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A Quick Tour of These Resources for Spiritual Journeys

This multifaith and interspiritual website, founded by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, is devoted to resources for spiritual journeys. The site's name reflects a basic understanding: spirituality and practice are the two places where all the world's religions and spiritual paths come together. While respecting the differences among traditions, we celebrate what they share in common. If you share our values, vision, and mission, we invite you to join one of our Circles of Support.

Tour of Spirituality & Practice Website

The Homepage gives you an overview of the rich diversity of content on the site. To the right is an alphabet of 37 essential practices of the spiritual life. References to them are found on almost every page. To the left is the navigation bar which takes you to sections that function as gateways to different approaches to the content.

Click on any practice in the alphabet, and you'll go to its homepage where you'll find ideas on how to practice using books, films, prayers, daily exercises, journals, imagery, art, music, and more. Read a definition of the practice and some of the reasons it might be a good one for you. Try a simple spiritual exercise for a concrete experience of the practice. Dip into some teaching stories and book excerpts.

The Spiritual Practices section includes articles and instructions on a wide variety of practices — tried-and-true methods used in the world's religions and also those simple things you do as you go along life's sacred journey. Here is also where you'll find our Spiritual Literacy in Wartime collection of articles, meditations, and galleries.

Books & Audios for Spiritual Journeys brings you reviews of the latest resources plus access to our extensive database of 7,000 reviews, searchable by title, author/director, medium, keyword, and tradition. We only do positive reviews, so you know these titles are really recommended for your journey. Find other resources by the same author/director using the handy "See all resources by" links in the sidebars on every page. Check out our choices of the Best Spiritual Books of the last fourteen years. Find exceptional book excerpts, author interviews, and other special features in the right sidebar.

Spirituality & Film continues our long history of finding spiritual meaning in today's films — from Hollywood blockbusters to special interest documentaries. See reviews of the latest releases and/or search our database of nearly 5,000 reviews. See our lists of the Most Spiritually Literate Films of the last fifteen years. Read interviews with directors and see galleries of images from spiritual films. Special features group films by themes and cover important festivals.

Spirituality on DVD highlights new recommended DVD releases. The Values & Visions Circles section shows how to use films for personal storytelling, soulmaking, and spiritual formation. Download discussion guides to current movies and DVDs plus program ideas for spiritual film circles.

Spiritual Teachers contains profiles of more than 120 (and counting) contemporary teachers we think you should meet on your spiritual journey. We highlight each person's particular contribution to the field and provide links to reviews of their books, excerpts, articles, interviews, websites, and more. A companion area, the Remembering Spiritual Masters Project, profiles teachers who are no longer with us physically but still offer great wisdom through their books, audios, and films.

E-Courses showcases our popular spiritual growth and self-improvement programs delivered by email. "Current courses" include access to a private online Practice Circle where participants talk about their responses to the lessons and their experiences with the practices. Check out the 40-day "Practicing Spirituality" series led by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and the Online Retreats led by a variety of renowned spiritual teachers. All the previously offered courses are available on-demand so you can set your own start date and frequency (daily, twice a week, three times a week, or weekly).

Religions & Spiritual Paths is one of the newest sections on S&P. On these pages, we've collected links to our content from specific religions and spiritual paths, including e-courses, 12 Basic Books, teachers, practices, quotes and more. At the top of the page is a link that brings up search returns for the latest content, and another link to a page of curated content that takes you on a deeper journey into the special contributions of the tradition. Check back often as we will be adding more traditions regularly.

Topics & Media is where we have organized our content by topics such as sacred poetry, happiness, the monastic life, gardening as a spiritual practice, teaching as a spiritual practice, and more. You'll also find daily meditations and music playlists as well as other multimedia. The map to Content Areas at S&P gives you links to search through our content for resources on a wide variety of subjects.

Naming the Days is the place to find ways to celebrate special days with spiritual practices — everything from household rituals to DVD viewing to community service projects.

Blogs is another recent addition to S&P. To date there are three blogs (with more coming): The Body Spirituality Blog in which we explore spiritually literate views of the body through some personal experiences and favorite spiritual practices; Praying the News which offers prayers, litanies, and spiritual commentaries on current events; and The Spiritual Literacy Blog in which we read the book of the world for sacred meaning, pointing you to articles and features we've discovered on the Internet.

The 12s Galleries are pop-up galleries that use inspiration quotes creatively illustrated by photographs. A new gallery is created each month inviting you to explore spiritual practices and spiritual wisdom from all the world's religions.

The Spiritual Literacy Project area tells you all about the DVD series based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat's bestselling book, Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life, 26 half-hours devoted to beautifully illustrated passages about the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy. Learn how people are using the series in churches, synagogues, hospitals, retreat centers, prisons, and elsewhere.

The S&P Community area is where you can interact with our visitors and the S&P team. Sign the Guest Book and tell the world about your experiences at the site. Submit your suggestions and questions. Share practices and talk about movies, books, and service opportunities. Help us build music playlists. Talk about the Spiritual Literacy DVDs.

If you like what you find at S&P, we have several ways for you to support the work: make a donation, shop in our gift store, or sign up for our newsletter.


Launched in 2006, Spirituality & Practice consolidates 40 years of the work of co-directors Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and their various publications and projects, including Cultural Information Service, Living Room Learning, Values & Visions, and the Spiritual Literacy Project.

CIStems, Inc., the nonprofit organization behind Spirituality & Practice was originally organized with the purpose of increasing positive uses of the arts/media by religious and community groups. Publications included reviews of books, films, and TV programs, providing insights on their deeper meanings and ways to use them for lifelong learning by teachers, preachers, and community leaders. Special projects included Viewer's Guides to TV programs and Values & Visions Discussion Guides to movies and books.

Over the years, propelled by the potential and power of providing resources and learning opportunities through the Internet, Spirituality & Practice has expanded its values, vision, and mission.

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