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On-Demand Online Retreats on Classic Spiritual Practices and Sacred Texts

Current E-Courses with Practice Circles
Retreats on Classic Practices
Retreats on Sacred Texts
Elder Spirituality E-Courses Series

With lessons delivered via email, these online retreats may also include audio recordings, video clips, online slide shows, and other materials. Schedule your own start date and frequency (daily, three times a week, twice a week, weekly) via your account page.

Please note: These on-demand retreats do not have Practice Circles. If you would like to set up a "custom" retreat for your group and have your own private Practice Circle, please contact us.

Retreats on Classic Practices
Advent of the Heart with Father Thomas KeatingAdvent of the Heart with Father Thomas Keating is an Advent retreat on the Path of Heartfulness, the path of coming into a deep awareness of the love of God. Twelve emails provide readings from scripture, the writings of Thomas Keating, and other writings on Advent themes. You also have access to video clips of Fr. Thomas Keating, and audio excerpts from an Advent teleconference by Contemplative Outreach. The selections have been chosen to match the focus of the liturgical season when Christians and sympatico souls await the birth of the light of Christ in our inmost beings. Details here.

Beyond Recovery with Rabbi RamiBeyond Recovery: The Twelve Steps as Spiritual Practice with Rabbi Rami is explores the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous applied to the ultimate addiction from which almost all human beings suffer: the addiction to control. Through 12 emails, Rabbi Rami Shapiro lays out the theory behind each of the Steps and offer practices from different wisdom traditions to help you apply them in your life. Participants also have access to the recordings of two one-hour teleconferences with Rabbi Rami held in January 2012 when this retreat was first offered. Make the Steps your spiritual practice and deepen your expression of justice, compassion, forgiveness, curiosity, wonder, serenity, humility, faith, and hope. Details here.

Centering Prayer with Cynthia BourgaultCentering Prayer with Cynthia Bourgeault is an Online Retreat on a no-frills form of meditation which not only delivers the healing and quieting of the mind typical of all meditation paths, but also reconnects directly to Christianity’s hidden treasury of mystical and transformational wisdom. Cynthia Bourgeault has worked closely with Fr. Thomas Keating, founder of the Centering prayer method, for nearly 25 years and is the author of the acclaimed book Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening. Through emails, audios clips, and a recorded teleconference, she teaches all you need to know to get your Centering Prayer practice up and running, or, if you are an experienced practitioner, to learn some new approaches to refresh and reboot your practice. Details here.

Child of the Light with Beth RichardsonChild of the Light with Beth Richardson is a retreat for the four weeks of Advent and the 12 days of Christmas. It is designed to help you find a quiet center, a time out from holiday busyness, to be with God. Daily emails include readings, reflections, and prayers inspired by Advent hymns and Christmas carols as well as links to recordings of the hymns. Details here.

Choosing to LoveChoosing to Love with Br. David Steindl-Rast is an Online Retreat on one of three Divine Virtues: love, which Br. David Steindl-Rast defines as the choice to say yes to what life brings us. Subscribers are able to view film footage from Br. David Steindl-Rast's talks during an Alaska cruise in 2011. Using poetry and insights born from years of contemplation and compassionate action, he explores how any profound experience of belonging feeds us intellectually, emotionally, and morally. Study questions for the talks are delivered in emails three times a week. Participants are then invited to share their reflections on love with a worldwide community posting comments to an online Practice Circle. Details here.

Contemplative DiscernmentContemplative Discernment is a retreat on contemplative discernment, a process of opening and listening to receive clues about who we are in God. It involves focusing on ever-deepening levels of relationship and trust in God and purifying our motivations. The retreat was developed by Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler and Fr. Carl Arico, who with Fr. Thomas Keating are the principal servant-leaders of Contemplative Outreach, a worldwide contemplative movement. It consists of 12 email lessons, mini-practices, audio recordings, a live teleconference, and guidance in Lectio Divina using 1 Corinthians 13. Details here.

