The French writer Francis Rene de Chauterbriand had it right when he said: "There is nothing beautiful, sweet or great in life that is not mysterious."

I savor the manifold mysteries of a rainbow from horizon to horizon, the feelings of happiness in a place I find to be sacred, the voice of an ancestor in my ears, or the unconditional love of my cats. There is beauty in being awash in the mystery of being. Can you feel it too?

Here are three of my favorite practices for attending to the mysteries of life.

A prayer from Joyce Rupp's The Cup of Our Life:

"Breathing in: O Mystery…
Breathing out: Alive in me."

A practice from Terry Bookman's The Busy Soul:

"Lean back with your eyes closed, your arms open wide. Be there with all life's mysteries. Welcome them into your life."

A practice from Estelle Frankel's Sacred Therapy:

"Take a moment to relax by simply paying attention to your breath. As you settle into a steady rhythm of breathing, notice that you may feel more centered and still inside. Take a few moments to just be in this relaxed state—fully present.

"Now imagine, if you can, what you might look like if you were to see yourself through God's eyes — through eyes that are filled with wisdom and loving-kindness, eyes that see with compassion and do not judge. Try to see yourself as the amazing mystery and pure being that you are."

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