Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Jean Shinoda Bolen in Like a Tree Jean Shinoda Bolen on trees as being among the oldest living beings on earth.
Henry Shukman in One Blade of Grass A Zen teacher's discoveries about the everyday nature of koans.
John Makransky in Awakening Through Love John Makransky's guided meditation on the practice of love.
Ross A. Laird in Grain of Truth Ross A. Laird on reverently making a simple box for someone's ashes.
Joseph Epes Brown in Teaching Spirits Joseph Epes Brown on the role of animals as spiritual teachers in Native American religious traditions.
Mary Hayes Grieco in The New Kitchen Mystic Mary Hayes Grieco on seeing God in onions.
Jane Vennard in Be Still Jane E. Vennard on finding the still point within.
Edward LeRoy Long Jr. in Facing Terrorism Edward LeRoy Long Jr. on forgiveness as an alternative to a violent response to terrorism.
Acharya Shunya in Roar Like a Goddess Finding your maple tree.
Carl Honore in The Slow Fix Carl Honore on why quick fixes don't work.
Starhawk in Webs of Power Starhawk on the abuse of power and the global justice movement.
Allan Lokos in Pocket Peace Allan Lokos on not playing the role of victim in the face of suffering, but moving ahead with positive energy to make the best of a bad situation.
Amanda Gorman in Call Us What We Carry A poem that helps us release fear and return to the love at our core.
Edward Searl in Coming of Age Edward Searle on coming of age as a magical time and a mythic passage.
Patricia Hampl in The Florist's Daughter Patricia Hampl on faith as a form of stasis.
Daniel C. Matt in God and the Big Bang Daniel C. Matt and Dov Baer on seeing with unification or seeing with separation.
Mary Lou Kownacki in A Monk in the Inner City Mary Lou Kownacki on reasons why a flag should be removed from the front of the monastery.
Richard Rohr in Near Occasions of Grace Richard Rohr on the spiritual practice of wonder.
Henry Mance in How to Love Animals Specific actions to demonstrate that you not only love animals but want to protect and support them.
Katherine Jefferts Schori in The Heartbeat of God Katherine Jefferts Schori on how we are all connected and running down the same road.
Lilian Cheung, Thich Nhat Hanh in Savor Thich Nhat Hanh on mindful eating of an apple.
Diarmuid O'Murchu in Evolutionary Faith Diarmuid O'Murchu on the essentials of an evolutionary and transformative faith.
Cyprian Consiglio in Rediscovering the Divine Julian of Norwich and “All shall be well.”
Sheri Reda, Charlotte Eulette in Life-Cycle Ceremonies A family ceremony to honor their 98-year-old aunt.
Nancy L. Rosenblum in Good Neighbors A commentary on the experience of moving as a carrier of hopefulness in fiction stories.
Robert Bly in The Lightning Should Have Fallen on Ghalib A poem by Ghalib based on his questions
Meagan McCrary in Pick Your Yoga Practice A timeline of yoga in America from 1893 to 1984.
Polly Campbell in How to Live an Awesome Life Polly Campbell on the various meanings associated with the word awe and its association with wonder.