Recent Quotes of the Day

J. Brent Bill in Holy Silence Quaker silence speaks to the spiritual condition
Sharon Salzberg in Lovingkindness Cultivating appreciation of our oneness with others
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Way of Passion This is also the afternoon prayer
Rochelle Melander in A Generous Presence Balcony space creates time to see the larger picture.
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Essential Rumi The whole world is a form for truth
Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Beatitudes for Today Love is the only force capable of transforming
Catherine Ingram in Passionate Presence Shared with a hummingbird
George Sheehan in Going the Distance The ebb and flow of the universe
Roger Payne in Talking on the Water Whales and redwoods make us feel small
Barbara Bartocci in Grace on the Go Practice holy curiosity
James Hillman in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Emotions are the most alert form of attention
Rainer Maria Rilke in Simple Abundance There is only one journey.
Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano in Longing for Certainty The fatal human tendency to speak harshly
Phillip L. Berman in The Journey Home Widen the "circle of our compassion"
James Fadiman, Robert Frager in Essential Sufism Humor as a catalyst to spiritual awareness
James Hillman in The Force of Character Values our culture has let wither
Seikan Hasegawa in Naikan Bring alive the life of the other partner
Children's Aid Direct in A Forgiving Heart I am the child who lives on the streets
Nancy M. Malone in Walking a Literary Labyrinth The quest for "the God within"
John Daido Loori in Riding the Ox Home Becoming aware of our most profound questions
Albert Rouet in Liturgy and the Arts Liturgy is beautiful because it makes the least action beautiful
Gunilla Norris in Sharing Silence We make room for ourselves