Crafting Your Own Religion with Thomas MooreCrafting Your Own Religion with Thomas Moore is four-week online retreat in which Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) shows you how to redefine and re-imagine religion, using its time-honored elements to craft a personal religion out of your own experiences and inspiration. Emails three times a week introduce themes and projects on spiritual emotions, dream work, mystical experiences, sanctifying daily life, connection with the larger world, the essential role of art, and more. Subscribers will also have access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with Moore held when the course was first offered. This e-course is designed for people happily rooted in one religion, spiritually independent people who draw from many traditions, and agnostics and athiests with no prior experience or participation in a religion. Details here.

Creating a Monastery of the Heart with Joan ChittisterCreating a Monastery of the Heart with Joan Chittister is designed as a one-month online retreat during which Sister Joan Chittister introduces the key elements of Benedictine spirituality — prayer, silence, work, co-creation, hospitality, community, good zeal, sharing, listening heart, and humility — through excerpts from her writings, audio lessons, and recordings of two teleconferences. Participants are encouraged to create their own Monastery of the Heart by working with with journal prompts, creative project suggestions, and simple practices. Recommended for seekers of all faiths or no faith are welcome. Details here.

Creating Your Life with James HollisCreating Your Life with James Hollis is an online retreat created by a Jungian analyst whose work reflects the coming together of psychology and spirituality. Timeless wisdom and contemporary insights are presented through email lessons, audio messages, and suggested practices. Based on the understanding that when you face life's most difficult challenges, you reap life's most satisfying rewards, this retreat will help you move toward a life that gives you a genuine feeling of satisfaction, depth, and worth. Details here.

The Cry of the ProphetThe Cry of the Prophet
Based on the new book by Benedictine sister Joan Chittister, this retreat is co-led by Spirituality & Practice and Benetvision. Explore what the great prophets and women prophets have in common with us today. Details here.

Discovering What's EnoughDiscovering What's Enough with Wayne Muller is an Online Retreat led by executive leadership mentor and bestselling spiritual author Wayne Muller on what it means to have, to be, and to do enough. Emails include reflections and practical tools that demonstrate how simple choices you make each and every day can slowly and gently help you discover what's enough for you, and what is a sufficiently beautiful contribution to the world. Participants also have access to two recorded teleconferences. Details here.

Engaging Hope with Br. David Steindl-RastEngaging Hope with Br. David Steindl-Rast is an Online Retreat on one of three Divine Virtues: hope, which Br. David Steindl-Rast defines as "openness to surprise." Subscribers are able to view film footage from Br. David Steindl-Rast's talks during an Alaska cruise in 2011 as he explores various facets of hope on the personal level — the wild joy of belonging, how limitations can be opportunities, holding expectations lightly — and then looks at the broader social ramifications of hope. Study questions for each talk are delivered in 12 emails along with suggestions for reflections in a journal. Details here.

A Field Guide to SolitudeA Field Guide to Solitude with James Kullander is an 12-part online retreat that shows you how to embrace solitude whether you just occasionally find yourself alone, deliberately take some time to be alone, or live alone. Emailed classes include passages from ancient and contemporary writers, artists, philosophers, and spiritual sages that illustrate the many ways solitude is beneficial to our spiritual growth. Suggested practices, journal prompts, and creative projects help you explore the value of solitude for you. Details here.

Forgiveness - A Growth in LoveForgiveness - A Growth in Love is a 12-part retreat on forgiveness as a divine gift of love. Emailed lessons contain essays on various aspects of this practice, step-by-step instructions in the contemplative Prayer of Forgiveness, links to audio and video programs and a slideshow, and readings about forgiveness. Led by Contemplative Outreach. Details here.

The Grace of Advent The Grace of Advent: Consent to Contemplative Living with Contemplative Outreach uses Scripture and the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating and other mystical writers to explore the great themes of the season. The content is shared via emails and video and audio recordings.

The Grace of Lent The Grace of Lent: Foundations for Contemplative Living with Fr. Thomas Keating is a program for Lent viewing this season as an artful preparation to a slow and sustained intentional journey where the heart is awakened into a new life in and through divine love. Through a combination of emailed lessons and video and audio teachings it explores the foundations of the contemplative life. The practice of meditating on art is taught using images from artist Frederick Franck's series "The Tao of the Cross."

