Recent Quotes of the Day

Eknath Eswaran, How To End Suffering You can take the emotional charge out of any memory
Deepak Chopra, Peace Is the Way Your deep need for love
Kabir Helminski, The Knowing Heart Humility is our awareness of
Pema Chodron, The Places That Scare You Learning to rejoice is to think of a loved one
Jean Houston, A Mythic Life Nothing Is Truly Hidden Anymore
Albert Schweitzer, Blessing the Animals Reverence for the natural life and the spiritual life
Drew Leder, Sparks of the Divine A syndrome endemic in modern society
Jane Smiley, The Intimacy and Solitude Self-Therapy Book Something I have noticed about desire
Galway Kinnell, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self Happiness was hiding in the last tear!
Dov Peretz Elkins, The Wisdom of Judaism A society in which all are cared for
Beatrice Bruteau, Radical Optimism What the imagination can do for you
John S. Dunne, The Music of Time God dwells in you as you
Susan Griffin, Stop the Next War Now To imagine peace is not nearly as sentimental as to think of war as glorious.
Pedro Arrupe, S. J., The Discerning Heart Nothing is more practical than finding God
Eknath Easwaran, Original Goodness The joy we experience in moments of forgetting
Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies Echo in the woods always returns your own call
Lewis B. Smedes, Shame and Grace Shame is heavy and grace is light
Garret Keizer, Help When love is insufficient
Vernon Ruland, Imagining the Sacred We must love them both