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We welcome your feedback and suggestions for Spirituality & Practice.

Guestbook: Tell us about your experience at S&P by signing our Guestbook.

Contact Us: Email the Editors.

Technical Issues: For technical support for a current e-course, post about the issue in the e-course's Practice Circle. For other technical issues, email us.

Review Copies. If you have a book, film, DVD, or audio that you would like us to consider for review, first look at the sections of the site devoted to these resources to see the kinds of things we cover. Then send a finished copy of the resource with any press releases and contact information to:

Frederic Brussat, Co-Director
Spirituality & Practice
15 W. 24th Street - 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Please note:
1. No e-books. If you book has not been published in hardcover or paper, we cannot at this time review it. Our reviewer will not read a book on a screen nor will we print out your book from a pdf.
2. We do not have time to respond to email queries or phone calls about whether we would be interested in a title, whether we have received it, and what our plans are for review. We will inform you if we review your title.

Advertising. For more information on advertising at S&P, see this page.

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