Book Reviews

Grandpa's Stories An affectionate tale of a young girl's relationship with her grandfather, which transcends death. Love
Sweet Dreamers A soothing, endearing account of many creatures' nighttime reveries. Reverence
When You Are Brave Heartwarming encouragement for transitional times and other life challenges. Transformation
Just Like Rube Goldberg An improbable and inefficient chain reaction of a life that winds up making perfect sense. Imagination
You Are Home A poetic immersion in the sights, smells, and sounds of these cherished lands. Beauty
My Shoes and I (Mis Zapatos Y Yo) A bilingual picture book about the rugged journey a boy and his shoes make from El Salvador to the United States. Questing
Hildegard of Bingen The story of the multi-talented mystic, musician, and saint who was one of the most influential people of her time. Devotion
River Rescue The true story of the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research team's efforts to save wildlife after oil spills. Compassion
Zen Happiness Charmingly illustrated aphorisms that bring forth joy. Joy
Noah Builds an Ark An urban child's take-off on the traditional Bible story, with an emphasis on ecological stewardship. Kindness
Margaret's First Holy Week The latest adventures in prayer, penance, and liturgy of the Pope's adopted cat. Faith
You Are Light A poetic die-cut book that draws out the radiance in nature and each of us. You
The Boy Who Touched the Stars The true story of how José M. Hernández became an astronaut. Vision
The Song of Spring A cheerful and funny book about a little bird who forgets his song for attracting friends and winds up with a surprising collection of them. Hope
A Friend Like Iggy A true tale about an accredited facilitator dog providing support to kids who disclose abuse. Being Present
Maybe Tomorrow? A book about the power of patient friendship to lessen our sorrows. Being Present
Ojiichan's Gift How a girl's love of her grandfather's Zen garden becomes the touchstone of her creative response to grief. Kindness
The Silence Slips In An appealing depiction of the Silence as a gentle and protective creature who can be called when needed. Silence
Wish A charming tale about a rabbit who uses his three wishes to support his friends. Questing