The Nest explores a platonic love affair between Don Alejandro, an elderly wealthy and eccentric widower, and Goyita, the 13-year-old daughter of a policeman. This Spanish film, carrying intimations of Cervantes' Don Quixote, depicts the old man's downfall as he capitulates to the enchantments and commands of this child-woman.

He first sees her in a school rehearsal of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Coquettish, intense, intelligent and possessive, Goyita draws out Don Alejandro's yearning for an idyllic love. They create their own alternate world, much to the dismay and concern of the pious townsfolk. His best friend, a priest, serves as a sounding board for the obsessed romantic who truly believes that his love for Goyita can redeem him from a meaningless life.

Writer-director Jaime De Arminian draws out excellent performances from Hector Alterio, Ana Torrent and Luis Politti. The Nest offers some interesting twists on a theme examined in other film such as Sundays and Cybele, Lolita, Beau Pere and Manhattan.