Book Reviews

The Pursuit of American Character An inventive contribution to American Studies books Meaning
Last Call for Liberty Vim and vigor from an Evangelical Christian on freedom. Meaning
Hanging Onto Hope Wise and inspiring counsel on a spiritual practice desperately needed in our times. Hope
Holy Grounds A spiffy paperback meditation on the rich spiritual connections between religion and coffee. Connections
Margaret's First Holy Week The latest adventures in prayer, penance, and liturgy of the Pope's adopted cat. Faith
Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People Reverent and insightful assessments of Mystery and liturgy. X-The Mystery
Saving Capitalism A strong case for changing government and the free market system to help stem the rampant tide of economic inequality in the United States. Justice
Far Country Deepens and enriches our depleted cultural purview. Imagination
A Hard Rain An impressive and detailed overview of a pivotal decade in American history. Vision
Wild Mercy One of those rare, authentic, and enthralling spiritual books that speaks to the issues of the day with mystical power and incredible timeliness. Devotion
Radical Generosity A lively portrait of an everyday practice recognized as a virtue in all the world's religions. Kindness
Order of the Sacred Earth An outline of the vision, practices, and commitments of a spiritual community dedicated to protecting the Earth. Reverence
The Practice of Finding An exceptional spiritual work with plenty of practices for discovering the blessings in our lives. Gratitude
Free Spaces Public places for schooling in citizenship. Vision
Two Nations A classic work on the realities and consequences of racism in the United States. Justice
Community and the Politics of Place A treatise on the connection between connection to a specific place and the impulse for civic engagement. Being Present
The New Community Lessons about creating a vibrant community learned at the Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C. Faith
The Spirit of Community An outline of recommendations to improve civic life from the founder of the Communitarian movement. Connections
The Boy Who Touched the Stars The true story of how José M. Hernández became an astronaut. Vision
The Song of Spring A cheerful and funny book about a little bird who forgets his song for attracting friends and winds up with a surprising collection of them. Hope