Book Reviews

Dearest Sister Wendy Epistolary love and friendship. Love
Sacred Nature An urgent plea to redeem ourselves and our world. Gratitude
Waking Up to the Dark Expanding your vision with darkness. Vision
Ritual Why we need ritual. Connections
I Love You, Blue Encouragement to care for the oceans and all their creatures. Reverence
Dry Bones and Holy Wars Channeling a passion for positive change. Hope
Roar Like a Goddess Hindu goddesses tapped for women today. Love
The Monster Parade Practices for recognizing and working with difficult emotions. Shadow
A History of Islam in 21 Women Heroic and brilliant women at the heart of Islam. Teachers
Maxims for Mutuality Willingness to see the mistakes of the past. Listening
Apple and Magnolia A tale about the power of unusual friendships. Hope
The Penguin Book of Spiritual Verse Words that rise from human wonder at existence. Questing
I Am Golden An invitation to self-love for Asian Americans and all children. You
Love Is Everything Using our five senses to be Love in the world. Love
Six Walks A kinesthetic approach to attention and wonder. Attention
Words for the Heart Keys to understanding common emotions from classic Indian texts. Meaning
Little Bear An honest, wise, and reverent book about interspecies relationship. Reverence
To Love This Earthly Life Learning to love the world like it matters. Meaning