Recent Quotes of the Day

Geri Larkin in Plant Seed, Pull Weed Transcending hesitation is about living a life
Philip Toshio Sudo in Zen 24/7 The water is your own life
Martin Luther King, Jr. in Living in Balance Faith is the opening of all sides of our lives
Jawaharalal Nehru in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Peace is not merely the absence of war
Seung Sahn in Only Don't Know Wisdom is ignorance, ignorance is wisdom
Julian of Norwich in Wrestling with the Prophets God is everything which is good
Roger Housden in Ten Poems To Open Your Heart A blessing is an act of reverence
Robert Benson in The Body Broken I am little more than a pilgrim
Daniel Goleman in Emotional Intelligence The net effect of these distressing attitudes is to create incessant crisis.
Mary Margaret Funk in Humility Matters All the afflictions have benefits
Joseph Goldstein in One Dharma Happiness is intertwined with everyone else's
Paul Woodruff in Reverence Remembering your humanity
Christopher Titmuss in An Awakened Life Our blood is all of one color
Diarmuid O'Murchu in Catching Up with Jesus Jesus feels the agony of their pain
Debbie Ford in Spiritual Divorce We draw people into our lives
Gunilla Norris in Journeying in Place Recalling the seasons of my life
Judy Carman in Peace to All Beings Reverence for all life
Mark Brady in The Wisdom of Listening According to Mother Teresa
Albert Schweitzer in A Chosen Faith Thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light
Ruth Bernhard in God Is at Eye Level My enjoyment of life began with my eyes
Paulo Coelho in The Valkyries Promise never again to raise your hand against yourself.