Recent Quotes of the Day

Macrina Wiederkehr, Behold Your Life Birth announces to the world
Henri J. M. Nouwen, Here and Now The great value of spiritual reading
Donald McCullough, If Grace Is So Amazing, Why Don't We Like It? Grace for everyone is as difficult to swallow
Bill Moyers, Hymns to an Unknown God This is the biggest story
John B. Cobb, Jr., Reclaiming the Church Let us boldly proclaim an inclusive salvation
Neil Douglas-Klotz, Desert Wisdom Every wave and particle in the universe is connected to every other
Joyce Rupp, Dear Heart, Come Home Each of us has a shepherd's fire
Jelaluddin Rumi, Heart Sense We may worry about death
Thich Nhat Hanh, Anger Carry a mirror with you
Sa'di , Essential Sufism A thief entered the house of a Sufi
Rabi'a , Doorkeeper of the Heart First the Neighbor then the House
Georges Bernanos, Under the Starry Night Many of us never give out the whole of ourselves
Sunzi , Keys to Living Well Giving others beneficial words is more precious
Sue Monk Kidd, Firstlight God is in the throbbing in my joints
Leonardo Boff, The Prayer of Saint Francis They also proclaim the splendid Father
Shaun McNiff, Earth Angels Images of desire
Robert A. Johnson, Balancing Heaven and Earth A celebrity may not be a true hero.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium Virtue is as hard as driving a donkey uphill
Amma , Messages from Amma Your heart is the temple
Jelaluddin Rumi, The Essential Rumi Sniff with your wisdom-nose
James Hillman, The Soul's Code Romance feels fateful
John Tarrant, The Light Inside the Dark Modest acts of courage reverse evils before they grow great