The Holy FoolThe Holy Fool: Finding Spiritual Liberation in Foolishness and Humor with Thomas Moore is an retreat in which Thomas Moore invites you to lighten up your spiritual life by embracing the Holy Fool and the spiritual and psychological benefits of making mistakes, living with imperfection, and using your silly ideas to get more in touch with your possibilities. He helps you look closely at the arc of your life and notice where foolishness has had a role. You'll receive 12 emails with ideas and practices plus access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with Moore. Details here.

Holy Silence: The Quaker Way
Holy Silence: The Quaker Way with J. Brent Bill is a retreat on embracing silence as the Quakers do, encountering God in a living and vital holy hush. This is a quiet inner place where God teaches us directly, granting us insights, guidance, and understanding of spiritual truth. We learn to marry faith with daily life. This e-course was developed by J. Brent Bill, a lifelong member of the Religious Society of Friends and author of numerous books on Quaker spiritual practices. Through 12 emails he shares how to practice a silence deeper than words and offer tools for entering into it, including Quaker Queries, a unique form of asking non-directive questions for spiritual growth. Subscribers also have access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with J. Brent Bill.

Intercessory Prayer with Jane VennardIntercessory Prayer with Jane Vennard is designed to lead you deeper into the intercessory prayer life you most likely already have. Through email lessons and two hour-long recorded teleconferences, Jane addresses questions about this most common form of prayer that is, for many people, also the most confusing and misunderstood. We are encouraged to explore many different forms of prayer, including some nonverbal ones, as we pray for family and friends, enemies, those who are ill or have died, and justice and peace. Details here.

InterSpiritual MeditationInterSpiritual Meditation is a six-week Online Retreat on Interspiritual Meditation, a universal seven-step process (Motivation, Gratitude, Transformation, Intention, Mindfulness, Meditation, Dedication) drawn from the world's spiritual traditions. Through daily emails, weekly conference call classes, and online discussions, participants will explore its value as an individual contemplative practice to cultivate inner peace and as a group process/liturgy to build contemplative communities of people from many traditions. Details here.

Lectio DivinaLectio Divina: Heart to Heart - Listening and Living with God is a online retreat on the ancient contemplative practice of praying the Scriptures in four ways: the literal, the allegorical, the moral/behavioral, and the unitive. Emailed lessons provide step-by-step instructions in the Lectio Divina method and answers to frequently asked questions. Subscribers also receive access to audio recordings with leaders from Contemplative Outreach and pdf slideshows reviewing key concepts covered in the emails. Details here.

The Liberating Promise of Mindfulness with Sylvia BoorsteinThe Liberating Promise of Mindfulness with Sylvia Boorstein is an online retreat on the classical Buddhist practice that can dramatically enhance the way we live in the twenty-first century. Sylvia Boorstein, one of the world's most esteemed teachers of Buddhist wisdom and practice, describes it as dedicated moment-to-moment clarity that has the potential to free us of constricting identities and give us a greater appreciation of the events and encounters in our daily lives. This retreat includes email classes, short audio clips, and recorded teleconferences. Details here.

Living the Hours with Patricia Campbell CarlsonLiving the Hours with Patricia Campbell Carlson is an online retreat created by Patricia Campbell Carlson, drawing upon the resources of A Network for Grateful Living ( on the monastic practice of punctuating each day with eight points of prayers, known as the Hours. Participants receive 18 emails showing how this ancient Christian practice can be universalized for people of all traditions and provide a meaningful way of life in our fast-paced world. The emails also contain prompts for journal writing and suggestions for creating your own Book of Hours. Details here.

Lovingkindness with Sylvia BoorsteinLovingkindness with Sylvia Boorstein is led by one of the world's most esteemed teachers of Buddhist wisdom and practice. Lovingkindness practice shows us how to be kind -- not only to others but also to ourselves. Through email lessons and audio downloads, Sylvia leads us through the practice, using a teaching style that incorporates her personal experiences, delightful stories, and timeless meditation techniques. Details here.

