Book Reviews

Poems of the First Buddhist Women One of the earliest scriptures by women in any religious tradition. Peace
Faith After Doubt A bold and progressive vision of faith. Faith
Wonder Walkers A luxuriant invitation to greet the outdoors with curiosity. Wonder
Bear Outside A tale about confidence taking the form of a brave ursine companion. Imagination
Learning to Pray Practical advice for people of all traditions who desire to connect with God. Devotion
Home Is in Between An endearingly relatable tale about developing the ability to navigate between two cultures. Connections
The Lost Package A story about how kindness and empathy help a package reach its destination at long last. Kindness
Daisy A warthog's discoveries about inner beauty and friendship. Imagination
The Snail with the Right Heart A story about uniqueness, gender, love, and the grandeur of the universe. Reverence
Osnat and Her Dove Sumptuously illustrated tales from the life of a brilliant scholar. Vision
I Am Not a Label A dynamic collection of biographies that reminds each of us to shine our own light. Vision
Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times A practical resource to help you build your own spiritual routine. Attention
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Essays on the prayer styles of early Franciscans with suggested liturgies on prayers of St. Francis, St. Clare, and the Holy Fools. Devotion
Vesper Flights Wonder-filled essays on the marvels of the natural world and the threats to non-human survival. Wonder
The Buddhist on Death Row The remarkable story of a prisoner's transformation into a bodhisattva. Compassion
Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World An inventive and cogent examination of what changes will come after or can result from the pandemic. Meaning
This Way, Charlie A nuanced story about a friendship tested by life's storms. Kindness
All We Can Save An astonishingly rich and informative survey of ways to cope with climate change from women's spiritual perspectives. Reverence
Sacred Inquiry Questing and openness are family. Questing
Be Water, My Friend Lessons from the life and spiritual practices of the martial artist. You