Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Co-Founders and Co-Directors
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat have been covering contemporary culture and the spiritual renaissance for nearly five decades. They are the authors of the national bestseller Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life, a collection of more than 650 examples of spiritual perspectives on everyday experience, which is also the basis of a 26-part DVD series. In that book, the Brussats introduced the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy — 37 essential spiritual practices of the world's religions and spiritual paths.

Their book Spiritual Rx: Prescriptions for Living a Meaningful Life recommends resources and exercises for exploring those practices. The content on Spirituality & Practice, compiled from years of the Brussats' work, is also organized around the practices.

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Darren Polito
Creative Director

Darren is a renaissance soul as an artist, dancer, and Interfaith Minister. He began his professional career in Houston, Texas, as a hairstylist. After moving to New York City, he used his keen eye and attention to detail as the Special Projects Manager of Geoff Howell Studio where he kept busy sculpting, sewing, doing computer graphics, and handling project management.

Acting on a higher call to service, Darren attended One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and was ordained in 2009. His ministry includes officiating at ceremonies, leading Ecstatic Dance workshops to empower people to celebrate their bodies as temples of the Divine, and his many contributions to Spirituality & Practice. He is involved in maintaining and creating all the visual elements of the site as well as all stages of getting new content online, posting reviews, curating articles on special topics, creating promotional materials and video/audio production/editing. His pet projects are his blog The Ritual Space, "The 12s" — a monthly pop-up gallery of inspiring imagery and quotes and along those same lines Memes for use on social media.

Patricia Campbell Carlson
Program Director and Senior Editor
Patricia happened upon the book The World's Great Religions, a compilation from Life magazine, at age seven and found great solace in its tone of universal respect. Then a friend gave her a Bible from which, independent of formal religion, she took to heart an abiding sense of divine Presence. From these roots sprang a lifelong interfaith journey.

A graduate of Whitworth University, Patricia went on to study counseling in Cornell University’s EARS program and healing arts at the Fingerlakes School of Massage. She co-ran a youth program in Belfast, Northern Ireland; edited Sojourners magazine with a community devoted to social renewal; and served as the voice behind Cornell’s “Dear Uncle Ezra” column, a forerunner in online counseling. As Executive Director of, she carried forward the legacy of Br. David Steindl-Rast, a revered Benedictine author and teacher. She now delights in furthering S&P’s dynamic mission.

Mike Wu and Bandwidth Productions
Web Team

Mike Wu is the founder of Bandwidth Productions, Inc. a full service web design and development company founded in 2001 and located in New York City. Prior to starting Bandwidth, Mike managed websites for companies like NBC, Disney, and the National Hockey League. More about Bandwidth Productions can be found at their website.

Mike and his designers and programmers created Spirituality & Practice's web presence in 2006, and they have provided ongoing maintenance and enhancements to that site. They have completely rebuilt and redesigned the website for its relaunch in May 2015. They are truly a global team with Mike in New York City, Eric in Japan, Akeem in Trinidad, and Jesse in New Orleans.