The Spirituality of the Gospels - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) Fresh interpretations of intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring gospel texts. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth, designed for the season of Lent. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) New ways to connect with the Divine in the midst of our hectic and hurried lives. Devotion
Faith, Hope, and Love - Three E-Courses on the Divine Virt… Three e-courses with video teachings of Br. David Steindl-Rast from a 2011 Alaska cruise with A Network for Grateful Living. Gratitude
Living with Beauty (Feb. 3 - 28) Reflections on beauty's transforming possibilities, even in times of darkness and tragedy. Beauty
Trusting In Life - 2020 (Feb. 3 - 28) Video talks by the Benedictine brother and texts exploring faith as a deeply rooted attitude towards life. Faith
Practicing Spirituality in Nature - 2020 (Apr. 20 - May 29) A celebration of the Divine in the natural world. Reverence
Practical Wisdom from Six Legendary Yogis (Apr. 6 - May 1) The fascinating lives and groundbreaking teachings of six teachers from India. Teachers
Engaging Hope - 2020 (May 4 - 29) Ways to become aware of the opportunity that a given moment offers, freeing us from predictability. Hope
Choosing to Love - 2020 (Aug. 31 - Sept. 25) An exploration of the deep experience of belonging. Love
Spiritual Direction An opportunity to find a trained spiritual director with whom to share the discoveries and challenges of your spiritual journey. Questing