Film Reviews

I Carry You with Me (Te Illevo Conmigo) A love story about two gay immigrants that is full of surprises. Love
French Exit An impeccable comedy of manners full of quirky performances. Kindness
The Truffle Hunters An absolutely charming cinematic romp with elders and their dogs hunting for a rare delicacy. Joy
The Woman Who Ran The uses of conversation revealed in three visits to old friends. You
The Salt of Tears Chronicle of a man and three different women who discover the disappointments, heartbreaks, and surprises in romantic relationships. Love
The Disciple Touching portrait of an aspiring singer of Indian classical music and his journey to master his art. Yearning
City Hall A detailed documentary showing the many things a city government does for its citizens. Justice
Nomadland The remarkable odyssey of a feisty woman who finds community and her true self in her home on the road. You
Robert the Bruce Melancholy drama about a Scottish king's period of discernment. You
Vitalina Varela A haunting meditation on loss and regret. Yearning
Resistance True story of the beloved mime Marcel Marceau’s activism to save Jewish children during World War II. Love
The Grizzlies Inspiring true story of an Inuit lacrosse team who transform themselves and their community. Transformation
Human Capital A morality play about economic inequality. Shadow
The Dog Doc An information-rich documentary about a compassionate and holistic approach to dog care. Nurturing
First Cow A gentle portrait of budding friendship in an alienating landscape. Connections
Emma. A witty and charming drama based on the Jane Austen novel. Love
Go Back to China An entertaining story about a rich girl discovering that family matters. Transformation
Run This Town An all-too-common portrait of how ambitious millennials are subjected to shameful treatment by their bosses. Yearning
Sorry We Missed You Story of an English family on the brink of financial collapse that will catalyze your empathy for poor and middle-class families. Yearning
Burden True story about a black Christian minister who practices love, forgiveness, and reconciliation by befriending a Ku Klux Klan member. Love
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