Book Reviews

Truth Seekers Deep and wise readings from key figures on the theory and practice of nonviolence. Peace
Why Do We Cry? Gentle and honest reassurance about the many reasons for tears. Compassion
Simply Mindful An overview with some fresh angles on mindfulness practice. Being Present
Let the People Pick the President An overview of the problems with the electoral college and the benefits of a Presidential election based on the popular vote. Transformation
Three Pieces of Glass An enlightening look at belonging and place. Transformation
The Book of Soul Reflections, stories, and journal prompts for a year-long spiritual journey. Transformation
Prayers for Calm A wonderful resource that can be used to plant seeds of wisdom in your day. Devotion
The Bomb A detailed and scary overview of U.S. nuclear strategies and the dangerous crises faced by commanders-in-chiefs. Shadow
When Tears Sing Keeping our hearts alive in a hurting world. Faith
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse Tender and timeless wisdom accompanied by poignantly beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations. Kindness
Laughter Yoga Techniques to encourage unconditional laughter with profound health benefits. Play
Voices of the Land A celebration of human connections with the land through reverence, respect, and responsible stewardship. Reverence
Earth - Our Original Monastery A practical guide to an understanding of Earth as a teacher of contemplative practices. Reverence
Things That Go Away A funny, touching account of bubbles, tears, fears, and other things that transform. Transformation
William's Getaway An appealing story for cooped-up children about an older boy's change of heart toward his tag-along little brother. Kindness
Lilah Tov Good Night A beautifully illustrated bedtime tale that doubles as a poignant refugee story. Hope
Master of You Ayurvedic and yoga techniques that shed light on making your life your practice. You
Becoming New Two theologians on the Divine Mystery within everything. X-The Mystery
Equality's Call An inspiring reminder of the ongoing fight to make a founding ideal a reality for all. Justice
The Perfectly Perfect Wish How considering the needs of others allows a single wish to blossom into many. Yearning