Seven Keys to an Innovative Life June 3 - 28: Improv, storytelling, integrating opposites, and other tools to live a more flexible life. Imagination
Spiritual Literacy May 6 - 30: Films, reflections, and practice prompts to deepen your awareness of everyday spirituality. Meaning
Centering Prayer as Purification, Illumination, Union June 3 - July 11: An e-course on Centering Prayer as a way to awaken us to the immense love at the heart of all creation. Unity
Fairy Tales May 6 - 31: An exploration of the many metaphors and extended meanings in fairy tales. Meaning
The Spiritual Journey - 2019 Jan. 7 - Dec. 26, 2019: A year-long series with Contemplative Outreach. Questing
We the People Book Club Sept. 2018 - Aug. 2019: A book each month exploring themes of democracy. Vision