Project Overview The Practicing Democracy Project An overview of our curated resources and spiritual practices for individuals and groups wanting to practice democracy. (Click on the blue icons to navigate to other content sections.)
Survey Help Shape the Project Take our online survey to share your hopes, fears, needs, and ideas about democracy.
Opportunity The Practicing Democracy Project Fellowships Apply now to work with the Project! Deadline: February 1, 2018.
Book The American Soul An invitation to all citizens to reimagine and bring to life the spiritual underpinnings of the United States.
Book Excerpt An Excerpt from Deepening the American Dream A meditation on whether our freedom should be used to produce and consume or to root and care for each other.
Spiritual Practice Defining and Defending How to use the classic practices of self-observation and conscious awareness when engaged in democracy work.
Article Civic Engagement From the Stanford Social Innovation Review, why arts and cultural institutions need to nurture shared values, beliefs, and convictions.
Topic Resilience A wide variety of resources — books, films, practices, quotes, music, videos, and more — about rebounding and staying strong in the face of adversity.

Our Philosophy

Democracy is more than the system of government; it is a way of life based upon citizens' commitment to the common good. The Practicing Democracy Project — a collaboration between Spirituality & Practice and The Fetzer Institute — is curating resources and spiritual practices for different constituencies wanting to support a flourishing democracy. We invite you to read our overview of the project to see how democracy can be strengthened and deepened through spiritual practices.

Project Updates

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