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About the Database

Search our database of more than 5,000 book and audio reviews. Remember, we only review resources we recommend for your spiritual journey.

Books and Audios Recently Reviewed


20 and Something
David H. Kim
A mini-book that provides a snapshot of twentysomethings in America.

A Broken Hallelujah
Liel Leibovitz
A fetching overview of the life, the music, and the meaning of Leonard Cohen as a spiritual seeker.

A History of Religion in 5 1/2 Objects
S. Brent Plate
An elegant and illuminating book on the spiritual importance of objects in the religious life.

A is for Awesome
Dallas Clayton
An optimistic and upbeat alphabet of affirmations for children.

A Joyful Path
Center for Progressive Christianity

A Maryknoll Book of Poetry
Michael Leach, Doris Goodnough, Helen Philips
A festive and warm-hearted collection of poems.

Ask the Beasts
Elizabeth A. Johnson
An exploration of the connections between the scientific insights of Charles Darwin and the Christian ideal of the presence of God in the natural world.

Rodney Smith
An erudite examination of awakening by a seasoned meditator.

Beauty, Wonder and Belonging
James Conlon
An exciting and illuminating book of hours based on a deep appreciation the cosmos and its many mysteries and delights.

Border Patrol Nation
Todd Miller
A wake-up all for those who have not kept up with the morally troubling expansion of the U.S. Border Patrol.

Boss No More
Estelle Meens
How a mother guides her bossy son through a rough patch at school where he is rejected by classmates.

Buddha's Daughters
Andrea Miller, The Editors of the Shambhala Sun
A sensitive and stirring anthology of writings by female spiritual teachers in the West.

Bumblebee Bike
Sandra Levins
The journey of a young thief who sees the errors of his ways and decides to change.

Churchill's Tale of Tails
Anca Sandu
A touching tale about the importance of friendship and things you can learn while on a quest.

Claude at the Beach
Alex T. Smith
More playful and funny adventures of Claude and his good friend.

Companions in Hope
Robert J. Wicks, Thomas E. Rodgerson
Wise counsel on caring for those in crisis.

Marcus J. Borg
A summing up by Macus J. Borg of his writings, teachings, concerns, and passions over the past 50 years.

Elmer and the Whales
David McKee
A feel-good picture book about two lucky elephants.

Everyday Camino with Annie
Annie O'Neil
A personal count of a pilgrim and co-producer of the documentary Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago.

Experiencing Spirituality
Ernest Kurtz, Katherine Ketcham
A collection of wonderful, soul-shaking, and thought-provoking stories.

Falling into Place
Catherine Reid
Elegant essays on the wonders and enchantments of the natural world in the Berkshires.

Thich Nhat Hahn
Wise counsel on creating a path of fearlessness.

Fighting For Peace
Carol Howard Merritt, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
Christians are challenged to become active peacemakers in a world with violence on every street.

Frames: Season 1: The Complete Collection
Barna Group
A collection of nine little books on some of the big topics of the day written from a Christian perspective.

Getting Older Better
Pamela D. Blair
Ideas and insights on a wide range of subjects for women living in the other country of age.

Greater Expectations
Claire Diaz-Ortiz
Exercises and practices to help you cope with our fast-paced culture.

How to Survive Change . . . You Didn't Ask For
M. J. Ryan
A guide to the skills and practices needed to bounce back from setbacks and become more resilient.

Hyperlinked Life
Jun Young, David Kinnaman
A probe of the wonders and pitfalls of our digital domain.

Information Anxiety 2
Richard Saul Wurman
A rousing sequel to the 1989 bestseller about information, understanding, design and culture.

Jesus Was a Migrant
Deidre Cornell
A presentation of the importance of journey and migration in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Lately Lily
Micah Player
The travels of a spunky, curious, and creative little girl.

Learning to Walk in the Dark
Barbara Brown Taylor
A study that models the questing spirit of creativity, openness, and playfulness in an examination of the manifold meanings of re-learning to walk in the dark.

Less Doing, More Living
Ari Meisel
Practical advice on managing your time and talent by "an achievement architect.

Light the Flame
Andrew Harvey
A collection of short prayers from many traditions.

Living a Gentle, Passionate Life
Robert J. Wicks
Following a spiritual path based on single-heartedness and simplicity.

Megan Elias
An admirably eclectic and enlightening book on lunch written with elan and creativity.

No Problem
Robert J. Wicks
A handy and thought-provoking spiritual formation resource.