Mastering the Art of Resilience with James KullanderMastering the Art of Resilience with James Kullander is an online retreat on how to develop resilience — the capacity to cope with and rebound from adversity — in a wide variety of situations. The course offers a rich combination of the timeless wisdom of spiritual and philosophical sages, contemplative practices, insights of contemporary psychologists, and anecdotes illustrating resilience from retreat leader James Kullander and others. The emailed leslsons also suggest practices and journal prompts and give you links to articles and videos on resiliency. Details here.

Pausing with Terry HersheyPausing with Terry Hershey is a retreat created by spiritual teacher and master storyteller Terry Hershey. He invites us to embrace a new paradigm, to become more by doing less, by practicing self-care and learning the art of really paying attention every single day. In audio and video clips and recordings of two teleconferences, Terry, in his inimitable style, shares stories that illustrate key themes. Details here.

Practicing the Presence of GodPracticing the Presence of God is an online retreat on the practice of paying attention to what you are doing and doing it for the love of God. The retreat leaders are David Frenette, Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, and Pamela Begeman from Contemplative Outreach, a worldwide contemplative movement. Our mentors for this practice are Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection who cultivated the presence of God as he worked as a monastery cook, St. Therese of Lisieux who is known for her little way of devotion through daily activities, and Jean-Pierre De Caussade who taught that every moment of our lives could become a sacrament of communion with the Divine. The retreat consists of email lessons, audio recordings, and quotations and mini-practices. Details here.

Praying for Justice and PeacePraying for Justice and Peace with Jane Vennard is an Online Retreat exploring prayer practices for responding to injustices, conflicts, and violence in our world. Jane Vennard, a spiritual director, retreat leader, and author of many books on prayer, will address questions that often arise around the efficacy of this kind of prayer as well as answers to prayer, calls to action and rest, and the power and promise of a peaceful heart. The retreat consists of 12 emails, 4 guided audio meditations, and a recorded teleconference. Details here.

Presence - Relationship with Divine LovePresence - Relationship with Divine Love with Kabir Helminski is an e-retreat on how presence enables us to enter a more conscious relationship with Divine Love. This conscious awareness also allows our thoughts, feelings, and actions to be known, developed, and harmonized. Drawing upon fourteen centuries of Sufi wisdom, Kabir Helminski will present presence practices that are universally relevant across spiritual traditions. Email lessons include links to recordings of instructions for developing presence in your everyday life. Details here.

RemembranceRemembrance: The Spiritual Practice of Zhikr with Kabir Helminski is a 12-part e-retreat on remembrance of God, a knowing of the heart that results in a continuous awareness of divine support and guidance. Through email lessons and audio recordings, Sufi shaikh Kabir Helminski conveys both the knowledge and state of remembrance. Learn the spiritual practice of zhikr, sustaining remembrance through chanting the Divine Names, through the breath, through awareness of the heart, and through reflections on our actions. Details here.

Silence and the Spiritual Journey with Thomas Keating Silence and the Spiritual Journey with Thomas Keating is an online program for Lent that explores traditional signposts on the spiritual journey of purification into illumination and understanding and further into contemplation and union. Included are email lesesons, video excerpted from the Spiritual Journey DVD series, previously unpublished interviews of Fr. Thomas Keating, and new audio teachings with Fr. Thomas recorded especially for this retreat. This retreat offers a contemplative engagement with scripture and the liturgical themes of Lent. Led by Contemplative Outreach.

Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff WorkSpiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work with Cynthia Bourgeault is a hands-on exploration through Gurdjieff's unparalleled teachings on attention, identification, and self-remembering. Through 12 email lessons, Cynthia Bourgeault will present Gurdjieff's ideas using a cumulative, sequential approach that remains concrete and focused on practical tasks. You will also have access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference held when this e-course was first offered.Details here.

