Art Reviews

A People's Art History of the United States An illustrated guide to all the ways artists have contributed to the c…
Soundbreaking An extraordinary eight-hour documentary about the innovators of record…
How to See A top-drawer collection of art criticism that celebrates pictorial val…
Why You Love Music A celebration of music and the beneficial roles it plays in our lives.
Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang A visually stimulating documentary about the light shows, fireworks, a…


June Leaf's Coney Island A drawing of a couple and a carousel that immerses us in play.
Sydney Strickland Tully's "The Twilight of Life" (1894) A painting of an elderly woman conveying her quiet approach to aging.
Songs by Leonard Cohen A collection of the prophetic and spiritual songs by the singer/songwriter.
John August Swanson: Artist and Activist A collection of posters by this American visual artist.
Peter Paul Rubens' The Rainbow Landscape A lovely painting that tutors us in the art of immersion, wonder, and beauty.

Our Philosophy

The arts, photography, and music express our spiritual yearnings. They call us to pay attention, give us experiences of beauty and reverence, and awaken our wonder. Much more than images and sounds, they are treasured companions on our spiritual journeys.