Book Reviews

We Are the Weather Startling statistics and facts that make the case for more imagination in confronting the climate crisis. Imagination
365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World An incredibly diverse and helpful compendium of blessings that lift up justice. Connections
The World's Poorest President Speaks Out Much needed words of wisdom from José Mujica, the 40th President of Uruguay. Transformation
The Galapagos Islands A spiritual writer's transformation during a visit to the famous islands. Questing
Love You Head to Toe Rhymes and bright collages that match babies' everyday activities with animals' movements. Love
Alphabreaths Simple breath practices invented by kids and endearingly illustrated. Being Present
When You're Scared A story of a boy and a bear that shows there's often something to be done to lessen danger and increase kindness. You
Sadie and the Silver Shoes A window into what it's like to not fit in and then discover a true friend. Grace
Hangry A funny, perceptive guide to calming a monstrous feeling. You
A Big Bed for Little Snow A funny, joyous, and tender tale about not heeding a parent's advice. Joy
Selkie A tale told entirely in pictures of a fisherman who saves a special seal and gets rescued by her in return. Compassion
Paws and Edward A gentle tale of a dog, loved by a boy and now slowing down in old age. Love
Welcoming the Unwelcome A wise and practical guide to developing a heart and mind open to all experiences. Openness
Luca's Bridge (El puente de Luca) A story about the power of imagination and music to drive away sadness —even for those forced to emigrate. Imagination
The Tallest Tree House A charming tale of conflict resolution between two forest fairies. Kindness
The Undefeated An ode to the resilience and accomplishments of African Americans. You
The Thank-You Game How a simple game transforms feelings of lack into assurance that all is well. Gratitude
It Feels Good to Be Yourself An engaging, helpful introduction to varied gender expressions. You
Consuming Passions A superb glimpse of the far-reaching and immersive nature of consumer society. Meaning
Patriotism and the American Land A bold reframing of patriotism and taking care of the good earth. Reverence