Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

G.K. Chesterton in Celebrate Your Child Taking things with gratitude
Dorothy Day in Dorothy Day: Selected Writings If we all carry a little of the burden
Brenda Peterson in American Nature Writing 1994 The Hopi Indians of Arizona believe
Molly Wolf in A Place Like Any Other It's funny how many of our problems result from expectations
C.S. Lewis in God Hunger This hunger is better than
Wayne Muller in Sabbath At our best, we become Sabbath
Wayne Teasdale in The Other Half of My Soul Transformation is the fruit of mystical revelation
William Penn in The Gift of Prayer God, help us not to despise
Clark Strand in The Wooden Bowl I once saw a cartoon
Merle Shain in Hearts That We Broke Long Ago The roots of love sink down and deep
Peter Reinhart in Bread Upon the Waters The pastor at my church often concludes
Will Brinton in Love and the World When you walk on the Earth
Maurine Stueart Roshi in Hidden Spring Whatever comes, good or bad, don't make a move
Tracy Cochran, Jeff Zaleski in Transformations Transformation -- the sudden understanding
Edward Hays in The Ladder A good daily exercise for soul loss
Doris Grumbach in Fifty Days of Solitude Quakers. During their worship service
Malidoma Patrice Some in The Healing Wisdom of Africa Individuality, not individualism, is the cornerstone
Eduardo Galeano in Upside Down The market for private police
Kadampa saying in Meditations to Transform the Mind Whenever you see a fault in others
Joan Chittister in Light in the Darkness Never fear periods of darkness in life
Joan Chittister in Wisdom Distilled from the Daily Hospitality means we take people
Thomas Keating in Divine Therapy & Addiction It's worthwhile to question our motives, even for noble acts.
Baal Shem Tov in The Kabbalah Deck Whenever feeling downcast, each person should
Jae Woong Kim in Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind In our monastery, we sleep with the lights on