Book Reviews

Together We Grow A metaphor for how we can all benefit from being inclusive. Unity
Margaret's Night in St. Peter's The further endearing adventures of the Pope's cat, this time on Christmas Eve. Questing
A Whale of a Mistake The perils and potentials of a mistake swallowing you whole. You
We Are Water Protectors A vibrant reminder of water's sacredness and our responsibility to safeguard it from harm. Reverence
The Seed of Compassion An autobiography of the Dalai Lama's growth in compassion. Compassion
A Very Big Problem A heartening look at God's intervention when each part of creation vies to be loved most. Unity
Outside In A warm, evocative reminder — essential during the pandemic — that we belong to the outdoors no matter where we are. Wonder
Freedom We Sing An exuberant, colorful, love-filled story that conveys the experience of embracing freedom. Questing
If We Were Gone An exploration of how quickly plants and trees can reclaim a landscape in our absence. Transformation
Emily's Idea How an inspired project like making multi-cultural paper-doll chains can spread around the world. Connections
Why Do We Cry? Gentle and honest reassurance about the many reasons for tears. Compassion
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse Tender and timeless wisdom accompanied by poignantly beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations. Kindness
Things That Go Away A funny, touching account of bubbles, tears, fears, and other things that transform. Transformation
William's Getaway An appealing story for cooped-up children about an older boy's change of heart toward his tag-along little brother. Kindness
Lilah Tov Good Night A beautifully illustrated bedtime tale that doubles as a poignant refugee story. Hope
Equality's Call An inspiring reminder of the ongoing fight to make a founding ideal a reality for all. Justice
The Perfectly Perfect Wish How considering the needs of others allows a single wish to blossom into many. Yearning
Beautiful Shades of Brown The true story of an African-American artist whose love of her craft brought her paintings to the National Portrait Gallery. Vision
Flight for Freedom A story of courage, creativity, and resilience in the face of a repressive regime. Hope
A Way with Wild Things How a shy girl who loves nature discovers her voice. Reverence