Project Overview The Practicing Democracy Project An overview of our curated resources and spiritual practices for individuals and groups wanting to practice democracy. (Click on the blue icons to navigate to other content sections.)
Survey What We Learned People's hopes, fears, needs, and ideas about democracy.
Book Review Good Neighbors An enlightening book on neighbors, democratic public life, and the rigors and toxins of politics.
Book Excerpt Getting a Grip The ten arts of democracy from active listening to celebration and mentoring.
Children's Books Moody Cow Using sitting and walking meditation to deal with difficult emotions.
Prayer A Book of Uncommon Prayer A desperate prayer for patience, muttering, bubbling, nattering, and preening politicians.
Spiritual Practice I Am More Than This A simple practice for countless situations when you need to get a wider perspective on what's happening to you.
Topic Enemies Tools to help us face not only external conflicts but also inner enemies like arrogance, fear, and ingratitude.

Our Philosophy

Democracy is more than the system of government; it is a way of life based upon citizens' commitment to the common good. The Practicing Democracy Project — a collaboration between Spirituality & Practice and The Fetzer Institute — is curating resources and spiritual practices for different constituencies wanting to support a flourishing democracy. We invite you to read our overview of the project to see how democracy can be strengthened and deepened through spiritual practices.