Recent Quotes of the Day

Ajahn Amaro, Transforming Suffering Seeing the truth about ourselves
David Richo, Shadow Dance We cannot be whole by willpower alone
John Murray, A Chosen Faith Give the people something of your vision
Richard Rohr, Job and the Mystery of Suffering Calling people to encounters with others
Robin R. Meyers, Morning Sun on a White Piano Marriages are ended by silence
Harold S. Kushner, The Lord Is My Shepherd I take my medicine with a prayer of thanks
Jane Dobisz, One Hundred Days of Solitude Want something and back away at the last minute
Paul Pearsall, Toxic Success You can test society's intolerance of "shutting up"
Jean Giono, The Music of Time Rush off in pursuit of hopefulness
Joan Chittister, Called To Question "Call" sinks its talons into our hearts
Nancy Roth, Embodied Prayer The spirit of God breathing in and through us
Philip Simmons, Learning to Fall We find ourselves in a world made luminous with wonder
Jack Kornfield, Nourishing the Soul In the midst of that great beauty and great sorrow
Thomas Moore, The Soul's Religion The many subtle variations in spirituality's shadow
Marcus J. Borg, The God We Never Knew Erotic exuberance refers to the joyful experience
Peter Levitt, Fingerpainting on the Moon Awakening joy allows us to love
Mother Teresa , Mother Teresa: In My Own Words We worry too much about ourselves
Abraham Joshua Heschel, SQ: Connecting With Our Spiritual Intelligence We are closer to God when we are ask questions
Arthur Green, These Are the Words We need to set our course and live it wholly
St. Thomas Aquinas, Wrestling with the Prophets God is the most beautiful thing there is
Mary C. Grey, The Outrageous Pursuit of Hope Refusing to look at the darkness of God.
Ronald Rolheiser, The Holy Longing God on a cross between two thieves.
Matthew Flickstein, Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The willingness to play in the field of dreams
John Dear, The Questions of Jesus Trust in weapons of mass destruction, not God
Joseph Goldstein, A Heart Full of Peace Take a moment to simply send loving wishes
Abba Anthony , Desert Wisdom You are insane because you are not like us
Robert Frager, Heart, Self, and Soul Beautiful behavior rooted in inner beauty
Sue Bender, Stretching Lessons Each of us has something special to give