Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Ajahn Brahm in The Art of Disappearing Ajahn Brahm on being content with the present moment.
Trebbe Johnson in Radical Joy for Hard Times An ode to beauty in all its marvelous manifestations.
Marcia Falk in The Days Between A prayer for the year to come to be offered at Rosh Hashanah.
Pat Schneider in How the Light Gets In A blessing for a writer in the form of a poem by Pat Schneider.
Jay McDaniel in Of God and Pelicans Jay McDaniel on how the spiritual practice of openness opens the door to reverence for life.
Stephen Batchelor in Buddhism Without Beliefs Stephen Batchelor on compassion for those he doesn't know.
Sanaya Roman in Living with Joy Sanaya Roman on joy as your birthright and the essence of who you are.
Suzanne Guthrie in Praying the Hours Suzanne Guthrie on respecting the body during devotions.
Karen L. King in The Gospel of Mary of Magdala Karen L. King on the faith of the original Christian community.
Swami Rama in Samadhi A story about the way the unconscious can be influenced by the power of another's thoughts.
Leonardo Boff in The Prayer of Saint Francis Leonardo Boff's meditation on Saint Francis's prayer about forgiveness.
Deborah Bird Rose in Wild Dog Dreaming Deborah Bird Rose on ditching dualism such as positing human beings as reasonable and animals as dumb.
Bradford Keeney, Hillary Keeney in Sacred Ecstatics An exercise for learning how to handle spiritual fire.
Howard A. Addison in Show Me Your Way Howard A. Addison on interfaith hospitality.
Judith Orloff in The Ecstasy of Surrender Judith Orloff's checklist of intuitive clues including gut feelings, goose bumps, flashes of insight, and intuitive empathy.
Edwina Gateley in In God's Womb Catholic laywoman Edwina Gateley on how we are seduced by God and called to be more like the Great Lover by serving others.
Howard Gardner, Katie Davis in The App Generation Howard Gardner and Katie Davis on how app consciousness may determine young people's future.
Megan McKenna in Angels Unawares Anthony De Mello with a teaching story on grace.
Joyce Rupp in Prayer Joyce Rupp on being open in heart and mind while in prayer.
Eric Harrison in Flip the Switch Eric Harrison's instructions for two Buddhist being present practices.
Peggy Rosenthal in Imagine a World Sarah Klassan's poem on waging peace.
Ted Loder in The Haunt of Grace Ted Loder's reflection on how much it takes to thank God.
Robert P. Jones in Progressive & Religious Steven Baines on how all are made in God's image
The Monks of New Skete in In the Spirit of Happiness In a story from a fourth century desert father, we learn how the soul is made strong.
Coleman Barks, Jelaluddin Rumi in The Essential Rumi Rumi on the essential unity of all.
Alan Jones in Reimagining Christianity Alan Jones on healing the wounded imagination.
Shaun McNiff in Trust the Process The path of transformation involves gleaning insight everywhere.
Karl Rahner, Philip Endean in Karl Rahner A prayer for the gift of love and for a day of recollection.