Film Reviews

Private Life A dramady carried by many magic moments of heartache and humor. Nurturing
First Man Story of NASA's quest to land a man on the moon and the reluctant hero who took that first historic step. Questing
Bikini Moon A meandering mockumentary with flights of fantasy and fierce social critique. Meaning
A Star is Born Love story about two musicians finding it difficult to believe in themselves and their unique voices. You
The Sisters Brothers A revisionist Western romp with surprisingly sensitive hitmen. Questing
Monsters and Men A muted but majestic exploration of explosive violence, ethical conundrums, and elusive justice. Justice
Matangi/Maya/M.I.A An intimate portrait of an artist courting the intersection of creativity and controversy. Imagination
Fahrenheit 11/9 A powerful, even frightening, documentary on what's happening to America's democracy. Justice
Intelligent Lives A solid case for tearing down the walls created by intelligence testing supported by the uplifting stories of those whose have escaped this segregation. You
The Children Act A towering performance by Emma Thompson as a British high court judge confronted by a complicated case and her own domestic challenges. Meaning
Tea with the Dames Entertaining conversations among four grand Dames of the English theatre and film scene about their public and private lives. You
The Land of Steady Habits An engaging and well-acted drama about the challenges of middle age and suburban living. You
A Simple Favor A female daring duo spread chaos in suburbia. You
Bel Canto An illustration of how music can help people reach across political and socioeconomic divides. Beauty
Colette A lush, elegant biopic chronicling a life lived outside the lines. Imagination
A-X-L Intriguing sci-fi thriller that explores what can happen when robots become smarter than humans. Questing
Museo (Museum) An unconventional heist film with humor, heart, and smarts to spare. Yearning
City of Joy An inspiring story of compassion and service in a program training rape victims to be community leaders. Compassion
I Am Not a Witch An assured and surreal interrogation of misogyny and superstition. Transformation
Pick of the Litter A remarkably suspenseful account of the service dog training of five puppies. Kindness
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