Book Reviews

Home Is in Between An endearingly relatable tale about developing the ability to navigate between two cultures. Connections
The Lost Package A story about how kindness and empathy help a package reach its destination at long last. Kindness
Daisy A warthog's discoveries about inner beauty and friendship. Imagination
The Snail with the Right Heart A story about uniqueness, gender, love, and the grandeur of the universe. Reverence
Osnat and Her Dove Sumptuously illustrated tales from the life of a brilliant scholar. Vision
I Am Not a Label A dynamic collection of biographies that reminds each of us to shine our own light. Vision
This Way, Charlie A nuanced story about a friendship tested by life's storms. Kindness
The Fish Who Found the Sea A parable about trusting ourselves to our true element. Questing
Literally A multicultural journey through the surprising origins of 12 English words. Wonder
Me and My Sister A sensitive introduction to getting along in spite of differences. Connections
Together We Grow A metaphor for how we can all benefit from being inclusive. Unity
Margaret's Night in St. Peter's The further endearing adventures of the Pope's cat, this time on Christmas Eve. Questing
A Whale of a Mistake The perils and potentials of a mistake swallowing you whole. You
We Are Water Protectors A vibrant reminder of water's sacredness and our responsibility to safeguard it from harm. Reverence
The Seed of Compassion An autobiography of the Dalai Lama's growth in compassion. Compassion
A Very Big Problem A heartening look at God's intervention when each part of creation vies to be loved most. Unity
Outside In A warm, evocative reminder — essential during the pandemic — that we belong to the outdoors no matter where we are. Wonder
Freedom We Sing An exuberant, colorful, love-filled story that conveys the experience of embracing freedom. Questing
If We Were Gone An exploration of how quickly plants and trees can reclaim a landscape in our absence. Transformation
Emily's Idea How an inspired project like making multi-cultural paper-doll chains can spread around the world. Connections