Film Reviews

The Society A thought-provoking drama about youth facing the challenges of citizenship, community, and freedom. Hope
Our Time (Nuestro Tiempo) A quietly brutal interrogation of fidelity, power, and jealousy. Shadow
The Biggest Little Farm The hopeful story of a natural farm built on biodiversity and a recognition of interconnections, impermanence, and transformation. Transformation
The Name of the Rose A medieval whodunit with moral firepower that reflects a reverence for books. X-The Mystery
The Last Black Man in San Francisco A uniquely affecting meditation on race, gentrification, and belonging. Transformation
State of the Union Ten ten-minute films in which a couple grapples with the difficulties of maintaining an intimate relationship in our hurried times. Love
Booksmart A sassy teen comedy with extraordinary depth and flashes of brilliance. You
The Tomorrow Man A peculiar love story for the end times. Connections
The Lavender Scare Another shocking and horrific expose of American hatred and ignorance. Justice
Wild Nights With Emily A spirited romp through the hidden life of an elusive artist. Love
Non-Fiction A dramedy about all the ways digital technology is shaking the book publishing world to its core. Transformation
The Proposal A sophisticated documentary about architecture, power and control, and exquisite beauty. Imagination
Barbara Rubin and The Exploding NY Underground A fascinating portrait of a "larger than life" filmmaker and collaborator. You
Ash Is Purest White An affecting epic melodrama exploring time, regret, and change. Transformation
Catch-22 An expose on the egregious myth that World War II was the Good War. Meaning
Tolkien An engaging biopicture that hints at the origins of the themes and style of The Lord of the Rings. Imagination
My Son (Mon Garcon) A throttling study of the toxic dynamics of anger. Shadow
Family A comedy about a workaholic loner who discovers that she and her niece are not really losers. Transformation
Clara A close encounter with the ineffable mysteries of both human relationships and the universe. X-The Mystery
Long Shot A raucous and rambunctious rom-com that makes some good points about gender equality. Listening
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