O Taste and See
Bonnie Thurston
A reflection on Psalm 34:8 as a teaching on the process of coming to and growing in faith.

Larry J. Peacock
The 2nd edition of a multi-purpose devotional resource for personal spiritual growth and retreats.

Brigid Schulte
A thought-provoking look at the plight of working women, our time-starved culture, marriage and family life.

Paradise in Plain Sight
Karen Maezen Miller
A Zen master who is a connoisseur of the commonplace on what she has learned from her garden.

Robert J. Wicks
A robust study of openness and the virtues which emanate from this spiritual quality.

John Burningham
And interactive illustrated story about a patient party of five who endure a series of interruptions before having a pleasant picnic together.

Prayers at 3 A.M.
Phil Cousineau
An edgy and creative anthology of poems, chants, and songs about the allure and mysteries of the night.

Reflections of Amma
Amanda J. Lucia
A solid and substantive overview of the life and service of the hugging saint.

Sacred Butterflies: Poems, Prayers and Practices
James Conlon
A mix of poem-prayers and spiritual practices for those celebrating the universe story

Sacred Laughter of the Sufis
Jamal Rahman
Superb and substantive meditations on Sufi teaching stories.

Seiki Jutsu
Bradford Keeney, Hillary Keeney
An enthusiastic overview on the history, basic ideas, and daily practices of an energy practice that can transform your life.

Selfless Love
Ellen Birx
A good case for unbounded love and compassionate action from a perspective blending Zen and Christianity.

Sally Anne Garland
A universal story about how difficult it is to relate to irritating people.

Spiritual Guidance Across Religions
John R. Mabry
A valuable overview of the need for and practice of interfaith spiritual direction.

Stuff Matters
Mark Miodownik
A spiffy celebration of stuff such as steel, concrete, and glass.

The (Un)Common Good
Jim Wallis
A critique of American selfishness and a call for serving the common good.

The Almost Fearless Hamilton Squidlegger
Timothy Basil Ering
A children's book about creating fearlessness by befriending the monsters of the night.

The Authentic Life
Ezra Bayda
A wise, profound, and generous work by a Zen master who always has much to share with the interspirituality community.

The Big Book of Slumber
Giovanna Zoboli
Windows into the peaceful world of sleeping animals.

The Crusades of Cesar Chavez
Miriam Pawel
A full, rich, and impressive biography of America's most important Latino leader.

The December Project
Sara Davidson, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
An illuminating overview of the life and wisdom of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.

The Divide
Matt Taibbi
A hard-hitting look at the shameful happenings in America resulting from severe economic inequality.

The Empathy Exams
Leslie Jamison
A talented essayist with a spiritual perspective on empathy and other adventures of her mind, body, and soul.

The Geese March in Step
Jean-Francois Dumont
A delightful parable about those who march to the beat of their own private drum.

The Great Day
Taro Gomi
A story that demonstrates how physical energy and emotional enthusiasm can create great days.

The Naked Future
Patrick Tucker
A fascinating look at what our entry into the world of telemetry means.

The Next America
Paul Taylor, The Pew Research Center
A hugely informative and insightful look at upcoming generational clashes.

The People's Platform
Astra Taylor
Giant corporations squeezing money and power through the Internet

The Sufi Path of Annihilation
Nevit O. Ergin
Sufi poems and sayings from the Itlak path of Sufism.

To Save Everything, Click Here
Evgeny Morozov
An attack on solutionism and Internet-centrism.

Two Little Birds
Mary Newell DePalma
An edifying book about the challenges faced by two little plucky and resilient birds on their first migration journey.

Vampires Are Us
Margot Adler
An enlightening examination of our obsession with vampires.

War of the Whales
Joshua Horwitz
A remarkable book on the plight of the whales when military values are more important than anything else.

We Make the Road by Walking
Brian D. McLaren
A serious and sensitive year-long curriculum that brings us alive and sends us on our way rejoicing in service of others.

What Christians Can Learn from Other Religions
J. Philip Wogaman
A sturdy call to listen and learn from all religions and spiritual paths.

What Should We Be Worried About?
John Brockman
150 worries that are the concerns of the globe's brightest and best minds.

Words and Images that Seep into the Soul
James Phillips Noble
Quotations and poems that reveal a Protestant minister's questing spirit.

Helaine Becker
Summary (phrase): Fascinating explanations and pictures of 12 robots that look and perform like animals.