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Sharing Ramadan


Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims, started on September 1. That same day a website launched to offer an online place where those observing the fast could share inspirational stories about life during the month. How the project came about as a collaboration between and Muslim journalist Raad Alawan is described in The Interfaith Story Behind the Project. David Crumm, who for 20 years was the Religion Writer for the Detroit Free Press and who now hosts as an online home for important voices in religion and spirituality, says of SharingRamadan:

"We've designed it as a 'safe space' — and the whole concept is to directly empower the dozens of Muslim men, women, and young people whose stories will appear all month long. In talking to Muslim leaders far and wide over the years — the one thing I hear repeatedly voiced is a hope for 'space' in American media to hear their voices."

The sharing is already off to a good start, and we encourage Sprituality & Practice visitors to visit the site. Muslims, please join the sharing! And everybody else, enjoy listening to the stories about the spiritual significance of Ramadan to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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