Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

William Sloane Coffin in Credo William Sloane Coffin's call for a Christian path of a politically engaged spirituality.
Kent Ira Groff in What Would I Believe If I Didn't Believe Anything? An excerpt on underground grace that restores resiliency.
Beatrice Bruteau in God's Ecstasy Encouragement to feel at home in the universe and study its marvels.
Abbot Christopher Jamison in Finding Happiness Abbot Christopher Jamison on why greed is always present in our hearts in some form or another and gratitude is the antidote.
Robert J. Wicks in No Problem Robert J. Wicks on listening for God's voice in various ways during the process of discernment.
John Anthony McGuckin in Standing in God's Holy Fire John Anthony McGuckin on the importance of beauty in Byzantine Christianity.
Megan McKenna in Mary Megan McKenna with a Jewish teaching story on reverence.
James C. Howell in The Beatitudes For Today James C. Howell on having a pure heart.
Alan Lew in Be Still and Get Going A sacred moment of great delicacy following a car accident.
Marsha Sinetar in To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love A story about imagining our ideal and then holding it before our eyes as inspiration.
Diablo Cody in Juno: The Shooting Script Diablo Cody's script for Juno with a conversation about love.
Chuck DeGroat in Wholeheartedness Chuck DeGroat on what it means to live a life of wholeness.
Kent Nerburn in A Haunting Reverence Kent Nerburn on the value of listening to the land.
The Editors of Conari Press in Random Acts of Kindness Daphne Rose Kingma on the importance of the spiritual practice of kindness.
Elias Amidon, Elizabeth Roberts in Prayers for a Thousand Years Tony Campolo's prayer expressing hope for the future (book edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon).
Charlotte Sophia Kasl in If the Buddha Got Stuck On the results and value of letting go.
Parker J. Palmer in Healing the Heart of Democracy Parker J. Palmer on cultivating the art of holding tensions in a life-giving way.
Kerry Walters in Merciful Meekness Kerry Walters on the interwoven concepts of mercy and meekness.
Jay Walljasper in All That We Share A sampling of commons wisdom through the ages.
Chuck Klosterman in But What If We're Wrong? A joke about the weather that reveals our longing for things to stay the same.
John R. Claypool in The Hopeful Heart John R. Claypool on our role in making good things happen.
Pragito Dove in Lunchtime Enlightenment Pragito Dove on practicing nonjudgment by being present.
Guy Newland in A Buddhist Grief Observed A Buddhist's discovery of the value of not-knowing in the face of death.
Rami Shapiro in Recovery - The Sacred Art Rami Shapiro's instructions in the full body prostration (devotion) practiced by Tibetan Buddhists which acknowledges that God, not the ego, is the greater reality.
Robert C. Fuller in Wonder Robert C. Fuller on how wonder leads to a prolonged engagement with life.
George Prochnik in In Pursuit of Silence George Prochnik with suggestions for creative ways to create more silence in our lives and our cities.
Helen Pearson in The Life Project A science writers take on the appeal of studies of groups of people born at the same time.
Stewart Bitkoff in A Commuter's Guide to Enlightenment Stewart Bitkoff on learning acceptance from traffic, diversity from landscapes, and understanding right and wrong.
Nan C. Merrill in Journey Into Love Nan C. Merrill's invitation to walk the same road as the Good Samaritan.