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About the Database

Search our database of more than 4,500 film reviews. We have been discovering spiritual meanings in movies for nearly four decades.

New Directors/New Films - 2015

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema - 2015

100 Best Transformational Movies (pdf file)

Latest Film Releases

The Human Experiment
The Human Experiment - A harrowing look at the irresponsibility of the pharmaceutical industry and its continuing use of unsafe chemicals.
Read the Review.
The Hand That Feeds
The Hand That Feeds - A rousing documentary and the most hopeful political film of 2015 about the triumph of a small union.
Read the Review.
The Longest Ride
The Longest Ride - A sentimental movie with a message worth pondering about what it takes to keep love alive.
Read the Review.
True Story
True Story - A riveting and rigorous examination of lying.
Read the Review.
Beyond the Reach
Beyond the Reach - A nifty little morality play set in the Mojave Desert.
Read the Review.
Ex Machina
Ex Machina - An intriguing four-character sci-fi drama about explorers of artificial intelligence.
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Clouds of Sils Maria
X-The Mystery
Clouds of Sils Maria - An alluring film about the mysteries of human nature as conveyed in the interactions of three women.
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Recent Releases

White God
White God - A poignant Hungarian parable about the terrible things that can happen when there is no reverence for dogs as fellow companions.
Read the Review.
Man from Reno
Man from Reno - An evocative film noir set in San Francisco and a nearby small town.
Read the Review.
The Salt of the Earth
The Salt of the Earth - A monumental documentary on the remarkable photography of Sebastiao Salgado whose work reveals a deep reverence for life.
Read the Review.
Woman in Gold
Woman in Gold - A rousing drama about a Jewish refugee who is looking for closure on her terrible past and a young lawyer who matures spiritually.
Read the Review.
5 to 7
5 to 7 - A drama about the joys and challenges of an unconventional affair.
Read the Review.
While We're Young
While We're Young - A middle-aged couple who are stuck-in-a-rut in their marriage and work yearn to build a richer and deeper life together in love.
Read the Review.
Metalhead - A deeply spiritual film about grief, forgiveness, and personal transformation: one of the most spiritually literate films of 2015.
Read the Review.


Films Now Showing:
Spiritual perspectives on films now in theaters.
Spirituality & Film
How do you find spirituality in today's films? How can you make watching a film into a spiritual experience? Frederic and Mary Ann share their trade secrets.

Spirituality and Film
Befriending Films
Film Awards
The Most Spiritually Literate Films of:
Special Features
100 Best Transformational Movies (pdf file) We've curated a list of our favorite films in this spiritual genre. We hope you will use it when making your own movie viewing selections and share it with your friends and family.
Movies about Native Americans: A collection of 20 feature films and documentaries which give insights into Native American history, culture, tradition, and clashes with white America.
Movies about HIV/AIDS: A collection on movies that provide entry points into the meaning of the HIV/AIDS health crisis and opportunities for developing compassion and empathy for those affected by it.
Global Spirit: See our reviews and study suggestions for this series from LinkTV; many of the programs can be viewed online. Also, see the archive of live chats with guests on the series.
Manifesto for a Slow Movie Movement: A call for a return to intimate dramas where events unfold in the fullness of time.
10 Best Football Movies: A collection of our picks for the best football movies.
Movies about Dystopias: Movies that reflect the fears and excesses of contemporary societies.
Films for Black History Month: The spiritual perspectives of the 50 best films about African-Americans.
10 Spiritual Takes on Downton Abbey: How this television miniseries reveals us to ourselves.
Apes and Other Animals: See a collection of curated content for reframing our perceptions, attitudes, and actions to our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.
Iranian Films Seen from a Spiritual Perspective: Links to our reviews of 29 films from or about Iran giving many windows into everyday life and the people's cares and concerns.
Movies about Miracles: See quotes about miracles and our selection of 16 movies about miraculous events in the lives of ordinary people
Playing with God: Movies reveal how mere humans respond when God comes calling.
Meditating on The Passion of the Christ: links to our review, a meditation based on the stations of the cross and scenes from the movie, and reviews of 30 books about Jesus.
Joan of Arcadia: our review of the late and very missed series, the most spiritually literate shows ever on TV, plus executive producer Barbara Hall's Ten Commandments of Joan of Arcadia
The Decalogue: Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski's masterpiece: ten one-hour films about the Ten Commandments is now on video/DVD.
Lixin Fan:
Director of Last Train Home
Amir Bar-Lev:
Director of The Tillman Story
Philip Groning:
Director of Into Great Silence
Tim McCanlies:
Director of Secondhand Lions
Bahman Ghobadi:
Director of the Iranian film Turtles Can Fly
Film Galleries
Films about Ministers, Priests, and Nuns a gallery of 12 pictures with links to our reviews.
Films about Heaven, Angels, and the Afterlife a gallery of 12 pictures with links to our reviews.
What It Takes to Be a Survivor a gallery of lessons from Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Samsara a gallery of images from the highly acclaimed documentary.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer a gallery of 12 images from the movie.
Earth a gallery of images from this beautiful Disneynature documentary.
Films about Sisters a gallery of pictures with links to our reviews.
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion: images from the documentary about the plight of the Tibetan people
Into Great Silence: the documentary about the Cathusian monks of Grand Chartreuse
Films about Racism in America and the courageous people who have stood against it.
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