel Ladinsky in I Heard God Laughing Hafiz's poem "There Is a Wonderful Game."
Thomas Ashley-Farrand in Shakti Mantras Explains the variety of ways the Sacred Feminine comes alive in our lives.
Robert A. Johnson in Lying with the Heavenly Woman Reflections on how friendship needs time to steep.
Antonio Machado in There Is No Road Antonio Machado's poem about questing on the spiritual journey.
Rachel Naomi Remen in Kitchen Table Wisdom Rachel Naomi Remin on the value of telling stories, which has to do with imagination.
Noam Chomsky in Who Rules the World? Noam Chomsky on the rise of the masters of the universe, a.k.a. capitalist powers and their impact on U.S. government policy.
Michael Beschloss in Presidents of War How the power to wage war or not became a Presidential power, starting with James Madison.
Albert Nolan in Jesus Today Albert Nolan on the importance of joining the spiritual and the political, prayer and work for justice, mysticism and prophetic action.
Thich Nhat Hanh in Love in Action A challenge to keep peace alive in all we do.
Luci Shaw in Adventure of Ascent Luci Shaw on how impermanence intrudes on our longing for a lasting legacy.
Jonathan Schell in The Unconquerable World A case against the use of force in the global arena.
Alan Briskin, John Ott, Sheryl Erickson, Tom Callanan in The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly Alan Briskin, Tom Callanan on the essential qualities and benefits of collective wisdom that emerge when people work together in groups.
D.H. Dilbeck in Frederick Douglass A review of Frederick Douglass's legacy as a prophetic voice.
Antoinette Bosco in Choosing Mercy Antoinette Bosco on forgiveness.
Karen Casey in Let Go Now Karen Casey on detachment as the art of refusing to allow our interactions with others to determine our behavior.
Philip Gulley in Unlearning God A Quaker's testimony to the value of participation in a spiritual community as the best way to grow.
Ronald Miller, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in From Age-ing to Sage-ing Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S. Miler on giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.
Ayya Khema in Visible Here and Now Ayya Khema on the enemies of love.
Andrea Miller, The Editors of the Shambhala Sun in Buddha's Daughters Maurine Stuart on how there are no repetitions.
Frederick Franck in The Zen of Seeing A revelation of sheer existence.
Sam Keen in Beginnings Without End Sam Keen on being open to the middle way or neither ecstasy or depression.
Randy S. Woodley in Shalom and the Community of Creation Randy S. Woodley on place being primarily a relational concept.
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