Practicing Spirituality at Work Ideas to foster the inner work necessary to make your outer work more meaningful. Kindness
Practicing Spirituality with Animals An opportunity for deeper encounters with the animals in your life as spiritual teachers. Teachers
Practicing Spirituality with Friends An exploration of the recurring challenges and enduring rewards of friendship. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality in Nature A celebration of the Divine in the natural world. Reverence
Practicing Spirituality with Children Ideas for being a spiritual companion to your children, grandchildren, young friends, and inner child. Play
Practicing Spirituality during Illness Tools to help identify and apply the gifts of illness — for those who are sick and caregivers. Transformation
Practicing Spirituality with Money A look at your beliefs, habits, and ideals about money and alternative values. Gratitude
Practicing Spirituality at Home Explore how home-based activities can be opportunities for deeper experiences of the sacred. Hospitality
Practicing Spirituality with Teaching Stories Ways to access and apply the universal truths and evergreen applications of favorite stories. Teachers