Book Reviews

Beautiful Shades of Brown The true story of an African-American artist whose love of her craft brought her paintings to the National Portrait Gallery. Vision
Flight for Freedom A story of courage, creativity, and resilience in the face of a repressive regime. Hope
A Way with Wild Things How a shy girl who loves nature discovers her voice. Reverence
Esther's Gragger How a girl stands up against a bully in the spirit of Queen Esther. Hope
The Story of And An encouraging fable in which dissimilar shapes learn what they can create together. Connections
The Breathing Book An activity book for exploring the calming power of the breath. Being Present
Mindful Day A gentle, attentive journey through the simple activities of a family's day. Being Present
Just Feel A guide to emotional awareness for 8 - 12 year olds. Being Present
Leave It to Abigail! The biography of an early First Lady with political clout of her own. Enthusiasm
Mallko and Dad Reflections, stories, photos, comics, and enlightening scribbles from a family learning true love. Love
P Is for Pterodactyl A guide for those who delight in English spelling and those who struggle with it. Play
The Warrior Princess Insightful guidance for coming to love yourself as you are. You
Sulwe A magical tale of learning to be at home in one's skin. Beauty
Pokko and the Drum A young frog's adventures with driving her parents nuts and musically rousing an entire forest full of animals. Enthusiasm
I Knew You Could Do It! A celebration of gumption, grit, and accomplishment. You
Hummingbird A ruby-throated hummingbird's amazing flight north, described with lyric beauty and fascinating zoological detail. Wonder
When Sadness Is at Your Door Encouragement and sound advice for young children experiencing sorrow. You
How Emily Saved the Bridge A fascinating history about a highly capable woman. Vision
A Plan for Pops A story of restored hope in a family where individual preferences matter. Hope
The World's Poorest President Speaks Out Much needed words of wisdom from José Mujica, the 40th President of Uruguay. Transformation