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Letting Go and Daily Life

An Interview with Ven. Thubten Chodron


Buddhist teacher Thubten Chodron has posted an interview on her website about "Letting Go and Daily Life." Attachment to people, things, and places causes a great deal of suffering and dissatisfaction. We often get what we want and then discover that it is not enough. Chodron says that detachment is a state of mind that is the antidote to clinging and craving. "It's a balanced state of mind that is free from obsession. With it, we won't be pulled here and there by the whims of attachment, but will be peaceful, content, and open."

Many people think that detachment means indifference and an "I don't care attitude." They miss the point that it really brings freedom by enabling us to be open to all things equally. Chodron suggests several spiritual practices to achieve detachment. She also presents ideas on how couples and parents can practice letting go in the home. Those who try to move beyond selfish attachment do so by cultivating compassion and wisdom.

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