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Welcome to Spirituality & Practice's E-Courses

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These popular spiritual growth and self-improvement programs are designed to fit your schedule and your budget.

Most of us love to go on a spiritual retreat:
• to reflect upon the meaning and purpose of our lives,
• to nurture our connection to Spirit,
• to learn from the great teachers,
• to expand our repertoire of spiritual practices
• to find a spiritual community.

We bring the retreats to you! Our E-Courses, Online Retreats, and 21-day Programs turn your email inbox into a spiritual retreat center.

You can participate in our many exceptional programs in two ways. One is by taking them when they are a "current" program during a specific time frame. Another way is by taking them on-demand where you choose your own start date and how frequently you want to receive the course content.

Scroll down this page to explore Current and upcoming E-Courses.

Visit these pages to see programs available on-demand:
• Online Retreats on Classic Spiritual Practices
• Practicing Spirituality E-Courses
. . . with the Religious Traditions
. . . in Places, Activities, and Relationships
. . . with Master Teachers
• 21-Day Programs to Change Habits

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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat


Current E-Courses

Each of these E-Courses and Online Retreats has a private Practice Circle where you can share your wisdom and experiences with other participants from around the world. These programs run during a specific time frame but latecomers will find all the emails archived on their account page.

October 6 - October 31
Zen and Everyday Life with Brenda ShoshannaZen and Everyday Life with Brenda Shoshanna is a four-week online retreat with Zen Buddhism practitioner Brenda Shoshanna. She covers a variety of Zen practices designed to help you clear away confusion, discover your own answers, and express your unique response to what's happening all around you, including zazen (meditation), the nature of koans, confronting the hungry ghost, and meeting the monkey mind. Through emails and short audios sent three times a week, she addresss what it means to take care of ourselves and each other so that we live a life that matters and develop true compassion. Brenda will also be available to answer questions and provide feedback during a one-hour teleconference and in the online Practice Circle. Details here.

October 6 - October 31
Lean In, Lighten Up, and Let GoLean In, Lighten Up and Let Go: Practices for a Deeper Commitment to the Contemplative Life with Mary Dwyer is an interactive online retreat to encourage a life of prayer and practice both on the chair and in daily life. It is designed as a review of contemplative prayer practices and will support you in making a deeper commitment to your relationship with God. It will help you discern your own "rule of life" and make a new commitment to live out the truth of God's presence and action every day. E-course elements include email lessons, short videos, weekly teleconferences, and an online Practice Circle. Details here.

September 8 - October 3
Living Your LegacyLiving Your Legacy: Seeds, Blossoms, Fruits is a four-week e-course in S&P's Elder Spirituality Series on ways to be intentional about the legacy we live and leave to our families, colleagues, and communities. The course is being developed and led by facilitators from Sage-ing International. Participants will receive emails on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with an essay on a theme, a personal story by one of the leaders, and some ways for you to put the lesson's ideas into practice. Themes include how legacy is a blessing, being intentional about spiritual and ethical matters, positive and negative legacies, and legacies of service. Participants will also have opportunities to interact with the e-course leaders during a one-hour teleconference and to share their own legacy plans with our worldwide community in the course's private Practice Circle. Details here.

September 8 - October 3
The Holy FoolThe Holy Fool: Finding Spiritual Liberation in Foolishness and Humor with Thomas Moore is a four-week online retreat in which Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) invites you to lighten up your spiritual life by embracing the Holy Fool and the spiritual and psychological benefits of making mistakes, living with imperfection, and using your illusions and silly ideas to get more in touch with your possibilities. Through emails three times a week and a one-hour teleconference, Moore will help you look closely at the arc of your life and notice where foolishness has had a role, for good or bad or both. You'll learn how to develop a comic view of life and practice laughing at yourself in a way that helps. In the online Practice Circle, we'll exchange funny/serious stories that we’ve heard or stories about our own predicaments and mistakes. This e-course is designed to evoke the Holy Fool, not just talk about him. September 8 - October 3. Details here.

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