Book Reviews

The Green Piano A five-time Grammy winner's childhood inspiration. Enthusiasm
Don't Kill the Bugs A story about respect and protection for even the smallest among us. Reverence
The Art and Life of Hilma af Klint A fascinating biography of an artist who was ahead of her time. Vision
I Am Not Afraid A gentle, contemporary retelling of a most beloved psalm. Hope
Never Forget Eleanor Solace for those who love someone with Alzheimer's. Nurturing
All the Beating Hearts A stirring reminder of how we are "the same but exactly different." Unity
Yellow Dog Blues Searching for a lost hound through Mississippi Blues history. Questing
Noticing A story about realizing that everything and everyone matters. Attention
An American Story A fiercely honest look at the history of slavery and resilience. Hope
The Fog Catcher's Daughter A new fairy tale from Northern Ireland that exudes courage and respect for the unseen. Questing
Something Happened to My Dad A culturally sensitive tale of a girl's quest to live with the absence of her detained father. Hope
Leo Learns to Meditate A graphic novel that explores elements of mediation ranging from relaxation to concentration to empathy. Being Present
A Little Ferry Tale A spotlight on individual talents and a helpful spirit. Transformation
Still This Love Goes On A love-permeated ode and celebration of indigenous ways. Love
Eala A folktale about a spiritual journey to recapture inner wholeness. Questing
The Coat A long-awaited desire that's no match for the joy of giving. Kindness
A World of Praise Prayers of gratitude that circle the globe. Gratitude
Here A wide-ranging tour through time, space, and questions to help a little girl find her bearings and discover ways to help on planet Earth. Reverence
One Thursday Afternoon Wisdom about recovery from school lockdown drills. Being Present
Zen & the Ten Oxherding Pictures Teachings about the quest for enlightenment that leads to bestowing bliss on others. Questing