Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

Sara Shendelman, Avram Davis in Traditions A tradition that derives from the kabbalah
Sharon Salzberg in Faith To be driven by fear
Thich Nhat Hanh in Going Home In former lives you were a tree
James Finley in The Contemplative Heart I have heard it said that whining
Anthony de Mello in One Minute Wisdom Before I was twenty I never worried
Macrina Wiederkehr in A Grateful Heart O God, help me to believe the truth
Caroline A. Westerhoff in Good Fences We are also the enemy strangers.
Karen Casey in All We Have Is All We Need Acting as if we are kind strengthens our ability to be kind.
Philip Toshio Sudo in Zen 24/7 We adopt the attitude of nodding towards everything
Melody Beattie in Seasons of Grace Gratitude enhances past, present, and future.
Thich Nhat Hanh in Creating True Peace Every family should have
Frederick Buechner in Credo A clenched fist can't
Madeleine L'Engle in Anytime Prayers Remember that sometimes monsters only need
Rainer Maria Rilke in Living Strings He does not always remain
Robert Benson in Between the Dreaming adn the Coming True When we were given the capacity to love
Wayne Muller in Sabbath Another practice invites us to bless strangers
Corrine McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson in Spiritual Politics Today's headlines, viewed with the right consciousness
Abraham H. Maslow in Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences The great lesson from the true mystics...
Yogi Bhajan in Meditation as Medicine Be greedy that the end may be
The Music of Silence The economics of affluence demands
Abba Nilus in Desert Wisdom Do not want things