Living Your Legacy: Seeds, Blossoms, Fruits - 2019 (Dec. 2 - 27) Ways to be intentional about the legacy you live and leave to your family, colleagues, and community. Vision
Practicing Spirituality with Friends - 2019 (Oct. 14 - Nov. 22) An exploration of the recurring challenges and enduring rewards of friendship. Being Present
Promises of the Heart (Oct. 28 - Nov. 22) The centrality in all traditions of a metaphor that calls us to prayer, reconciliation, joy, and service. Joy
The Spirituality of St. Francis (Sept. 30 - Oct. 25) A spiritual journey to see how the spirit of Francis of Assisi has the power to liberate our lives today. Teachers
The Spiritual Journey - 2019 (Jan. 7 - Dec. 26, 2019) A year-long series with Contemplative Outreach. Questing