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The Spirituality and Practice e-newsletter is a regular update from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat with teaching stories and links to new posts on the site.

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Design Your Own Spiritual Education
with Our Advanced Searches

There are more than 19,000 pages of content at Spirituality & Practice, so we're not surprised that people occasionally tell us they don't know where to begin.

Some start each morning with the Spiritual Practice of the Day or the Spiritual Reading of the Day from the Updates column on the homepage. Others scan the Updates column for something of interest, or they go straight to the latest book and movie reviews. People looking for one book or film, author or director find those resources by using the Reviews Search Engine. Those interested in practices explore one of the 37 homepages devoted to the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy and follow links from those pages into all areas of the website.

Everything on Spirituality & Practice is coded by us as we write or edit the material. If you search the site using Google (and that search box is on most pages), you may get too many returns. So we encourage you to look for content using our search queries.

You can design your own spiritual education with these searches. Are you interested in Celtic spirituality? Want to see books and movies about parenting? Struggling with anger or envy? Want to jumpstart your creativity? Concerned about the effects of globalism? Interested in spiritual direction? The links on the following pages will take you to many resources for your spiritual journey.


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Religious and Spiritual Traditions
Life Stages and Relationships
Body and Everyday World
Culture and Politics
Emotions and Personal Qualities
Religious and Spiritual Themes

• Search our Reviews Database by using the search engine below. (It also appears in the left column of all the review pages.) This database includes 4,700 book reviews, 3,800 movie reviews, and 300 audio reviews.


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