Book Reviews

Mai and the Missing Melon A treat of a book that turns a mistake into an adventure. Kindness
More than Words A welcoming, inclusive view of many modes of communication. Listening
The Mermaid with No Tail An inspiring story of determination based on the real-life experiences of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long. Vision
Ancestory A breathtaking journey through ancient rock art, with an emphasis on carefully protecting it. Imagination
My Baba's Garden An evocative book about heart-to-heart communication between a Baba and her grandson. Nurturing
Raaga's Song Courage and persistence in pursuit of a cherished goal. Hope
Wonder Questions that evoke discovery and awe. Wonder
The Honey Jar A story of the love and an heirloom that sustain a refugee family through nearly unbearable losses. Shadow
Always Sisters A gentle, tender tale about the ache of pregnancy loss. Love
The First Day of Peace An invitation to compassionately share resources so that peace can prevail. Peace
Eedoo A fantasy story that points to the gift of inner guidance. Questing
A Boy and His Mirror An exploration of the part that hair plays in a child's identity. Transformation
Grandpa's Window A sensitive depiction of a child's grief eased by her art. Love
The Wisdom of Solomon Deeds and teachings born of an understanding heart. Meaning
Forest Bath Right Down This Path Reminders to be present to nature's gifts. Being Present
Wonderfully Wired Brains Spirited advocacy for each person's unique way of learning. You
Hedge Lion The importance of letting out your hidden roar. Enthusiasm
Remember A poem that reminds us who we are on this generous Earth. Wonder
Flipflopi An inspiring true story of eco-ingenuity. Hope
Folktales for a Better World Wise encouragement in timeless tales from seven countries. Peace