Transformative TravelTransformative Travel: The Art of Finding Meaning on the Road with Phil Cousineau is a 12-part online retreat in which Phil Cousineau, a worldwide traveler and author of a bestselling book on pilgrimage, will show us why there is no such thing as a boring destination and no excuse for meaningless travel. Through emailed lessons, he'll provide you with a satchel-full of practices, rituals, ceremonies, tricks of attention and intention that will encourage you to craft your next journey in a way that will evoke the most meaning, joy, and significance. Widen your notions about what travel can offer whether you are planning a trip abroad, visiting a park or a new city, or venturing to a different part of your own community. Details here.

Trusting in Life with Br. David Steindl-RastTrusting in Life with Br. David Steindl-Rast is a one-month retreat on one of three Divine Virtues: faith or entrusting yourself to life. Participants view film footage from Br. David Steindl-Rast's talks during an Alaska cruise in 2011 to explore how trusting life works, the relevance of peak experiences, what it means to be blessed and to bless, what is meant by living forever, and much more. Study questions for each talk are delivered via email. Details here.

Walking on Sacred EarthWalking on Sacred Earth: Awakening to Intimacy with the Natural World is a 12-part retreat on eco-spirituality designed to help you develop a respectful connection with Earth beginning in your own community. Participants will receive 12 emails plus video and audio messages from Nancy Rowe, who has taught and led workshops on Earth-based spirituality. Through spiritual practices done outdoors, intentional walks, guided contemplative meditations, and watching videos of "moments of awe," this retreat invites you to experience nature as fully alive and spiritually radiant. Details here.

The Way of the Spiritually IndependentThe Way of the Spiritually Independent with Rabbi Rami is a 12-part retreat for the growing number of seekers without borders drawn to wisdom wherever it may be found. Rabbi Rami Shapiro focuses on five timeless existential questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? How shall I live? Why? Emailed lessons include essays with illustrations and religious texts plus suggested practices. The goal of the e-course is to share the way of the spiritually independent so that you can fashion your own practice. Details here.

Ways to Pray from Around the WorldWays to Pray from Around the World with Maggie Oman Shannon is a 12-part e-course presenting 12 creative spiritual practices from different cultures and religious traditions around the world. Maggie Oman Shannon, author of several interfaith/interspiritual prayer books, explains the history of each practice and how you can incorporate them into your prayer life. No prior creative experience is required. All you need is a heart that loves beauty and longs to visually express its devotion to the Divine. Details here.

Welcoming Prayer: Consent on the GoWelcoming Prayer: Consent on the Go is an online retreat on a method of consenting to God's presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. The Welcoming Prayer helps to dismantle the emotional programs of the false-self system and to heal the wounds of a lifetime. Led by Contemplative Outreach, best known for their teaching of Centering Prayer, this retreat includes email lessons, four videos, a recording of a teleconference, step-by-step instructions plus an audio version of the prayer, and mini-practices. Details here.

Retreats on Sacred Texts

The Wisdom of A Course in MiraclesThe Wisdom of A Course in Miracles with Diane Berke is a 28-part retreat led by interfaith educator Diane Berke on the modern spiritual classic A Course in Miracles. Described as a system of spiritual psychotherapy, the goal of the Course is inner peace achieved through the practice of forgiveness and a shift in perception (a miracle) from fear to love. Emails include an excerpt from A Course in Miracles, a commentary by Diane Berke, and a practice suggestion. Details here.

The Essence of the Qur'anThe Essence of the Qur'an
Islamic scholars Shaikh Kabir Helminski and Jeremy Henzell-Thomas offer 30 meditations from the Qur'an, revealing the universal spiritual principles that can guide and strength our hearts — whatever path we follow. Commentaries and suggestions for reflection encourage you to explore how the message from the Qur'an resonates with your life. Details here.

Exploring the Psalms with Barbara CraftonExploring the Psalms with Barbara Crafton is a e-course originally designed for Lent. It explores the Psalms in a deep and rich way: aware of their history and the worldview of those long-ago sisters and brothers who first sang them, but openhearted and imaginative enough to let them speak to us of our world. Participants receive a total of 47 emails, each with a psalm, a commentary on it by Episcopal priest and spiritual director Barbara Crafton, and some ways to bring it into your life during the day. Details here.

