Exploring The Fire Next Time and Between the World and Me Themes and practices for James Baldwin's powerful letters about emancipation and Ta-Nehisi Coates' revelatory personal narrative to his son. Justice
Exploring Puddnhead Wilson Themes and practices for Mark Twain's satirical novel exploring race, identity, nobility, provinciality, convention, and violence. Transformation
Exploring Gilead Themes and practices for Marilynne Summers Robinson's novel that credibly models the better nature we all have the ability to access. Love
The Spirituality of the Gospels - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) Fresh interpretations of intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring gospel texts. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth, designed for the season of Lent. Faith
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays - Lent 2020 (Feb. 26 - Apr. 12) New ways to connect with the Divine in the midst of our hectic and hurried lives. Devotion
Exploring Tenth of December Themes and practices from George Saunders' brutally honest yet compassionate story collection. Compassion
Faith, Hope, and Love - Three E-Courses on the Divine Virt… Three e-courses with video teachings of Br. David Steindl-Rast from a 2011 Alaska cruise with A Network for Grateful Living. Gratitude
Exploring Selected Poems of Walt Whitman and Maya Angelou Practicing democracy through the wisdom of two highly acclaimed U.S. poets. Enthusiasm
Exploring A Good Man Is Hard to Find Themes and practices for Flannery O'Connor's uncompromising yet comical collection of short stories. Transformation
Exploring The Underground Railroad Themes and practices for Colson Whitehead's powerful contribution to the literary tradition of the slave narrative. Shadow
Exploring The Grapes of Wrath Themes and practices for John Steinbeck's classic about refugees from the Dust Bowl. Questing
Practicing Spirituality in Nature - 2020 (Apr. 20 - May 29) A celebration of the Divine in the natural world. Reverence
Creating Sanctuary for Ourselves and Others - 2020 (June 1 - 26) An exploration of sacred space as both a personal boon and a cultural need that we all have a responsibility to fulfill. Nurturing
Spiritual Direction An opportunity to find a trained spiritual director with whom to share the discoveries and challenges of your spiritual journey. Questing
We the People Book Club Twelve books exploring themes of democracy. Vision
The Spiritual Journey A formation program with Contemplative Outreach, designed for a full year of study. Questing