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About the Database

Search our database of more than 4,500 film reviews. We have been discovering spiritual meanings in movies for nearly four decades.

New Directors/New Films — 2014

Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2013

Latest Film Releases

Draft Day
Draft Day - A sports dramedy that really clicks thanks to a vibrant performance by Kevin Costner.
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Hank and Asha
Hank and Asha - A very imaginative take on modern romance and the yearning of lonely and isolated twentysomethings for an intimate relationship.
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Hateship Loveship
Hateship Loveship - A touching drama based on a short story by Alice Munro about a housekeeper who takes a leap of faith.
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Only Lovers Left Alive
Only Lovers Left Alive - A creative and touching story about a romantic, wise, and witty vampire couple; one of the best films of 2014.
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Thomas Keating A Rising Tide of Silence
Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence - An elegant and enlightening portrait of the life and ministry of Father Thomas Keating, one of the towering figures on the global spirituality scene.
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Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - Steve Coogan in a frisky English comedy that clicks.
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Under the Skin
Under the Skin - A siren from another planet appears in Glasgow, Scotland on a special mission that challenges her sexual allure and desires.
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Nymphomaniac Vol II
Nymphomaniac Vol. II - A disappointing and depressing finale to a sex addict's journey.
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Heaven Is for Real
Heaven Is for Real - An affecting, gentle, and illuminating portrait of childhood spirituality.
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Recent Releases

Finding Vivian Maier
Finding Vivian Maier - A documentary about the reclusive photographer Vivian Maier that is a bit weird and wonderful.
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Noah - A creative and thought-provoking interpretation of the Noah story as a parable about second chances, the excesses of zeal, and the blessings of mercy.
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Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez - The journey of Cesar Chavez from migrant worker to American hero as a nonviolent labor leader and civil rights activist.
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The French Minister
The French Minister - A face-paced and audacious comedy about French diplomacy, politics, and the peculiarities of power.
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Big Men
Big Men - A hard-hitting documentary about oil, money, globalism, international finance, corruption and greed.
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The Missing Picture
The Missing Picture - A harrowing documentary about writer and director Rithy Panh's experiences during the four years of genocide unleashed on the Cambodian people by dictator Pol Pot from 1975 to1979.
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Nymphomaniac Vol 1
Nymphomaniac Vol. I - A creative drama about a female sex addict whose adventures are a tuning fork for ethics, philosophy, intimacy and loneliness.
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Divergent - A fascinating dystopian tale about a multi-talented young woman who faces many challenges as she tries to remain true to her rebellious character.
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Spiritual perspectives on films now in theaters.
Spirituality & Film
How do you find spirituality in today's films? How can you make watching a film into a spiritual experience? Frederic and Mary Ann share their trade secrets.

Spirituality and Film
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The Most Spiritually Literate Films of:
Special Features
Global Spirit: See our reviews and study suggestions for this series from LinkTV; many of the programs can be viewed online. Also, see the archive of live chats with guests on the series.
Manifesto for a Slow Movie Movement: A call for a return to intimate dramas where events unfold in the fullness of time.
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Apes and Other Animals: See a collection of curated content for reframing our perceptions, attitudes, and actions to our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.
Iranian Films Seen from a Spiritual Perspective: Links to our reviews of 29 films from or about Iran giving many windows into everyday life and the people's cares and concerns.
Movies about Miracles: See quotes about miracles and our selection of 16 movies about miraculous events in the lives of ordinary people
Playing with God: Movies reveal how mere humans respond when God comes calling.
Meditating on The Passion of the Christ: links to our review, a meditation based on the stations of the cross and scenes from the movie, and reviews of 30 books about Jesus.
Joan of Arcadia: our review of the late and very missed series, the most spiritually literate shows ever on TV, plus executive producer Barbara Hall's Ten Commandments of Joan of Arcadia
The Decalogue: Polish film director Krzysztof Kieslowski's masterpiece: ten one-hour films about the Ten Commandments is now on video/DVD.
Lixin Fan:
Director of Last Train Home
Amir Bar-Lev:
Director of The Tillman Story
Philip Groning:
Director of Into Great Silence
Tim McCanlies:
Director of Secondhand Lions
Bahman Ghobadi:
Director of the Iranian film Turtles Can Fly
Film Galleries
Films about Heaven, Angels, and the Afterlife a gallery of 12 pictures with links to our reviews.
What It Takes to Be a Survivor a gallery of lessons from Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Samsara a gallery of images from the highly acclaimed documentary.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer a gallery of 12 images from the movie.
Earth a gallery of images from this beautiful Disneynature documentary.
Films about Sisters a gallery of pictures with links to our reviews.
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion: images from the documentary about the plight of the Tibetan people
Into Great Silence: the documentary about the Cathusian monks of Grand Chartreuse
Films about Racism in America and the courageous people who have stood against it.
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