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Welcome to Spirituality & Practice's E-Courses

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These popular spiritual growth and self-improvement programs are designed to fit your schedule and your budget.

Most of us love to go on a spiritual retreat:
to reflect upon the meaning and purpose of our lives,
to nurture our connection to Spirit,
to learn from the great teachers,
to expand our repertoire of spiritual practices
to find a spiritual community.

We bring the retreats to you! Our E-Courses, Online Retreats, and 21-day Programs turn your email inbox into a spiritual retreat center.

You can participate in our many exceptional programs in two ways. One is by taking them when they are a "current" program during a specific time frame. Another way is by taking them on-demand where you choose your own start date and how frequently you want to receive the course content.

Scroll down this page to explore Current and upcoming E-Courses.

Visit these pages to see programs available on-demand:
Online Retreats on Classic Spiritual Practices
Practicing Spirituality E-Courses
... with the Religious Traditions
... in Places, Activities, and Relationships
... with Master Teachers
21-Day Programs to Change Habits

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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Current E-Courses

Each of these E-Courses and Online Retreats has a private Practice Circle where you can share your wisdom and experiences with other participants from around the world. These programs run during a specific time frame but latecomers will find all the emails archived on their account page.

January 12 - February 6 Holy Silence: The Quaker Way
Holy Silence: The Quaker Way with J. Brent Bill is a one-month online retreat on embracing silence as the Quakers do, encountering God in a living and vital holy hush. This is a quiet inner place where God teaches us directly, granting us insights, guidance, and understanding of spiritual truth. We learn to marry faith with daily life. This e-course is being led by J. Brent Bill, a lifelong member of the Religious Society of Friends and author of numerous books on Quaker spiritual practices. Through 12 emails he will share how to practice a silence deeper than words and offer tools for entering into it, including Quaker Queries, a unique form of asking non-directive questions for spiritual growth. Participants will also discuss their journey into spiritual silence in the online Practice Circle and during a one-hour teleconference with J. Brent Bill.

February 18 - April 5 Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays
Practicing Spirituality with Edward Hays - Lent 2015 is an e-course for the 40 days of Lent plus the Sundays of Lent and Easter. It focuses on the everyday spirituality teachings of Edward Hays, a Catholic priest, former director of a contemplative center, and author of more than 30 bestselling books on contemporary spirituality. You will receive daily emails with short passages from Hays' books as well as suggestions for how to practice that thought during the day. Then in the online Practice Circle we'll share our responses to the readings and our experiences with the practices. Led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat.

February 18 - April 3 Silence and the Spiritual Journey with Thomas Keating
Silence and the Spiritual Journey with Thomas Keating is an online retreat for Lent that explores traditional signposts on the spiritual journey of purification into illumination and understanding and further into contemplation and union. You will receive a combination of email, video, and audio teachings as well as the opportunity to share and connect with others in the online Practice Circle. Included will be video excerpted from the Spiritual Journey DVD series, previously unpublished interviews of Fr. Thomas Keating, and new audio teachings with Fr. Thomas recorded especially for this retreat. This retreat offers a contemplative engagement with scripture and the liturgical themes of Lent. Led by Contemplative Outreach.

2015 Year-Long Program The Way of Silence
The Way of Silence A year-long program celebrating the Way of Silence as a practice and a way of life. It is an opportunity to make 2015 a time to reboot and reinvigorate our individual practices while connected to a worldwide community of shared intention. The program consists of two online retreats during the liturgical cycles of Lent and Advent and a third retreat on Centering Prayer as both relationship with God and consent to God's presence and action in daily life. Between the e-courses, subscribers will receive a weekly "Word of the Week" meditation for reflection and sharing in an online Practice Group.

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