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Insights at the Edge: Lama Surya Das


One of the many features we like at the website of the audio and book publisher Sounds True are the in-depth interviews with spiritual teachers from many different traditions. Founder Tami Simon conducts the interviews for a series titled "Insights at the Edge." She's a skilled interviewer and getting access to the full archive of her interviews is well worth the little extra trouble it takes to sign up for Sounds True's "Direct Access" program; the interviews are available through the free program.

In this one American-born Tibetan Buddhist sage Lama Surya Das talks about recognizing our buddah nature, three-year retreats, meditation, impermanence, oral tradition, the art of waking up, and Tibetan dream yoga.

Pith instructions have been handed down by Tibetan Buddhist teachers to their disciples, students, and friends for centuries. They are wise and abbreviated sayings which go to the heart of the path. Lama Surya Das shares a few of his favorites:

Let go, let be.
It is all within.
We're all buddhas by nature.
View, meditation, and action.
Everything is impermanent

We find these pith instructions to be perfect spiritual tools for our age of no spare time and multiple distractions. These wisdom teachings can be written on small cards and carried everywhere for viewing and reviewing. Short but sweet. We are going to start using them this week!

Read this at Sounds True


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