Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Hugh Prather in Standing on My Head Reflections on how we keep people at bay.
Dorothee Soelle in The Silent Cry Dorothee Soelle on simplifying your life to find beauty.
Sogyal Rinpoche in The Spirit of Buddhism Sogyal Rinpoche on dangers that ensue from an overly active mind.
Margaret Bendroth in The Spiritual Practice of Remembering Margaret Bendroth of the importance of our connections with our ancestors.
Robert Thurman in The Jewel Tree of Tibet Robert Thurman on the meaning of the eighteen root vows and forty-six branch vows of the bodhisattva.
Jay Marshall in Thanking & Blessing - The Sacred Art Jay Marshall on how to walk cheerfully.
Richard Rohr in Immortal Diamond Richard Rohr on how to undue your mistakes by positive action.
Frederick Buechner in Listening to Your Life A reminder that, by the world's standards, Jesus was crazy.
Eknath Easwaran in Love Never Faileth Eknath Easwaran's teaching story illustrating that it's the significance we ascribe to that which we hear, not what we hear itself, that brings on an attack of anxiety.
Annie O'Neil in Everyday Camino with Annie Annie O'Neil on a homemade Camino.
Doris Donnelly in Spiritual Fitness Doris Donnelly on developing hope, perseverance, and patience.
Kabir Helminski in The Knowing Heart Kabir Helminski on the transformative powers of love.
Alice Koller in The Stations of Solitude Alice Koller on how persons are made by the choices they make.
David Guy, Larry Rosenberg in Living in the Light of Death Larry Rosenberg with David Guy looking at Buddhist practices that help us pay more attention to death.
Reginald A. Ray in Touching Enlightenment Exploring the mystery of a true limitless body.
John S. Dunne in The Road of the Heart's Desire John S. Dunne's challenge to look at what story we are inhabiting.
Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman's exercise for spousal kindness.
Mark Nepo in As Far As the Heart Can See Mark Nepo on being concerned about those who do not open their minds and hearts.
Caroline Myss in Invisible Acts of Power Caroline Myss's story of the power of kindness.
Gerald G. May in The Wisdom of Wilderness Gerald G. May on understanding the power of fear.
Feisal Abdul Rauf in Moving the Mountain Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on the need for multifaith understanding and cooperation.
Lynda S. Paladin in Ceremonies for Change Lynda S. Paladin on prayer flags.
Rosemary Cunningham in Fifty Ways to Feed Your Soul Rosemary Cunningham on finding meaning in a simple object; a Pokemon character on a key ring.
Andrew Harvey, Karuna Erickson in Heart Yoga Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson's description of the child's pose in yoga as one of humility, surrender, and reverent connection with the animal world.
Paula D'Arcy in A New Set of Eyes Paula D'Arcy with observations on being present amidst boredom and uncertainty.
Evan T. Pritchard in Native New Yorkers Evan Pritchard on how nature and Native American life was filled with circles.
Diane Dreher in Inner Gardening Gardening as an illustration of enduring principles of growth and renewal.
Nancy Roth in Spiritual Exercises Nancy Roth on the spiritual practice of devotion through exercise.
Henri J. M. Nouwen in A Cry for Mercy Henri J. M. Nouwen on fear and its antidote, love.