Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

John Backman in Why Can't We Talk Tell me how you got there
Celeste Headlee in We Need to Talk We become the evolution
David Steindl-Rast in Fugitive Faith When I go on my morning walk
Rabindranath Tagore in Behold Your Life Every time a child is born
David S. Ariel in Spiritual Judaism The highest form of worship
Helen M. Luke in Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On A lifetime of habitual reactions stands like
Muhammad in The Knowing Heart Blessed, therefore, are the strangers
E.B. de Vito in Divine Things We always find ourselves in others
David A. Cooper in Entering the Sacred Mountain I have begun visualizing myself cradled
Etty Hillseum in God-Birthing I now realize, God, how much
Matthew Fox in One River, Many Wells It takes a warrior to do
Eknath Easwaran in To Love Is to Know Me Our mental atmosphere can be polluted
Godfrey Chips in Walking on the Wind I'm the spirit's janitor
Charles Birch in Life Abundant The rich must live more simply
Celeste Headlee in We Need to Talk If you are unable to engage meaningfully
Hazrat Inayat Khan in Art of Personality The art of personality is to cut off the rough edges
Ronald Rolheiser in Holy Longing You feel your own life
Muhammad in Merton and Sufism The Prophet said, "Let him groan..."
Kathleen Norris in The Quotidian Mysteries Whenever I am checking bags at an airport...
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