Book Reviews

Grandpa's Window A sensitive depiction of a child's grief eased by her art. Love
The Asking Praise for a world of openings. Wonder
Come Forth A God who renews life. Transformation
The Wisdom of Solomon Deeds and teachings born of an understanding heart. Meaning
Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto A call to napping as a protest against capitalism and white supremacy. Reverence
The Gospel according to James Baldwin Excellent summary of Baldwin’s prophetic witness. Justice
Forest Bath Right Down This Path Reminders to be present to nature's gifts. Being Present
Death Nesting Fundamentals of caring for someone at the end of life. Compassion
Dog Lessons Finding spiritual wisdom in a canine companion. Connections
Wonderfully Wired Brains Spirited advocacy for each person's unique way of learning. You
We Survived the End of the World Indigenous wisdom for belief in a future. Hope
The Voices of Nature Vocalizing and listening that connects species. Listening
Hedge Lion The importance of letting out your hidden roar. Enthusiasm
Oak and Lotus East meets West interspiritual guide. Vision
Remember A poem that reminds us who we are on this generous Earth. Wonder
Flipflopi An inspiring true story of eco-ingenuity. Hope
The Lives We Actually Have Blessings for every good and not-so-good moment of life. Faith
Travel Light How to be more present in your own life. Being Present
Folktales for a Better World Wise encouragement in timeless tales from seven countries. Peace