Book Reviews

The New Childhood A thrilling and prescient book that enhances and enriches our understanding of what it means to live in a connected world. Connections
Radical Joy for Hard Times A compassionate vision of healing and finding beauty in wounded places. Joy
1,000 Books to Read Before You Die An eclectic and jaunty book list with summaries, themes, and importance of each title. Meaning
The Way of Kindness The spiritual practice of kindness given the red carpet treatment. Kindness
God Is Young A wide-ranging interview with Pope Francis addressing the hopes and dreams of youth. Faith
21 Lessons for the 21st Century A creative book that both asks the big questions and probes the little paths that light the way into the future. Questing
Loneliness A rounded look at loneliness that reveals its complexity and influence in our public and private lives. Hospitality
Standing at the Edge An important work on compassion, five close virtues, and a path to transform obstacles into fresh possibilities. Compassion
The Journey An honest and engaging portrait of what a refugee family goes through to get to a safe place to live. Transformation
Voices in the Air 95 poems encouraging us to listen to the many sources of wisdom all around us. Reverence
Everything Is Connected An exploration of our links with everything from blobfish to galaxies. Connections
The Gifted Generation An edifying history lesson on when and why the U.S. government worked. Meaning
Fault Lines A cogent and rip-roaring account of the recent history of a divided America. Justice
Behold, America A well-argued examination of some of the darker sides of American racism, nationalism, and political impotence. Shadow
The Hell of Good Intentions A depressing report on the short-sightedness of the American foreign policy establishment. Shadow
Leadership in Turbulent Times A guide to the character qualities of a transformational leader. Teachers
Walking Each Other Home Teachings for reflection on death, dying, fear, and letting go of attachments. Being Present
Scout's Heaven Hard-to-answer questions from a Little Brother after the death of a family's beloved dog. X-The Mystery
Robert Bly - Collected Poems An enlightening collection by a poet-philosopher. You
ABC Yoga A creative alphabet book about yoga asanas from Armadillo to Zzzz, the sleeping pose. Being Present