Book Reviews

I Am Thinking My Life Encouragement for mindfully creating the life you wish to live. Imagination
A Penguin's Quest Support for following even seemingly impossible dreams. Questing
Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free The quest for freedom, seen through the eyes of the leader of the movement to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Vision
Daddy Speaks Love Reflections on the bond between fathers and children, building a more compassionate world. Love
Sing, Wrestle, Spin Embodied ways for kids (and everyone) to pray. Being Present
The Good for Nothing Tree How hope and love can bring life-affirming growth that goes beyond expectations. Hope
Sophie Learns to Be Brave A meditation on being safe and free, wrapped into a story about wishing well for others. Being Present
I Am Quiet An acknowledgment that a quiet child can be vibrant and bold. You
Brothers and Sisters A delightful book about the happiness siblings bring, even when they're sometimes a nuisance. Love
Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR!3 A fun, enthusiastic introduction to caring for marine life. Enthusiasm
Just Help A cheerful book emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts. Kindness
Out on a Limb A warmly understanding story about recovery from a broken leg. Transformation
Love in the Library A heart-stirring book about love flourishing even in the unjust conditions of an incarceration camp. Love
The Unwinding A collection of short vignettes rich with images, meant to ease the soul. Imagination
Justice Is ... Scenes from the lives of those who embody the spiritual practice of justice. Justice
Walking toward Peace An invitation to find our own ways to make the world a more peaceful place. Peace
We Are Still Here An impeccably researched, illuminating book about the resilience of Native Nations and their citizens. Vision
Where Is Bina Bear? A whimsical picture book for shy children and their understanding friends. Hospitality
I Can Help A true-to-life story of how we can learn from even serious mistakes like hurting others. Kindness
Change Sings A soaring ode to inner and outer transformation. Transformation