Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

Caroline W. Casey in Making the Gods Work for You At the time of his conversion, Ignatius indulged
Thomas Keating in Open Mind, Open Heart It only takes a moment for God
Suzanne Guthrie in Praying the Hours Christians sometimes think you need to conquer
Joyce Sequichie Hifler in When the Night Bird Sings [This is] what the Sioux Chief said
Harold Bloomfield in Spiritual Divorce Every day you don't forgive
James Truslow in The Time Is Now Perhaps it would be a good idea
Paul Pearsall in The Heart's Code The word "silly" derives from the Greek
Anthony de Mello in Awakening The Master overheard an actress
Maha Ghosananda in Step by Step When Cambodians greet persons
Sue Patton Thoele in The Wonders of Solitude Only in the oasis of silence can we
Mary Oliver in The Leaf and the Cloud Everyday -- a little conversation with God
Esther de Waal in The Way of Simplicity An old monastic saying goes
Thich Nhat Hanh in Awakening to the Sacred Every act done in the sunlight of awareness
Thomas Merton in Organic Spirituality We cannot see things in perspective
Anthony de Mello in Sadhana, A Way to God At the time of his conversion, Ignatius indulged
Ali Merad in Christian Hermit in an Islamic World Piety is not demonstrated exclusively
Sam Keen in To Love and Be Loved The desires that draw us
Hafiz in The Gift Blame keeps the sad game going
Heraclitus in Fragments Even a soul submerged in sleep is
Harold S. Kushner in How Good Do We Have To Be? Life is like a baseball season
Gary Thorp in Sweepnig Changes Try to be a good audience for whatever
Abbe Henri de Tourville in Bread Upon the Waters Be bold enough always to believe that