Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

William Egginton in The Splintering of the American Mind An exploration of the myth of the level playing field in American.
Adam Bucko, Rory McEntee in The New Monasticism Definitions of new monasticism as an orientation in life and a discipline built upon spiritual practices.
Peter Watson in Fallout How building an atomic bomb wasn't inevitable after all.
Andrew Harvey in Teachings of the Christian Mystics Andrew Harvey on the Second Coming of Christ as a time of Love-in-Action.
Dave Fleming in The Seeker's Way On the problems and dysfunction of performance-driven living.
George Leonard in The Silent Pulse George Leonard on the magic in music.
Paul F. Knitter in The Myth of Religious Superiority K. L. Seshagiri Rao on Gandhi as a pioneer of pluralism.
Robert J. Wicks in Streams of Contentment Robert J. Wicks on re-evaluating your comparisons with others.
Jean Vanier in Seeing Beyond Depression Jean Vanier on the grieving process leading to hope.
Alanna Kaivalya in Sacred Sound A yoga teacher's explanation of a chant for finding peace within ourselves as the start to bringing peace to the world.
John Dominic Crossan in The Greatest Prayer John Dominic Crossan on how God-as-Electricity is always there.
Andy Couturier in A Different Kind of Luxury Andy Couturier with a profile of Kogan Murata, a Japanese man who espouses the art of being present.
Mahendra Jani, Vandana Jani in What You Will See Inside A Hindu Temple Dr. Mahendra Jani and Dr. Vandana Jani on Hindu prayers and devotions for temples and homes.
Oriah in The Call A meditation by Oriah on listening for and embodying your word.
P. M. Forni in The Thinking Life P. M. Forni on how paying attention is a beneficial practice that can be done anytime, anywhere.
Roger Housden in Keeping the Faith Without a Religion Roger Housden on how beauty abides and lifts our spirits.
Mina Parker in Silver Linings Mina Parker on meaning that can come through adversity.
Traleg Kyabgon in The Practice of Lojong Traleg Kyabgon on shifting our focus from negative to positive thinking.
Robert Frager in Who Am I? Robert Frager on how all typologies can be potentially useful tools.
Ron Leifer in Vinegar into Honey Ron Leifer on perfectionism as an obstacle to openness.
Harvey Cox in Fire from Heaven A profile of the fastest growing Christian movement on earth.
Frederick Buechner in The Faces of Jesus Frederick Buechner on the meaning of Jesus's life.
Jane Sigloh in Like Trees Walking Jane Sigloh on what is lost when forgetfulness becomes Alzheimer's disease.
Robert Bly in News of the Universe Hermann Hesse's poem "Sometimes."
Judy Ford in Getting Over Getting Mad Finding the spiritual lessons in anger by seeing the bigger picture and being grateful.
Gus Gordon in Solitude & Compassion Gus Gordon on living in an age when people can't bear being alone and are frightened of silence.
Carl F. Hobert in Raising Global IQ Carl F. Hobert with a wake-up call for American education to become more global.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama in Ethics for the New Millennium H.H. the Dalai Lama on how we can transform the world through compassion.