Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

John Boyd, Philip Zimbardo in The Time Paradox Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd asking the Zen who, when, how are you questions to bring you into the present.
Soko Morinaga in Novice to Master Soko Morinaga on the constancy of rebirth if you are present in each moment.
Chris Saade in Second Wave Spirituality Chris Saade on the we generation of sacred activists now arising.
Lynne Twist in The Soul of Money Lynne Twist on the soulful meanings of money.
Kirsten Powers in Saving Grace How to show grace in healthy conflict.
Elizabeth O'Connor in The New Community Perspectives from Paolo Freire, Bruno Bettelheim, and the prophet Isaiah on the value of community.
Lauren F. Winner in Still Lauren F. Winner on how her faith seemed to be dying.
Hugh Prather in Spiritual Notes to Myself A prayer of unity with God.
Justine Toms in Small Pleasures Justine Toms on keeping hope alive by nurturing it through the body.
June Cotner in Comfort Prayers June Cotner's collection of poems on hope (by Betty Taylor, Barbara Crooker, and Suzanne C. Cole).
Daniel G. Deffenbaugh in Learning the Language of the Fields Daniel Deffenbaugh on gardening as a spiritual teacher.
Joan Duncan Oliver in Happiness Joan Duncan Oliver on the benefits of finding and keeping happiness in our lives.
Sharon Salzberg in Real Change A lesson from the Buddha on how to cross a flood of obstacles.
Jerome Kagan in The Human Spark Jerome Kagan on why it is difficult to unravel the meanings of emotions.
Zach Helm in Stranger Than Fiction Zach Helm's scene about meaning in small pleasures and little things.
James Hillman in Kinds of Power James Hillman speaks to the beauty of repetition in our lives.
Sandra Maitri in The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues On humility as the knowledge of the true human position in the cosmic scale.
Frank Ostaseski in The Five Invitations Lessons learned from the dying about letting go and surrender.
Netanel Miles-Yepez, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in A Heart Afire Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on seeing the divine image stamped on our being.
Joseph Runzo, Nancy M. Martin in The Meaning of Life in the World Religions Joseph Runzo on the value and wisdom of the world's religions.
Mitri Raheb in Bethlehem Besieged Mitri Raheb on the importance of hope in the context of war as a lifeline and a way of gaining control over one's destiny.
Gustav Niebuhr in Beyond Tolerance Gustav Niebuhr on statistics showing a cultural shift toward more interreligious activity in America.
Harry C. Boyte in Everyday Politics Transcending partisan politics.
Kimberly Snow in In Buddha's Kitchen Kimberly Snow on the benefits of practicing silence.
Richard McLean in Zen Fables for Today A Zen parable about anger.
Gary Kowalski in Goodbye, Friend Gary Kowalski on developing a memorial or ceremony after the death of a pet.
Maria Lichtmann in The Teacher's Way On making teaching a spiritual practice that incorporates joy, heart, and balance.
Samir Selmanovic in It's Really All About God Samir Selmanovic on thin places, like the streets of New York, as entry points for God's grace.