Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Deepa Iyer in We Too Sing America Program plans for discussions about race.
Harold S. Kushner in How Good Do We Have to Be? On transformation or how to be whole before God.
Robert Scheer in They Know Everything About You What we know from leaked NSA files about how much the U.S. government knows about us.
Fred Bahnson in Soil and Sacrament Fred Bahenson on how working with the soil opens us in many ways.
Ann Overton, Michael Moran in As We Knew Him Michael Moran and Ann Overton on M. Basil Pennington suggestions for devotion through a Rule of Life.
Lauren Kessler in Counterclockwise Lauren Kessler on how vitality and health depend more on discipline.
J. Philip Wogaman in What Christians Can Learn from Other Religions J. Philip Wogaman on enriching our own faith through the study and practice of other religions.
Virginia Ann Froehle in Loving Yourself More Virginia Ann Froehle on having enough faith to let go of excessive control.
Ashley Nebelsieck, Za Rinpoche in The Backdoor to Enlightenment Za Rinpoche and Ashley Nebelsieck on understanding how unity affects each of us.
Richard Rohr in Grace in Action Richard Rohr on the difference between justice and charity and the virtue of justice.
Sondra Wheeler in What We Were Made For Sondra Wheeler on saying prayers for our enemies.
Frances Moore Lappe in Getting a Grip Frances Moore Lappe on fresh political approaches to finding meaning.
Diana Butler Bass in Christianity for the Rest of Us Diana Butler Bass on the practice of hospitality in Christian literature.
Kate Lawrence in The Practical Peacemaker Kate Lawrence on how in our present society, many kinds of social comforts and courtesy have fallen by the wayside.
Lauren F. Winner in Mudhouse Sabbath Lauren F. Winner on hospitality and gratitude for what she learned about spiritual practice from her Jewish background.
Marcus J. Borg in Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Marcus J. Borg on three metaphors for Christians' relationship to scripture.
Anne D. LeClaire in Listening Below the Noise Recommendations for practicing silence in your everyday life.
Caroline Myss in Archetypes Caroline Myss on archetypes as impersonal patterns of consciousness that form the essence of human nature.
Robert L. Weber, Carol Orsborn in The Spirituality of Age A story from Margaret Mead that illustrates the value of the elderly to a society.
Vasant Lad in Strands of Eternity Vasant Lad on letting go of control and attachments.
James Wanless in Intuition @ Work & at Home and at Play James Wanless on humming to jump-start yourself.
Wayne Muller in How, Then, Shall We Live? Wayne Muller on discovering what we pay attention to and, therefore, what we love.
Frederic Brussat, Mary Ann Brussat in Spiritual Literacy A Hasidic teaching story about how when you can tell that the night has ended.
Zenkei Blanche Hartman in Seeds for a Boundless Life Everyday rituals for re-energizing life.
John E. Welshons in One Soul, One Love, One Heart On behaviors which unify us and help us to see our inherent Oneness.
Johann Hari in Chasing the Scream Evidence that chemical intoxication is part of who humans are.
Lynn Underwood in Spiritual Connection in Daily Life Lynn Underwood on connections with others as the heartbeat of life.