Book Reviews

Heartwork A practical guide to nurturing compassion through heartwork. Compassion
The Road to Character A good case for character development and a respect for enduring values and virtues. Meaning
A Good Day for a Hat A clever picture book that encourages the spiritual practice of imagination. Imagination
Everywhere Home A fine collection of 26 essays on desire, the search for the sacred, and being gay. You
ZENior CitiZEN A refreshing spiritual vision of the last stage of life. Zeal
Yawn An inventive collection of essays probing modern restlessness and alienation. Enthusiasm
No Is Not Enough A ray of hope for stunned and benumbed progressives from the award-winning journalist. Hope
The Golden Condom A psychotherapist's take on the many shades of love. Love
The Art of Living An exploration of the fruitfulness of the seven mindfulness trainings. Being Present
No Time Like the Present An affirmation of freedom as a gateway to experiences of love, joy, beauty, and learning from our mistakes. Being Present
The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy A superb collection of 125 poems, by Buddhist and non-Buddhist poets, on essential concepts in Buddhism. Joy
Reclaiming Your Body Learning to reclaim our bodies and to listen to their wisdom. Nurturing
Real Love A guidebook on loving ourselves and others, filled with useful mindfulness exercises and meditations. Love
Strangers in Their Own Land A vivid example of how empathy and compassion can help us understand Americans who believe they have been marginalized. Compassion
No One Cares About Crazy People A strong argument for doing much more to help mentally ill people. Compassion
Emotional Rescue A three-step emotional change plan. Attention
Modern Death An enlightening book by a doctor with a sturdy grasp of the issues around death and dying. Transformation
Buddhism for Busy People A practical introduction to the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Meaning
Goodbye, Things A reflection on the minimalist path that takes to heart the value of austerity and thrift. Meaning
The Book of Joy An illuminating dialogue on the spiritual practice of joy and its eight pillars. Joy