The Gospel of Thomas with Cynthia BourgeaultThe Gospel of Thomas with Cynthia Bourgeault provides a complete "starter kit" on The Gospel of Thomas, a remarkable text which scholars believe may contain the earliest versions of the wisdom teachings of Jesus. Of interest to Christians as well as spiritual seekers is its powerful vision of transformed humanity. The course consists of four introductory emails; 24 emails each with a saying from the Gospel, a commentary on it by Christian contemplative Cynthia Bourgeault, and suggestions for working with it practically in your daily life; two emails assessing the importance of Thomas for our time; and a recording of a one-hour teleconference with Cynthia. Details here.

The Gospel of Thomas for Advent
The Gospel of Thomas for Advent with Cynthia Bourgeault focuses on sayings from the Gospel of Thomas on the themes of watchfulness, spiritual generativity, the fullness of time, and the play of light and darkness. Each day you will receive a carefully selected wisdom saying from Thomas, a brief commentary by Cynthia Bourgeault, and a suggested spiritual practice. Some days also include links to chants based on the passages from Thomas. Details here.

InterSpiritual WisdomInterSpiritual Wisdom is an Online Retreat that is a rare opportunity to learn from six pioneers of InterSpirituality: Shaikh Kabir and Shaikha Camille Helminski, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Swami Atmarupananda, Dr. Ed Bastian, and Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault. Through emailed lessons, they explore sacred texts from their respective traditions to help us deepen our practice of forgiveness, self-knowledge, self-emptying, interdependence and reciprocity, courage, and love and compassion. Details here.

The Journey of the Soul in the Teachings of RumiThe Journey of the Soul in the Teachings of Rumi explores seven themes of the spiritual journey: The Call, Seeking, Mercy, Purity of Heart, Trust, Surrender in Love, and Oneness of Being. Led by a group of practicing Sufis who have been on Rumi's path under the direction of Kabir and Camille Helminski, the course consists of emails with reflections and samples of Rumi's poetry. Details here.

Poetry to Transform Your Life
Poetry to Transform Your Life with Roger Housden consists of 31 emails, each with a poem especially chosen by Roger Housden for their ability to awaken you to fresh ways of seeing both yourself and the world, a commentary on the poem by Roger Housden, a process for consciously reflecting on the poem, a simple practice to bring the poem's meaning into your life, and an audio recording of the poem by Housden. Housden is the bestselling author of the Ten Poems to Change Your Life series of books and is renowned for his inspired recitations of sacred poetry. Details here.

Rumi - Living a Spiritual LifeRumi - Living a Spiritual Life, designed as a four-week daily e-course, covers the coherent and universal spiritual teaching that underlies the unforgettable images and metaphors in Rumi's poetry. Led by Kabir and Camille Helminski, who have been on Rumi's path for 35 years, the course consists of emails presenting gems from Rumi plus commentaries and insights by Kabir and Camille. Audio clips with Kabir and Camille reciting the selections and four longer meditations by Camille give you another way of experiencing the poetry and Rumi's teachings. Details here.

The Spirituality of the Gospels with Thomas MooreThe Spirituality of the Gospels with Thomas Moore was originally offered as a daily e-course for Lent running from Ash Wednesday through Easter. Using his fertile imagination, drawing upon his own translations of the New Testament Gospels, Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) offers fresh interpretations of these intelligent, challenging, and incredibly inspiring texts. Emails include a Gospel passage, commentary by Thomas Moore, practice to bring the teaching into daily life, and suggested creative project. There are also audio and video lessons as well as recordings from two hour-long teleconferences. Details here.

The Tao Te Ching as a Path and a PracticeThe Tao Te Ching as a Path and a Practice with William Martin is an Online Retreat on the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching that has illuminated the path for pilgrims from every spiritual tradition for over two millennia; it has proven to be a reliable guide to "let Life live itself" in and through us. A month's worth of daily emails include passages from different translations of the Tao, a commentary by William Martin highlighting key themes and personal applications of the wisdom, and simple practices of this "Way of Life." Details here.

