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About the Database

Search our database of more than 4,500 film reviews. We have been discovering spiritual meanings in movies for nearly four decades.

Recent DVD/VHS Releases


A Most Wanted Man
A poignant glimpse of the war on terror and the vulnerability of a burnt-out German intelligence operative.

An impressive morality play about an Irish Catholic priest forced to suffer for the sins of others.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
A post-apocalyptic story that revolves around the moral leadership of a peace-making ape and the heart-centered actions of a good man.

Dolphin Tale 2
A satisfying continuation of the story of the dolphin with a prosthetic tail that shows that animals have emotions and feel things deeply.

Fifi Howls From Happiness
A documentary about an arrogant and weird Iranian artist living in exile in Rome.

First Cousin Once Removed
One of the best documentaries ever made on Alzheimer's which has been called the disease of the century.

Happy Christmas
An appealing comedy filled with authentic everyday life scenes revolving around marriage and siblings.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
An impressive sequel that leaves us cheering for the noble ideal of animals and humans living together in peace and harmony.

I Origins
A spiritual movie about the eyes, science, reincarnation, and the great mysteries of life.

Jersey Boys
A biopicture about the pop music group worth seeing for the playful and melodic songs.

Kids for Cash
A nightmarish and heart-wrenching documentary about fear, paranoia. greed, and an indictment of the juvenile justice system.

Land Ho!
A wonderful and quirky film about two quite different seventy-somethings and their adventures during a trip to Iceland.

Magic in the Moonlight
A delightful romantic comedy with enchanting performances by Emma Stone and Colin Firth.

Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey
A documentary about a 450-mile pilgrimage through the Himalayas to spread the message of environmental compassion.

Planes: Fire & Rescue
Entertaining animated sequel in which the superstar crop duster learns to deal with disappointment and put others ahead of himself.

Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering
Portrait of a thoughtful, articulate, and courageous whistle-blower.

The Congress
Intriguing story about what it would be like to live in a post-avatar world.

The Giver
A cogent morality play about love, memory, and what is needed for a full and rich life.

The Hundred-Foot Journey
An enchanting movie about family solidarity and the soulful dimensions of cooking.

The One I Love
A remarkable, creative, and thought-provoking drama about treasuring love and sustaining marriage.

The Short Game
A snappy and crowd-pleasing documentary about eight players in the World Golf Championships for children 8 and under.

The Skeleton Twins
An exploration of both the complications and the life-affirming dimensions of sibling relationships.

The Wind Rises
The life, work, and love story of an aviation engineer in Japan prior to World War II directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

This Is Where I Leave You
A dramedy that provides humor, heartbreak, and vulnerable characters we can empathize with as they live out their messy days.

To Kill a Man
A chilling Chilean film which offers a fresh take on revenge.

Very Good Girls
A difficult yet rewarding summer for a teenager getting ready to leave for college.

What If
Some fresh insights and new slants on the pesky question: can a man and a woman be friends and not lovers?