Recent Quotes of the Day

Donald Altman in Living Kindness Kindness with mindful action behind it
Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin in The Mystic Vision All mystics speak the same language
W. Joe Innis in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Ugliness with compassion is beauty
Richard Rohr in Quest for the Grail Soul goes down into the depths of things
Mary Jo Leddy in Radical Gratitude Entering the imagination of grace
George A. Maloney in Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh In God we see that silence is not opposed to words
Kathleen Wall, Gary Ferguson in Lights of Passage Ritual can help us learn to harness
Rachel Naomi Remen in WomanPrayers The Holy may speak to you
Shoni Labowitz in Miraculous Living You are born with grace
Donna Schaper in Grass Roots Gardening Visualizing the lake was part of her campaign
William Penn in Some Fruits of Solitude Without love zeal is good for nothing
William C. Spohn in Go and Do Likewise A life of deepening friendship with God
Mike Riddell in Sacred Journey Transform the ordinary into the special
Bernie S. Siegel in Prescriptions for Living keep pictures of myself as a child around
Junaid in Essential Sufism In their hearts is nothing but the pain of yearning
John V. Taylor in The Cloister Walk Imagination and faith are the same thing
Catherine Ingram in Passionate Presence The real teaching of that trip
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Essential Rumi Dance, when you're broken open
Bahauddin in The Drowned Book Look at the beautiful gift of this world
Taigen Daniel Leighton in Faces of Compassion We have all lived so many lives
Pema Chodron in When Things Fall Apart Underneath our ordinary lives
Jerome Bernstein in The Wisdom of Listening All things have a spirit dimension
Wayne Dosick in Soul Judaism Bringing grace to every word, act, relationship
Richard Rohr in Action In Contemplation Vows of silence, silence in church, and guarded places