Everyone Says I Love You is Woody Allen's musical exploration of the variety and the vagaries of romantic love. Although set in contemporary New York, Venice, and Paris, the songs here are from the 1930s.

The story revolves around an affluent New York family. Bob (Alan Alda) and Steffi (Goldie Hawn) hold a party for an ex-con (Tim Roth) who steals the heart of their daughter (Drew Barrymore). She jilts her fiance (Edward Norton), much to the dismay of her straight-arrow brother (Lukas Haas) and sister (Gaby Hoffman).

Meanwhile, Steffi's ex-husband Joe (Woody Allen) wins the affections of Von (Julia Roberts), an American woman who is visiting Venice. It's all been set up by his daughter DJ (Natasha Lyonne).

Although many of these characters sing "I'm Through with Love," they can't seem to get it out of their systems. In the most romantic scene in the film, Joe dances with Steffi in Paris and twirls her into the air. It is the buoyancy of l'amour that keeps our hearts brimming with desire and expectancy. No wonder we all, in our own ways, break into song.