The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and MothersThe Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers with Christine Valters Paintner is an online retreat exploring the wisdom of the early Christian monastics who fled to the desert of Egypt to cultivate more intimacy with God and with themselves. Participants will receive a total of 28 emails, each with a quote from the desert mothers and fathers, commentary by Christine Valters Paintner, questions for reflection, and suggestions for practice. Details here.

The Wisdom JesusThe Wisdom Jesus with Cynthia Bourgeault is a five-week retreat presenting Jesus as a Wisdom teacher, a universal cultural treasure whose extraordinary teachings and heart exemplify the highest consciousness a human being can live out of. Open to people of all faith traditions — or none — and geared toward transformational practices, not creedal statements, this retreat is based upon Cynthia Bourgeault's internationally acclaimed book The Wisdom Jesus but has a greater emphasis on Jesus' teachings themselves, particularly the parables and Beatitudes. She also provides guidance on contemplative practices to bring this wisdom into your daily life. Participants will receive a total 15 emails on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There are also two recorded teleconferences. Details here.

The Wisdom of MuhammadThe Wisdom of Muhammad with Camille and Kabir Helminski is a retreat on the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad, whose life and teaching is a significant part of the spiritual legacy of humanity and whose character continues to influence the behavior of 1.5 billion human beings today. Whatever our path or religion, we can learn something from Muhammad about what it means to be a deeply spiritual being while engaged in family and community life. The e-course includes four meditations by Camille Helminski and 28 emails providing a Hadith (a wisdom saying of Muhammad) for reflection with a brief commentary and a suggested practice for the day. Details here.

Wisdom of the Rebbes with Rabbi RamiWisdom of the Rebbes with Rabbi Rami is a retreat on four ways to God in Hasidism, one of the most important Jewish spiritual movements: the ways of wisdom, study, faith, and humility. Subscribers receive emails with short teachings from the writings of the Hasidic rebbes on these themes, supplemented by commentaries by Rabbi Rami Shapiro and practices to help bring the teachings into daily life. Details here.

Elder Spirituality E-Courses Series

Becoming a Wise ElderBecoming a Wise Elder with Angeles Arrien is an 18-part e-course designed as a six-week retreat. Email lessons cover the eight gates through which we must pass to fully develop into wise elders. Cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien offers wisdom and practices for the elder journey. Details here.

The Blessings of AgingThe Blessings of Aging with Joan Chittister is a 12-part e-course in S&P's "Elder Spirituality Project." Joan Chittister reframes aging and encourages us to discover what new perceptions and attitudes about growing older can mean for our lives. She explores such themes as regret, fear, the quest for meaning, the joys of this time of life, spirituality, wisdom, and legacy. Participants receive 12 emails, video messages from Chittister, reflection questions, and ideas for activities and rituals. Details here.

Living Your LegacyLiving Your Legacy: Seeds, Blossoms, Fruits is a 12-part e-course on ways to be intentional about the legacy we live and leave to our families, colleagues, and communities. The course was developed and led by facilitators from Sage-ing International. Email lessons include a quote, an essays on a theme, a personal story by one of the leaders, some ways for you to put the lesson's ideas into practice, and a blessing. Themes include how legacy is a blessing, being intentional about spiritual and ethical matters, positive and negative legacies, and legacies of service.Details here.

ReStorying Your LifeReStorying Your Life with Christina Baldwin is a 12-part e-course in S&P's "Elder Spirituality Project." Christina Baldwin, who has contributed two classics on journaling as a spiritual practice and the healing power of telling your story, leads us through the process commonly called "life review." Emailed lessons explore getting present with our stories; living in history, time, and place; grief and gratitude; and legacy through story. Participants also have access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with Christina. Details here.

The Sage's Tao Te ChingThe Sage's Tao Te Ching with William Martin is part of S&P's "Elder Spirituality E-Courses Series." Using poetic passages from his book for sages, a reformulation of the classic text of Chinese philosophy by Lao Tzu. William Martin offers teachings on the sage as a model for a life of spirited freedom, contentment, wisdom, and playfulness. Emailed lessons include Martin's comments and suggestions for reflection and practice. Details here.

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