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Emotional Intelligence Month

curated by Frederic Brussat


Thanks to the Emotional Intelligence Institute October has been designated as "Emotional Intelligence Month," a time for individuals, groups, and communities to ponder and practice the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions.

In his breakthrough book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman calls for a greater emphasis in society on the emotional arts of empathy, altruism, and cooperation. While celebrating the new discoveries of "the brain's emotional architecture," Goleman blames the rise in problems in families and intimate relationships on deficiencies in emotional intelligence.

Karla McLaren, an empathetic healer, has rightly observed: "Emotions are the richest source of energy we possess." We have certainly found this to be true. Many of our favorite spiritual masters emphasize the healing, nurturing, and uplifting power of positive emotions such as love, joy, enthusiasm, gratitude, compassion, peace, unity, and wonder. These emotions serve as soul boosters and enable us to cope with the messes and the miseries of life.

In our times, many self-help therapists have told us to pay attention to what our emotions are telling us and work with them. Spiritual leaders ask us to go a step further. They suggest we recognize that even the negative emotions we find toxic and troubling, such as anger, hatred, fear, and shame, can be catalysts to our transformation.

We believe there is a great need for all of us to become more observant and familiar with our own and other people's emotions. We can improve our emotional intelligence and apply it at home, in relationships, at work, in our community, and in the world at large.

We have combed through our quotes database and large archive of book excerpts to find thought-provoking and practical material for each day in the month of October. Be sure to check out all the wonderful books we link to and you will see how deep and broad the field of emotional intelligence has become.

Bon voyage on your emotional intelligence adventure!

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  Man covering face

Oct. 1: Emotional Meltdown
Oct. 2: Essence of All Spiritual Life
Oct. 3: The Best Feeling
Oct. 4: Feelings That Perk Us Up
Oct. 5: Feelings of Deficiency
Oct. 6: Shrugging Off Simmering Emotions
Oct. 7: The Optimist Creed
Oct. 8: The Practice of Savoring
Oct. 9: What Imagination Can Do For You
Oct. 10: Give Everyone the Benefit of the Doubt
Oct. 11: Discover the Inestimable Treasure of Joy
Oct. 12: Practice Keeps You Connected
Oct. 13: Uncertainty as a Catalyst to Change
Oct. 14: Live a Compassionate Life
Oct. 15: The Mouth as a Gateway to Faults & Misdeeds Contented couple
Oct. 16: Practice Empathy
Oct. 17: Welcoming Your Emotions
Oct. 18: Optimism as Emotional Courage
Oct. 19: Two Sides to Worry
Oct. 20: Pain as a Catalyst to Freedom Peaceful woman
Oct. 21: Let Despair Guide You
Oct. 22: Hope is Cultivatable
Oct. 23: Emotional Alchemy
Oct. 24: The Power of Yes and No
Oct. 25: Emotions are Transitive Coworker comforting another
Oct. 26: Awe
Oct. 27: Feeling Wonder
Oct. 28: Is This an Ice Age of the Heart?
Oct. 29: Wabi Sabi Love
Oct. 30: Gratitude for Being Appreciated
Oct. 31: Peaceful Contentment

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