Book Reviews

The Light We Give Sikh spirituality to infuse the world with light. Love
Noticing A story about realizing that everything and everyone matters. Attention
Living a Committed Life An inspiring map to discovering the meaning and purpose of your life. Teachers
The Truth about Lying Learn how to consistently and appropriately tell the truth. Attention
An American Story A fiercely honest look at the history of slavery and resilience. Hope
Pilgrimage to the Museum A beautiful tour of meaning in Western art. Beauty
The God Who Riots A portrait of Jesus that looks unfamiliar to many Christians. Justice
The Fog Catcher's Daughter A new fairy tale from Northern Ireland that exudes courage and respect for the unseen. Questing
Sonorous Desert Listening to what reverberates when we are quiet. Listening
You Are Not Stuck For people who feel stuck (in any variety of ways). Listening
Gently Down This Dream Final wisdom from one of our great teachers. Love
Something Happened to My Dad A culturally sensitive tale of a girl's quest to live with the absence of her detained father. Hope
The Kabbalah of Writing Creativity for spiritual awakening. Attention
Three Roads Back Three great American writers who suffered and then found hope again. Hope
Leo Learns to Meditate A graphic novel that explores elements of mediation ranging from relaxation to concentration to empathy. Being Present
The Good Life Happiness found, above all, in relationships. Yearning
Life Is Hard Living with meaning in an unpredictable, ultimately senseless, world. Attention
A Little Ferry Tale A spotlight on individual talents and a helpful spirit. Transformation
This Beauty Recognizing and sharing the beauty of being alive. Beauty
Yin Mountain Love poems and goddess culture for today from medieval China. Questing